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The Sri Lankan nation owes a debt of gratitude to Naomali de Silva for exposing the very basis of violent, evil Isamism that is plaguing the world. Inspired by such a violent evil belief system, they — Islamist activists like Rauf Hakeem and Bathiurdeen — keep throwing mud at the most civilised, peaceful philosophy of Buddhism. Islamists keep blaming Buddhism for the Burmese issue involving the Bangladeshi Rhongias. This is while they control all trade, real estate in Colombo, Galle and Kandy.

Did Buddha Banned Tamils being Buddhists? So, you want to retrain those who were brainwashed by the Religious Nuts and politicians? First check their IQs and good luck. The Christian Fundamentalist are actively Converting The Sinhala Buddhist, Tamil Hindus and even the peAceful Sri Lankan Catholics to christian fundamentalism, and going in demonstrations in support of Israeli atrocities, claiming that Fof hem the right to do that. They should all convert to Buddhism -after serious training — for a peaceful world!

In Journalism and research Truth is a process. Get the Truth and make your Choice. Be Truthful to yourself. Do Not believe all what the Church and Joshua says.. An interesting secret is how de Silva was caught at a swingers party in Saudi Arabia, tried, convicted, lashed, and repatriated to Sri Lanka. I like this article. Lets talk of a regressive culture by reference to the Quran. Does the Sun go around the stationary Earth as claimed by the ancients and the Church, or just an illusion? Why Restrict to the Quran? The history is fill of them, from Hinduism, from Buddhism, from Judaism.

Christianity and perhaps from many other cultures, including of course Sinhala Buddhism. So they sent twelve thousand warriors to Jabesh-gilead with orders to kill everyone there, including women and children. Imprisonment, trial and execution, — During the seven years of his trial in Rome, Bruno was held in confinement, lastly in the Tower of Nona.

Some important documents about the trial are lost, but others have been preserved, among them a summary of the proceedings that was rediscovered in Luigi Firpo lists these charges made against Bruno by the Roman Inquisition: Read Dipawansa and Mahawansa, and as to how they refer to non-Sinhala and later non-Sinhala Buddhists.

Listen to chris Hitchens Video. Slayer is a coolie writer getting paid by the Zionist propaganda machine and de Silva is brain dead after over-washing. Well, it was very clear, but now and then it will be good to show that they are brainwashed idiots.

That is because there was a royal messup while de Silva was participating at an orgy in Saudi Arabia. You have overlooked making an honorable mention about the homosexual womanizing saffrons. It was the top award winner in the Cannes International Film Festival this year. I wonder how many non- Tamils in Sri Lanka are aware of this fact, let alone being appreciative of same because of the in-built communal attitudes?

Even books on world history hardly included any contents on countries outside Europe. Most of us know today that there are quite a few classical languages in the world other than Greek and Latin.

Causes and Consequences of Rapid Erosion of Cultural Values in a Traditional African Society

There are a number of Sri Lankans, mainly in the South who learn Hindustani classical music while those in the North learn Carnatic music. In view of the above facts there is nothing wrong or too nationalistic in the reference to Western music as such. History as written by the victor may have little if any connection to the truth. One has in fact to delve deep to arrive at the truth. China and associated countries are a different place from South Asia.

They are a different place from the Middle East. South Asia, and Middle East are hot-beds of psychic activity that have taught the whole world the essence of the 4th dimension. If you take Europe and their culture and convert them to communism for over 50 long years, dearth of religiosity and culture would have made them crave the leading culture of the time, when they were allowed some leeway to indulge in other cultures. China was mostly Confucianists, and later on their infused any methaphysical cravings with Buddhism.

Stomping of all religious activities by communists and any culture around religion left a longing in the hearts of many a Chinaman. Therefore when Bach and Chopin were heard, all empty yearnings and hunger were filled European classical music uplifting. Sri Lanka on the other hand, does not need that kind of rapture, because their culture has remained intact for over mellinia, and through several Buddhas.

