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He was also highly monitored by the U. On December 4, , Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention were performing a concert at the Montreux Casino when a member of the audience decided to fire a flare gun into the rattan covered ceiling. The casino quickly caught fire and burned to the ground. During the encore of the show, an audience member rushed the stage and pushed Zappa into the concrete-floored orchestra pit. It was a long fall and Zappa was nearly killed.

He suffered serious fractures, head trauma, and injuries to his back, legs, and neck. He crushed his larynx, which caused his voice to drop a third after healing. Zappa was lucky to survive the event and was forced to use a wheelchair for an extended period. The assailant was a man named Trevor Howell who told reporters that he believed Zappa was eying his girlfriend. The two events had an emotional impact on Frank Zappa and he was concerned that someone was trying to murder him. After making a recovery, Zappa went on to have a successful career, but was regularly bashed by the U.

Frank Zappa is quoted: In , Frank Zappa was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and the disease killed him in For some reason he was buried in an unmarked grave in Los Angeles. Many people have wondered why Zappa was not given a gravestone for identification. Some theories suggest a family request or evidence of mustard gas exposure Zappa experienced as a child. Iggy Pop is one of the most flamboyant performers in the history of music.

He has an incredible stage presence and has given credit to Jim Morrison for introducing him to a free attitude and wild stage antics. Iggy Pop is credited with being the first performer to do a stage-dive. Some of his more descriptive exploits include rolling around in broken glass, exposing himself to the crowd, and vomiting on stage. He has been known to spark riots and has the ability to whip the crowd into frenzy.

Before the concert, Pop gave a radio interview in which he challenged a Detroit motorbike gang the Scorpions to a fight. He called them all a bunch of cats. In response, the gang attended the show and pelted the band with broken glass, beer jugs, urine, eggs, ice, jelly beans, and shovels. Despite the hostility, Iggy continued to taunt the crowd and said: During the show Iggy finally told the bikers: During the song he continued to yell and verbally assault the gang.

The concert finally ended after Iggy Pop focused his attention on one particular heckler and said: The biker continued to beat the crap out of Iggy, which ended the event. Luckily, the concert was captured on a reel-to-reel tape machine and recorded live. In , The Stooges released the recording in an album titled Metallic K. It is the only rock album where you can hear beer bottles breaking against guitar strings.

The album remains a favorite among Iggy Pop fans. Jim Morrison was one of the most charismatic singers in the history of rock music. He was a smart man and had a genius-level I. Morrison was a great poet and was known for using spoken word poetry passages during his live performances. Jim would sing and then talk with the crowd. He was a social rebel that suffered from severe drug and alcohol abuse. Morrison had the ability to spark riots and shifted the behavior of a crowd with his intense emotional sound. For this reason, Jim became a target for music censorship and was closely monitored by the U.

He was accompanied by police on stage during many venues. Jim Morrison was known for making wild and outrageous remarks during shows. During the concert Morrison was arrested by local police and became the first rock star to be taken off stage during a live performance. On the day in question, Morrison was discovered kissing a fan in the shower before the concert.

5 Depraved Things You See Working Backstage At Concerts |

The New Haven concert was delayed for an hour so Jim could recover, but the event made him extremely angry. During The Doors first set Morrison suddenly broke into an obscenity-laced tirade to the audience and explained what had happened backstage. He verbally abused the New Haven police, so they arrested him. After Morrison was taken off stage the crowd began to riot. The violence spilled from the gates of the New Haven Arena into the streets. Over the next couple years the behavior of Jim Morrison became more erratic and unpredictable.

During the show Morrison began to preach messages of peace and hate. What are you gonna do about it? Jim was later convicted of indecent exposure.

He turned down a plea bargain from the Miami police who agreed to drop the charges if The Doors performed a free concert. During the show, Morrison experienced a breakdown on stage and slammed the microphone numerous times into the floor until the platform beneath was destroyed. He then sat down on the ground and refused to perform for the remainder of the show. The event caused The Doors to end their live acts, citing their mutual agreement that Morrison was ready to retire from performing. The group was known for explosive concerts and destructive behavior.

The first such performance occurred in at the Railway Tavern in Harrow and Wealdstone, London, when Townshend accidentally broke the head of his guitar through the ceiling, so he continued to smash it on stage and the crowd loved it. More people came back the next night wanting the band to smash and break something. Keith Moon had no problem fitting in with the lifestyle of a rock star. In response, Moon would sneak into the studio and join in the singing.

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He is the high backing vocals on Pictures of Lily. Keith Moon was known to demolish hotel rooms and was incredibly destructive. He would often throw furniture from high buildings and set objects on fire. However, his favorite hobby was blowing up toilets with explosives. The blasts would destroy the toilet and often times disrupt plumbing to the hotel. In one case, hotel management asked Moon to turn down his cassette player. In response, he asked the manager up to his room and blew up the toilet right in front of him. Moon then turned the cassette player back up and said: I mean somebody good.

