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But once I started reading it I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of cliche, predictable in parts, but I enjoyed a lot as well.

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The not really discussed link to Roanoke. The faneways and the Briar King. Lots of things not quite explained but tha I don't know why but I went into this book expecting not to like it. Lots of things not quite explained but that fit well. I think I will have to put the sequels into my TBR list and not near the bottom either. I first read Keyes when someone gave me Waterborn, and I loved his use of mythology in his storytelling. When a free copy of this one came my way, I devoured it.

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This one I found through Goodreads a while back and I am so glad I did because it was such a gem of a book. I also understand this is quite an underrated fantasy, and I believe the series deserves more recognition because it has so much going for it. Two thousand years ago, the Born Queen defeated the Skasloi lords, freeing humans from slavery. Our cast of characters is set to face This one I found through Goodreads a while back and I am so glad I did because it was such a gem of a book.

Our cast of characters is set to face these malevolent forces even as The Briar King awakens from his sleep.

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The Briar King is a tale of action and adventure, politics and drama, with a bit of romance mixed in. One of the best things about The Briar King was that it just had that edge to make you want to keep on reading after you finished each chapter. Combined with the relatively short chapters and the fast pacing, I think the only reason I did not finish this sooner was because it wanted to savour every moment of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and am pleased to award it 4. The only reason it did not quite make 5 stars was because it was too short. As it happens I have just bought the next 3 books in the Kingdom of Bone and Thorn series and will be cracking on with The Charnel Prince with no doubt it will be as good as if not better than book 1. Jul 07, Jonathan rated it really liked it Shelves: Lovers of well-executed, standard fantasy, i. I first read this series back in Once I'd forgotten the plot which I do with almost all books , all I had left was the memory of really enjoying it while working the night shift at the front desk of a hotel.

So, in search of some quality, non-epically-verbose fantasy to read, Recommended for: So, in search of some quality, non-epically-verbose fantasy to read, I turned back to it.

Here's my take on second reading: So far, so good. This story features multiple POV characters. For the most part, Keyes keeps the POVs clear and separate, though there are a few scenes in which he inexplicably breaks form and muddies the waters. I am not sure why, other than perhaps those awkward shifts weren't caught by editors. I had to look up at least 50 words while reading this book.

This doesn't usually happen when I read fantasy. Keyes had the wrong sense of meaning for at least a half-dozen of those words. Keyes seems to believe it means 'languid', since he has a character raise a cup 'laconically'. Certainly, one could raise a cup using as few words as possible, but I don't think that's what Keyes meant, or meant to mean. Another small weakness-- Keyes does a fair bit of stereotypical, almost romance-style, cataloguing of physical characteristics when introducing characters.

Add these weaknesses up, though, and they don't amount to a dastardly demolition of otherwise decent writing. Keyes focuses on certain characters, and the more POV time he gives one, the more important they are to the story, and the more they get developed. He doesn't work any miracles, but no POV character gets badly neglected or goes heinously undeveloped. Those who get a lot of time get a lot of change, and that is how it should be. Also, Keyes mixes up likeable and unlikeable characters nicely, with few being presented as definitively 'good' or 'bad'.

There's still that typical fantasy 'good vs. Here's where Keyes stands a little above standard fantasy. There are some wonderful landscapes and tweaks to the world in this book. At the onset, it's standard fare: But as the story winds on, very interesting elements are added that add colour to the story, such as mysterious 'faneways' that give monks special powers, a cave city in which a strange tribe of people live, hidden valleys, half-worlds where the dead commune with the living, etc.

These settings are excellently described and firmly root the reader in the world of fantasy. Another of Keyes' strengths. I think the plot is why I remembered these books as being enjoyable. Keyes is no George R. Martin, I'll tell you that. This guy keeps his plots ripping along, and one in particular is an almost book-long cat-and-mouse chase scene. Like a master, he weaves plots together to bring things to a head, and the entire last third of the book is a very fast read. Re-reviewing based on most recent read I reread this series every couple years.

