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Tried to make a living from animal blood, but ended up almost draining a little girl? Vlad could be to his neck from the blood in blood bags but still stand in front of someone and be like "Biggest urge to bite And though he continues to try and resist and convince himself that he's not a killer And from what my girlfriend who read the third book told me, the same happens to Vlad. Vladimir Tod has many characteristics of a young vampire.

He's not the brightest bulb in the bunch when it comes to vampirism. He's pretty reckless and too adventurous sometimes, which is how young vampires tend to be, what with their new found powers and look at me and what I can do ha ha ha ha. The plot of the book was pretty okay.

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It was certainly fun. For example the somewhat gory descriptions of Vlad's blood food, such as dipping chocolate chip cookies in blood and eating them, were so precious. I couldn't even get angry at the author for making him eat human food which would normally make them sick since they're kind of I did get disappointed by how it ended. I was hoping Otis would have stayed the bad guy, because he would have made an awesome villian.

No instead, he turned out to be the secret good guy. And the bad guy was ridiculous. What a bloody easy victory. Also some of the names in this book were bloody lame. Even the name Vladimir was kind of lame. Lame because it's a reference to Vlad the impaler, not lame because the name sucks. I like the name Vladimir.

Heck I have a character named Vladimir. Not a vampire, mind you The characters were okay. I liked Otis, for he was a proper vampire. And he continues to be a proper vampire. Meredith was boring as hell and too Nelly was also quite boring and one dimensional. All she was was Vlad's kind-hearted guardian. She had no other depth to her than that. All in all, the book was impressive. Not fantastic, heaven's no, just fun and impressive.

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I'm going to continue reading the series for the sake of wanting to watch Vladimir Tod grow up. I love me some vampire stories. In high school, I was in the Lestat crowd. I even watched Daybreakers. Vampires are serious business in my house, and part of the charm of any new vampire series is how the vampires function in the new world.

What is true, and what is laughable myth in this particular portrayal? The story is of a year-old dhampir a half-vampire, half-human who is struggling with the everyday stresses that come with middle school: The best thing I can say about Brewer's first foray into writing is that it makes the rather grand acknowledgment that children are allowed to have a dark side. My main criticisms are those that I hope disappear or at least become mitigated in her subsequent novels: There are some objects that just magically appear in the characters' hands, and some details that might seem necessary to caring about the characters which are either withheld or meted out long after the details would have been helpful.

At a slim pages, Brewer could have afforded some space to fleshing out motivations a bit. A few generations ago, the idea of goth kids being portrayed as anything but a cautionary tale was unimaginable and unpalatable. Brewer gives us a middle ground: I really hope Brewer finds her writing legs in the sequels, because today's alternative kids need a character who has the best and words of human and super nature. Sep 15, Lala rated it it was amazing Shelves: But for the most part, being a vampire bites. This was such a cute story I read some not so kind reviews and I think people's expectations were too high.

If you're looking for an earth shattering read It's not going to rock your world. It's exactly what I expected it to be. Vlad is adorable and super sweet So since I L. Actually I enjoyed this so much I will most definitely check out the next book in the series. This book actually surprised me in that it had a good little story going Mostly I just really enjoyed the relationship between Vlad and Henry. I look forward to 'Ninth Grade Slays. She was looking pretty nice. Some humans were so cool. Jul 10, Kristi rated it liked it. As is the life story of Vladimir Todd. Vladimir Todd half human half vampire, orphaned nearly three years ago, only two humans now his is secret; his best friend Henry and his guardian, Nelly.

Vlad is disturbed by the disappearance of his teacher Mr. Craig, and something is defiantly a little strange about the new substitute teacher Mr. Vlad assumed he was the only vampire alive, but there happens to be a whole society of them.

A society that his father betrayed when he married his mother. Moving to the small town of Bathory was supposed to protect Vlad and his family, but it seems that their vengeance for his father has turned into a hunt for Vlad, himself. This was an awesome book! The plot was completely unique and the characters were likeable. Usually I read YA books that are geared toward a more mature audience, Eighth Grade Bites, obviously appealing to middle schoolers, hence the title. I was a little apprehensive about my level of enjoyment, but I was completely enthralled in the story and not once did the characters age deter me away from my continues page turning!!

I mean being a vampire and all, Vlad is very mature for his age! Mar 06, Michael. The book I have read,is about a boy named Vladimir Tod and he is a vampire. His parrents died in a car crash or so they thought. His best Freind is named Henry and he knows Vlad'd secret ever sence he was seven. They both go to the same high school and they are both bullied by bullies, nagged by his teachers, and the girl he likes would rather be his friend.

Vlad struggles each day with blood, he lives with his aunt Nelly who also knows his secret. Each day Nelly gives him blood bags which is ea The book I have read,is about a boy named Vladimir Tod and he is a vampire. Each day Nelly gives him blood bags which is easy because she works at a hospital. Later on in the book strange things happen and later Vlad finds out he is being hunted to be killed by another vampire who is his teacher Mr.