Ringo Starr once told Keith Moon that his lifestyle would eventually kill him. The digestion of six pills was sufficient to cause his death. The other 26 were found undissolved in his stomach. Officially it was ruled a drug overdose. It is currently the only hotel in Seattle that sits over-water.

In the s the Edgewater became a popular destination for famous rock stars. The Edgewater is unique because in the past it allowed customers to fish from their rooms on the north elevation. The band was known to have wild parties and was often joined by groupies. On the day in question, Cole was in his room fishing with drummer John Bonham when they were joined by some women. Cole and Bonham had caught a large collection of sharks, at least two dozen, stuck coat hangers through the gills and then left them in the closet.

Top 10 True Rock Music Stories

The hotel room was also scattered with various types of smaller fish. As parties go, one thing led to another and people began to lose their clothing. One particular woman in the crowd with red hair found herself with Cole. She made a unique request, so he decided to reach for a fish and the shark episode was born. Cole was later quoted: It was the nose of the fish and the girl liked it.

We only did it purposely once, to Nickelback , but they thought it was funny, so cheers on them. But the really famous ones expect to be recognized.

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And if they aren't We had a year-old watching the door for a concert, and Elton John came up alone. Now, she was young. She might have known his music, but she later told us she had never seen him before. Elton John walked up to the door and she asked to see his pass. He told her, 'I'm Elton John,' but because she didn't know, she said she couldn't let him in Instead of calling his manager or someone more senior, he went ballistic. When I came to the room, I overheard him saying, 'Don't you know who I am?! Let me in my room! According to Cody, Sir Elton John was "livid" and "red in the face" by the time he got there.

But he stood halfway through. I'm not leaving until she's fired. We brought her back and she started to lose it. She was crying and saying, 'I didn't know! And I can't listen to Elton John the same way anymore. Now, normally guys like Elton, who have a net worth higher than most nations, travel around with an entourage. But it seems John had lost his that day, and without them, "he looked like a regular guy. My first thought wasn't 'That's Elton John! There was a golf tournament in town, and I thought, 'That's John Daly trying to get in. Elton John had the worst reaction Cody's witnessed, but he's not the only famous person to take offense at not being recognized.

Nine Inch Nails showed us their driver's licenses, and we had to check their names against Wikipedia on our booth computer. The green room is the magical place where bands hang out before getting up on stage. And yeah, Cory has some stories. Anyway, a girl who was barely 18 was invited to go backstage by a member of a big band. I hear a big party in the back, and I don't mind it.

About 20 minutes later, there was shouting, and I heard 'You said you would! He's in my face as soon as he does that. After that, "She gets up, crying. Me and another employee ask if there's anything we can do. She [asked us to] let her back there, but after we said no, she walks off muttering 'I said no. That's all I said. And they were right to do so Like, a human table, as some sort of game. She told them no.

Behind Stage Doors The Groupies Story Part 1 of 2

Getting angry at someone for refusing to impersonate furniture is the kind of dehumanization you don't really see outside of the music biz. But hey, on the upside, at least everyone's least-favorite rock band is apparently super nice.

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That's the worst thing I can say about them as people. They were too polite. Cory's job is essentially acting as a gatekeeper to stardom. If you're going to get close to Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, or any Beatle, you've got to make your way past the doorman. Cory spends a lot of time making sure crowds of fans don't get too close to arriving stars. A few others want an autograph or a photo You need to watch out for more committed fans.

They'll sneak in with a big entourage, or at least try to, because they think they're clever. Some are going to dress in all black to look like a stagehand or a roadie, but they forget we know all of them. We'll notice one we don't recognize. The craziest stalker Cory encountered was a woman attending a Bon Jovi obviously concert. She kept trying to get in. Whenever someone left, she would walk to the door before we put a hand in front of her. When Jon Bon Jovi did come, she went nuts. She was ripped off by me and someone else, and she was grabbing Then she started flailing and said, 'I need him to read to me.

When I looked around, Bon Jovi was gone, but fans were taking pictures of us. Police came and got her, but before that we held her down and asked why she did it. She said 'I wanted him to read to me. It's a lucky thing nobody got stabbed there. The venue, understandably, took more precautions after that: When they came, the first thing they said was, 'Where is everyone? They looked crushed, and their manager said to let them nearby if they wanted to.

I guess it does something for egos. And can take a light stabbing now and then. If you're important enough to, say, have Jon Bon Jovi read to you, you're going to be on "the list.

Fan clubs or those Make-A-Wish kids were common enough, but then we also sometimes had scribbled at the bottom: I forget what they were wearing. They'll tell you who they are! But sometimes huge bands make requests that are downright heartwarming. You saved my life! And get us some more drinks, OK? And, this being rock 'n roll, Cory has also fielded his fair share of straight-up insane rock star demands on "the list.