This book is such a page turner! Keyes has written the chapters so that there is a climax at the end of nearly every chapter. The POV will then switch to another character with another climax! They are also good stopping points if you really need to go to bed because you have been staying up too late to read the book. The overall flow of the book really gets you to keep Re-reviewing based on most recent read I reread this series every couple years. The overall flow of the book really gets you to keep reading with a MASSIVE intro and a beginning that moves nicely into the various climaxes.

Though it is a fairly thick paperback, it reads quickly and leaves you wanting more. The premise seems simple but it gets convoluted very quickly. While the idea of who is good and who is bad is fairly clear in this book, hints about how that might change are clearly stated at the beginning of the book and then sprinkled through the rest of the book though not addressed until later in the series. The characters are very likable.

You are rooting for each one. I particularly liked Asper and his little story. The characters are pretty detailed with each character having their own flaws and redeeming qualities. Later in the book, the characters are more one dimensional but the story has really caught you by then so it is overlookable. Great fantasy story with a lot of twists and turns. Jan 14, Lucinda rated it it was amazing. For those readers who love Terry Goodkind, Robin Hobb and JRR Tolkien and enjoy a book that is wordy and reflects that old-style, then this is a fantastic example of literature and writing at its very best.

Fantasy fiction is presented to the reader at a completely new level, that is deeply descriptive and throughly intreaging and exciting that would make such great authors like Terry Brooks stand up and notice. I loved how there were several groups of characters all with different events and scenarios happening all at the same time, keeping me engrossed within the storyline and on my toes. Anyone who loves fantasy fiction combined with good old historical elements that are so exquisitly beautiful and detailed then you should not presume to overlook Greg Keyes work, because it is utterly captivating from begining to end and it will really suprise you.

A fantastic and most enjoyable book that i urge you to read. For the 1st hundred or so pages I was reading this in short spurts and it was hard for me to get into as it jumps around from character to character and sometimes I felt like I wasn't quite understanding what was written haha. Like I was walking with the characters and the forest was around me. I don't know what happened, how it seemed almost like a foreign language to me in the beginning to actually breathing life and making it come alive so.

I almost want to reread the beginning. Almost, except there are too many other books out there that I want to read. No, it's not 2, A. It wasn't initially 'Everon' though, it began as the age of "Eberon Vhasris Slanon,' but that language was forgotten by most. The age of Eberon Vhasris Slanon begins during the Prelude in the beginning of the book, where we seemed to be taken to some epic battle.

Where man must fight against those that wish to enslave them and die, or they will become slaves. From the Prologue on, we are taken to the year 2, E. It has the feel of King Arthur's time with kings, knights, queens, magic, battles, duty and loyalty, betrayals, and castles. There's a sense that the-world-as-they-know-it is coming to a decline and to a possible end.

Here's what I remember His duty and domain is the forests. People are not to be living in it, taking from it food wise , etc. And woodsman are the king's men to drive these trespassers out. Things have been different in the forests. There's a feeling of death, not something the king's woodsmen would do. He journeys to search out this new mysterious thing that is happening in the forest. What will he find? In the beginning he is a priest wannabe.

He travels to the monastery d'Ef, where he hopes they will take him in and become one of them. He encounters many unexpected things. Who do you trust? All he knows is that he must serve the church. Stephen becomes transformed through this journey. He does get an opportunity to work on translating some works. He's stretched physically and mentally. He gets the opportunity to walk the fanes.

Where priests go on a journey alone where the saints slowly strip your senses and feelings away from you, if you survive, at the end they return them to you honed to an inhuman degree. Each man's journey is different. Not just any knight either. A knight whose sole duty is to the Queen. Protect only the Queen. I forgot a phrase that Keyes uses, but if the King's life was in danger and the Queen was in danger of getting a bee sting, Neil must still protect the Queen.

She's a young teenager. Anne doesn't think the rules apply to her.

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She believes in wearing comfortable clothes, marrying for love, and forget about trying to get her to ride side-saddle. She's adventurous, full of life, stubborn, strong-headed, and daring. I don't want to reveal too much on the journey she is sent on, but I wouldn't mind if there was an entire book written about the place she goes. But gentleman may duel for their needs. He even names his swords. Keyes introduces Cazio later in the story than the others, but Cazio sure brought humor to this book.