Though many elite Lankans do teach their children European classical music, the average man-of-the-soil reaches that same elevation within the sounds of his own culture, heritage, and natural surroundings. The rest of Western culture and progress is not truly desired because it is found to be truly decadent. Indeed, at this time the West is looking to the East for greater introspection. All the rest the West has to offer, like their superior education and job creation activity, and together with the need to consolidate their current way of life and monetary system, are not exactly desired by the average man-of-the-soil of Lanka.

They might be forced to live up to that standard, but it has only ended with the man-of-the-soil suffering in the ME. Next they told us that we had small minds which erected primitive nationalisms. Therefore when Bach and Chopin were heard, all empty yearnings and hunger of Chinamen were filled with uplifting European classical music. Well, China and Sinhale Ceylon had one common phenomenon that blighted both countries.

It was savage culture to the north that became a nuisance to both countries over the years. For the Chinese it was the Mongolians and the Malabar for the Ceylonese. Chinese fortifications to the north in terms of the Great Wall could not stop savages from intruding. Ceylon is still struggling to keep the savages at bay either illegally crossing in their thousands everyday.

The savages makes far less income and have less quality of life in the squalor they live. So naturally the traffic is one way to the south. Thank you Prof Kumar David for sharing your experiences and insights on such diverse topics through Colombotelegraph. Congratulations to Colombotelegraph for providing the platform for a number of distinguished expatriate Sri Lankans to share their invaluable experiences with people in Sri Lanka.

Travel, interaction with different cultures, and learning human unbiased history do broaden our minds. HEre and there it had been spiced with other things such as chinese learning english blah blah…. No need, China is the world. From time immemorial China believed it was the middle kingdom, centre of the world. It now believe it is peacefully rising. It loves peace so much so it has become a piece loving country a piece from Russia, Mayanmar, India, Pakistan, ……………. There is also Yo Yo Ma, the American cellist. But his parents immigrated from China and he is a role model for all Chinese kids interested in music.

Comments should not exceed words. Embedding external links and writing in capital letters are discouraged. Commenting is automatically shut off on articles after 10 days and approval may take up to 24 hours. Please read our Comments Policy for further details. Your email address will not be published. The culture of a people is their identity as it affords them due recognition.

This paper therefore is aimed at examining the causes and consequences of rapid erosion of cultural values in nigeria. Social change theory was used in this paper. Simple statistics like frequency distribution, percentile were used. Chi-square statistics was used in testing the hypotheses. The study found out that there is a positive relationship between social forces such as colonialism, westernization and erosion of cultural values. Also, it was found that there is a positive relationship between the local family structure and the foreign culture. The study concludes that forceful imposition of foreign culture should be discouraged.

For a society to be societal it must be cultural; therefore, society and culture are also intertwined. In the same vein, going by the theory of environmental determinism, the culture of any society is largely dictated by its geography. Put another way, there is conspicuous sociological interplay among the concepts of culture, nurture, and nature. Further when mirrored with sociological panorama, both the macro- and micro-sociological tentacles, which subsume the entirety of social institutions, are determined by culture; an all-including sociological and anthropological concept that is ineluctable for the existence and functionality of any social group.

It is their underlying distinguishing factor from other peoples and cultures. In fact, all societies across the globe have various and divergent cultures which they cherish and practice. Nevertheless, no two cultures, when juxtaposed are absolutely identical as attested to by ethnographers.

In order for a society to operate functionally and effectively, they must ensure and maintain strict and constant adherence to the various components of their culture. Since the genesis of culture, is as old as man himself, without it, man is reduced to an animal. Culture therefore has two essential qualities: Sociologically, many activities of members of any society such as eating, music, dancing, occupation, education formal, informal, and nonformal , visiting friends, courtship, marriage its forms and types , beliefs festivals and liturgies , naming and burial ceremonies, entertaining friends and guests, greetings, and system of government, are all found within the confine of nonmaterial culture which is the exclusive preserve and concern of this study.

