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One can easily imagine the consequences when it came time to mate. Nevertheless, I have two examples of violent passion between a dog and a sow. There are also various YouTube videos documenting the fact that dogs and pigs are sometimes willing to mate.

How to Train a Pig Dog

The usual situation seems to involve a male dog mounting a sow. By the same author: If a sow gives birth to a dog, there will be contention in the land. Boucher tells of one freak which is positively the funniest. This animal lived to a ripe old age, and undoubtedly attracted much attention as Mr. Boucher tells the story.

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  • It ran out of a house and gave a little grunt, then went back again. Naturally I was rather curious and I went into the house to inquire. The animal proved to be a pig in everything but legs and feelings. He lived in the house, wouldn't have anything to do with other pigs, and the other dogs wouldn't recognize him for one of their kind either. It was the queerest thing I ever saw, that pig, running around, lying under the stove and eating like a dog.

    He would run up to you just like a dog, too, and beg to be petted. All who have seen the thing unite in declaring its resemblance to the dog family, though its skin is almost human and its body that of a hog. Michael, who lives about two miles east of here has a strange freak of nature. A pig with claws on three feet like a dog, the hind ones and one front foot. The pig is living and perfect, except the feet. A ranchman at Sayara, Colo. Excepting this and a short and bushy tail, the rest of the animal is like a pig.

    A monstrosity in the way of a medium-sized dog, with the head of a hog, is the property of a Shoshone in Eureka, Nev. The hybrid generally goes along with his nose to the ground. This will help build your pig dog's confidence and keep it from being frightened by the pig. Introduce your pig dog to the pig.

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    • This should be done in a controlled way, with your dog inside a contained area like a fenced yard or pen. Choose a place where the dog feels secure and can easily see the pig. Work the dog up as you let it see the pig, encouraging it to jump and bark. Continue to show the pig to your dog every few days, and continue this process for two weeks.

      The dog should get more aggressive and struggle to get at the pig. When it does, shower it with praise to reinforce its aggression towards the pig. Stop each session before the dog's interest wanders, as young dogs often have short attention spans. Teach your dog to associate your vehicle with finding pigs.

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      Since you will most likely be driving to pig hunts, your dog should know that riding in your truck or other vehicle means it will soon be seaching for its prey. Tie the pig out somewhere, then load up your dog and drive to the pig. Let the dog see it, but keep them separated and get the dog excited.

      Praise it if it shows signs of aggression, then drive back home before its interest wanes. Seksel also states there are three key factors that determine whether a dog will be aggressive toward humans at a particular point in time. All experienced hunters when looking for a pup or dog and when breeding dogs for pig hunting look at these key factors.

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      For their dogs to work as a team and to live with their families they require dogs that are non-human aggressive, healthy, intelligent, obedient and stable. The vast majority of dogs featured in reports on dog attacks are not used for hunting purposes and such aggressive dogs would not be suitable for hunting as a team with other dogs and humans. The dogs used in hunting pigs must be capable of working as a team by finding and flushing the pig from thick bush and then holding it by the ear so it can be dispatched by the hunter.

      A dog that shows no control and attacks and bites the pig during this process is highly undesirable as it causes undue stress on the pig and places the other dogs and handlers at risk of injury until the pig is dispatched. Our members must abide by our code of conduct, which covers all aspects of hunting pigs with dogs and dog ownership in general.

      DOG Mating wit PIG! Breeding Live Video