Henry is also a bit shy but not alot. He also is sometimes annoing and stupid. Aunt Nelly is a kind person, gentle, smart, and doesn't freek out at freeky things.

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Otis is a mysterious character and he is also Vlad's uncle! Aug 27, Lauren Stoolfire rated it liked it Shelves: I really liked the sense of humor in this book and all of the references. It served as a good introduction to Vlad's world, as well, but at points I thought it got a little too predictable concerning Mr. Otis despite all the twists and turns.

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Anyway, I look forward to more plot development and cultur I really liked the sense of humor in this book and all of the references. Anyway, I look forward to more plot development and cultural background as it relates to Elysia. Personally, I don't think this book is that great. The story plot is average and the writing isn't that good.

I borrowed the book because the cover looked cool; however, the book disappointed me and the cover didn't really match the story. The story needs to be more clear I don't think I'll read the next book in the series. The first book of a series that you can really sink your teeth into ; and read quickly. I'm looking forward to learning more about the first ever born vampire Vlad. Jan 06, Amy Spector marked it as to-read Shelves: It's been a long time since I've read a real-life, paper and ink book but since this series has been sitting on my bookshelf for years it's about time I read them.

Jul 06, Brittany Dooley rated it liked it Shelves: Very easy read for young readers, especially those delving into the world of vampires for the first time.

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Jun 13, Debora M Nasreen rated it liked it Shelves: Heather Brewer, invece, riesce a fornirci un romanzo -etto, visto che conta meno di pagine in grado di affascinare i giovani lettori grazie alla sua fresca ironia. Differenza essenziale fra i due romanzi? Vladimir Tod si regge perfettamente, come trama, e non traballa come un trepiedi zoppo. I love a good vampire story that doesn't take itself seriously. And I had to wrestle this book away from my 6th Grade son.

You see, my son's school requires him to read a book and complete a four page report on it every two weeks. Generally, I try to read his selections first. I'm one of "those mamas" who wants to make sure I know what my children are reading at all times. But I didn't pre-read Eight Grade Bites so there was a bit of a tug of war and many exclamations ending wit Two confessions: But I didn't pre-read Eight Grade Bites so there was a bit of a tug of war and many exclamations ending with, "Mama, you can read it while I'm in school!

An orphaned vampire living with his Aunt Nelly and trying hard to fit in with his Eight Grade classmates. Feel free to conclude that he doesn't. Fortunately, he has a best friend, Henry, who knows his secret. And Aunt Nelly's job as a nurse keeps Vlad stocked with bags of almost-expired blood, which every growing vampire needs. So really, how bad can Vlad's life be?

Well, things take a turn for the worse when a beloved teacher disappears and a substitute teacher, Mr. And he's not your typical sub. He wears a top hat and seems to pick on Vlad. I mean, he gives him an assignment where he has to do a presentation on, what else but, vampires?!?! What I adored about the book was the voice of Vlad. He is one strong kid, determined to understand his heritage and determined to keep the bonds of family and friendship.

He is also extremely funny from p. It was all he could do to keep from puking. Blood was tasty but these were his neighbors. And just think of the looks he might get at the next block party if he got caught. Pointing accompanied by frantic whispers. Isn't that the kid who ate Billy. Book 5 of the Chronicles of Vlad: Twelfth Grade Kills is in stores now. I ran out and bought the remaining four. Because, well, there are more book reports.

If you like a well written vampire tale that slowly introduces a much bigger mythology through the eyes of a very sympathetic character, pick up The Chronicles of Vlad and join us in reading them. Oh, and why yes, my son did get an "A" on his report. Somehow, I know that Vlad, who likes doing English reports, would love to know that. View all 11 comments. Dec 21, A. This review is by my brother, Gregory. He has his typical junior high problems; getting picked on by bullies, pining over cute popular girls, making sure he's gotten enough blood to eat for lunch, and turning in that English assignment.

He's also a vampire. His mother was human but his father was a vampire. He doesn't know the extent of his powers, he has a craving for blood a This review is by my brother, Gregory. He doesn't know the extent of his powers, he has a craving for blood and his fangs are growing. Everyday is a struggle. The story begins with Vlad living with his Aunt Nelly after his mother and father, who was also a vampire, die in an accidental fire After his teacher goes missing Vlad gets a strange substitute teacher named Mr. Otis, but his attire and teaching methods aren't the only things strange about him.

Soon Vlad is uncovering answers to his past and the death of his parents which he could have never guessed. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The Knife of Never Letting Go. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. Confessions of a Teenage Leper. Kingdom of Ash and Briars. The Letter For The King. A Line in the Dark. Beasts Made of Night. Hole in the Middle. The Second Life of Ava Rivers. Darius the Great Is Not Okay. We Regret to Inform You.

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