Material aspect of culture which comprises the physical and touchable implements or objects such as wears, computer, spoon, pot, cup, cutlass, building, phone, and sandal, is also invaluable and complementary. The renowned anthropologist Murdock [ 4 ] has produced an itemized list of cultural traits that he claims has universal application.

Journal of Anthropology

Included among the eighty-eight general categories of behaviour are such practices as behavioural patterns of cleanliness training, food taboos, and funeral rites; such principles of social organization as property rights, religious practices, and kinship arrangements, such practical knowledge as fire making, the use of tools and names for different plants. It is important to keep in mind that at no point do cultural universals carry down to the actual details of what people say and do [ 5 ].

Culture is essential to our humanness. It contains a set of readymade definitions each of us reshapes very little in dealing with social situations. In other words, culture provides a kind of blueprint or map for relating with others. Consider how you find your way in social life.

How do you know how to act in a gathering, with a stranger, in a funeral, naming ceremony, toward a person who smiles, leers or swears at you? Your culture supplies you with broad, standardized, prefabricated answers, and formulas or recipes for dealing with each of these situations. For instance, what language do you understand or speak best? How many languages do you speak or understand? How many native attires do you have compared with the English wears?

Theory is a set of interrelated ideas or proposition on a social phenomenon, and it is used to describe tested and untested ideas. In other words, theory generally refers to the summary of knowledge in the subject field arranged in interrelated statement. Basic institutions perform function for the society, thus these basic institutions are dynamic and adaptive to changes.

It should be noted that the environment of social structure requires certain amount of persistence in some of their features in order to perform that expected function. But observations portray that society and indeed components of social structure change continuously though often imperceptibly.

Social change could either bring about progress for the members of a society or visit them with retrogression. As human beings collectively adapt themselves to their environment, they bring about changes to their ways of life. But for the purpose of the status quo, we are concerned about the changes that transform the fabric of our culture occasion our forgotten values day in day out. The applicability of this theory is that it has strongly affected the ways of doing things in all societies.

Causes and Consequences of Rapid Erosion of Cultural Values in a Traditional African Society

The urbanization and industrialization have altered the totality of our social institutions, not living the political and economic systems unaffected. The Nuclearization of the family has also negatively touched the socialization and internalization processes.

In a nutshell, the factors responsible for social change have brought about major changes in the traditional-to-modern society. Since change is inevitable, cultural dynamics of any society cannot be foreclosed be it in form of cultural accumulation, that is, addition of new traits to the already existing ones or cultural reduction, or cultural diffusion which is infusion of new cultural traits. All this can still be in a way checkmated. The study area happens to be one of the twenty 20 local government areas in Ogun State, while Ogun State is one of the thirty-six 36 states in the federation with its capital, Abeokuta.

Further, the local government area houses are virtually a representative from all the over ethnic groups in Nigeria such as the Hausas, Igbo, Fulani, Itshekiri, Urhobo, Nupe, and Efik, who have mingled with and peradventure married the autochthons or the Aborigines. The study population is not without their occupations. Predominantly, majority of the people opt, for farming and trading as dictated and determined by their geography. It is expedient to assert therefore that colonialism, Western Education or Westernization and industrialization have transformed the circumstance as we now have civil servants, company and factory workers, and those working in other private and public establishments.

An explanatory survey design has been employed to provide a relatively detailed account of the working of a phenomenon under conditions.

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It is aimed at explicating, in some detail, the characteristics of a large and homogenous population of a sample of that population. Six 6 houses were sampled from every one of the six 6 streets in the two 2 Awori communities, where six 6 questionnaires were distributed for respondents in each house. This implies that in each community, questionnaires were administered.

The questionnaires were distributed for males and females alike so as to be gender sensitive and to forestall bias which could be inimical to the research outcome.