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She teaches the reader that animals are our teachers -- they teach us to trust ourselves, and as a result of that trust we learn who we are. From skeptic to believer, this book will bring the reader a new insight to the world of Animal Communication. These loving and wise messages from our feathered, furred, and exoskeleton-clad kin will move hearts and minds in new directions, inspiring even the most skeptical reader.

Provocative, healing, and a must read for anyone who has opened his or her heart to another species. Re-visioning the Insect-Human Connec. It is well written, a joy to read, drawing us in fascination through the chapters. A compelling journey reminding us that the wisdom of the animal kingdom offers a window to our own inner mysteries. Through personal experience and intimate case histories, Dawn Brunke has masterfully crafted a 'must read' for skeptics, and animal lovers, alike.

With grace and eloquence, Dawn takes the reader on a wondrous journey into the rich potential of the human-animal connection. Packed with profound insights and joyful surprises, Animal Voices is educational, entertaining, and extremely pertinent to the urgent need on our planet for a deeper understanding of all life. Thank you, Dawn, from the Heart of All That lives!

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Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Sign up and get a free eBook! Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. From Chapter 12 Zak: Beyond Karma and Back "The dog form itself is just an illusion; it really doesn't have much consciousness. The only thing that enlivens this body is the spirit. The spirit has awareness of the matter.

Multidimensionality is a fun concept, but when it comes calling up close and personal, there are certain costs involved. A few weeks after talking with Raphaela and Sugar the dolphin, after opening--slowly, cautiously--to the idea that things may indeed be quite a bit different than we have been taught to believe, I resigned myself to the idea that it was finally time to explore a little bit more about what Zak had to say. And so one afternoon as I plucked up my courage to sit before him, quieting my mind, I asked Zak about this other planet.

What I expected I don't know, though most certainly I didn't expect Zak to laugh at me or so quickly amend the thought that where he came from was even a planet at all. Perhaps the shock value of the unexpected was what he had been waiting for, because in my surprise, a whole slew of thought-images came rushing into consciousness. There was nothing first, second, third about it, and yet the material was cohesive and patterned in a way that everything flowed together seamlessly.

In that odd, out-of-time manner, the experience was sharply focused in the now: Zak relates that he is connected to a group of beings who literally make up their planet, for the light bodies of these beings can create any kind of world or "planet" they choose. The group of beings is similar in some ways as to what we might think of as a fraternal order, yet much more.

They come to this world both to give energy and stabilize energies. Zak comments that the members of his group come without karma or karmic attachment. They have a very direct and focused connection in this regard. He emphasizes that his group does not make karmic attachments of emotion in the way some other animals do. He tells me they don't usually come back over and over to work with the same souls.

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Rather, his group is mainly about "service," and that they come with "packets of energy. BookNet; 1 edition August 19, Publication Date: August 19, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 20 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. For the third time, I have discovered one of the early 20th C translations to be as good as, if not better, than the late post-Kaufmann translations. This book is immensely rich and thought-provoking.

Dawn French: When you remarry in your 50s you must savour every minute

Here is a sample of Kennedy's rendering of N. I even come to write slowly. I believe Nietzsche intended this book to be an ascent and re-descent, because it 'peaks' somewhere in the middle, which makes the last third or so, where Nietzsche re-states some earlier themes just a little tedious. Here is one more quote of many to prove that very little of what Nietzsche says is 'out of date.

Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life

Whatever may be your desire to accomplish great deeds, the deep silence of pregnancy never comes to you! If a man wishes to act the hero on the stage he must not think of forming part of the chorus; he should not even know how the chorus is made up. One person found this helpful. Nietzsche is acquired taste; if you like his work, this book will be a good read, if not - not: For Nietzsche fans or philosophy fans this book is a must have.

Easier to read than some other Nietzsche books and easy to start, stop, return to. I'm well aware that Nietzsche was revered as an original and powerful thinker by many, as a grandfather to existentialism and also as a sort of prose poet. I find him mostly unreadable for very long - I've never been able to finish a book as they are disjointed, almost entirely negative and he seemed incapable of formulating anything that might be studied or learned as an actual philosophy - wrong or right. Some people seem to feel this is a sign of his brilliance.

But, he reminds me of Wittgenstein, who though seen as brilliant by most of his peers not Popper, a far more clear thinker who had a much more lasting and greater impact was also unable to formulate anything really useful and perhaps had one idea after rejecting himself all that others found so brilliant. Nietzsche often used epigrams or poetic license because he wasn't capable of sustained prose leading anywhere. Yes, there were flashes of brilliance and interesting or provocative thoughts, but they were almost a faux philosophy.

Much of it was, frankly, gibberish. Feel free to believe that I just did not understand him. You would be right. I will continue to believe that people kid themselves that there is something valuable there - will to power, eternal recurrence, are just snappy sounding phrases that he never truly developed so that you could make them into pretty much anything you like as did his sister and the Nazis. They had actual philosophies. Nietzsche at best said provocative things, and perhaps they were written in an original way - they just led nowhere or were at best blow torch criticisms of others.

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I did not find that the Dawn of Day was any different than other of his books I've tried. The well-rounded reader or student of philosophy may want to try it. I certainly have on several occasions. You just don't get anywhere. Nietzsche transforms words in sharp swords always aiming at morals heart. This book is a graveyard of morals, job of an intrepid free-thinker. He goes deep, sometimes aggressive, and even invite us to join him! But hold your guard, he would say! Hard to agree with everything but it has promoted a profound rewire in my morals.