I picture him as a mix between Zorro and Puss in Boots, I don't really know a whole lot about those 2 characters The teaser on the back of the book mentions Anne There are others from her royal family that survive at the end. But maybe the importance of her survival and life experiences will play out more in the next book? I will eventually read 2 in this series. There was some humor in this which I really liked. Except in a mirror, and there everything is backwards.

May 17, YouKneeK rated it really liked it Shelves: This book grew on me the more I read it. The further I got into the book, the more invested I became in the story and the characters, and my reading sessions started to get longer.

There are rumors about evil things happening in the forest, dire prophecies and legends, political intrigue, and a cast of charact This book grew on me the more I read it. In the beginning, I felt a little overwhelmed with just how many characters were introduced.

Once the characters finally started repeating, though, I realized I was having no trouble at all with keeping them all straight. Those are the characters we spend the most time with, but there are a couple other characters whose perspectives we read from and plenty of other characters who play supporting roles. I never got overly emotionally invested in any of the characters, but I found them all interesting and believable and I did care what happened to them.

There was never a character whose story bored me.

A Kingdom Of Thorns

Even while I was annoyed about having one story interrupted, I was usually equally happy when I started the next chapter and saw which part was coming up next. The book ends well, without any major cliff hangers. I plan to continue on with the second book. View all 4 comments. Sep 11, Andrea rated it liked it. I found it a struggle to finish this book.

I both really enjoyed it and dispared in reading it. Characters were introduced, killed off, and resurected. I'm a main character kind of gal. Introduce whoever you want but I want to live in the main character's head. To read this book you have to live in at least five people's heads and some tertiary characters as well. I think the story would have read better had we followed one character and not switched to a new character at the start of each new c I found it a struggle to finish this book.

I think the story would have read better had we followed one character and not switched to a new character at the start of each new chapter. I found it difficult to pick up each story line after having moved on for two or three chapters. The authors immagry was often brilliant and I found myself lost in the "scenery" and then startled when I had to pick up the plot again.

The largest vote against this book for me was that it was simply an introduction. All the author did was move his caracters into place for the real story. I'm not sure I'll go on to book two. With three books in the series I'd hate to spend so much time to get to an end that might not answer all of my questions.

Dec 18, Ryan Mishap rated it really liked it Shelves: Epic adult fantasy that does the good work of establishing a complete world with a history: The slaves rebelled, led by Virginya Dare who tapped into the demon's power and used it to defeat them. Fast forward hundreds of years and the kingdom she established is under threat from religious fanatics, an evil brother to the king, poisonous creatures haunting the forest, and the spirit of the wilderness, The Briar King.

The viewpoint shifts Epic adult fantasy that does the good work of establishing a complete world with a history: Nothing violent or apocalyptic occurs within the first 30 minutes or so but, without spoiling the story, those 30 minutes are very dreadful in terms of what looms on the horizon for a set of characters that have a mysterious disease. I remember feeling as emotionally frightened when I read the first third of The Stand, at a younger age, but King of Thorn managed a similar emotional tone without a story of massive, apocalyptic outbreak.

The world of King of Thorn manages keep a tentative handle on the disease that plagues it and the dread comes from the sacrifice that the main characters decide on to find a cure, placing their well being in the care of a questionable corporation and tossing away their lives as they've know them. That is the feeling I had in the first act of this movie.

By the second act things become a bit more conventional. The second and some of the third act become survival horror in the vein of similar Japanese stories like Resident Evil.

The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone - Wikipedia

This does not take from the compelling nature of the story and its mystery, but did not feel as rare a story experience as the first act. The third act however, is filled with exposition that is difficult to follow and otherwise loses interest for me. At one point things become more "anime sci-fi" a concept I simply cannot explain well , which is not a problem; expect that I didn't feel the story up to that point was building toward it.

It felt less creditable for me. The last 20 minutes, things become very muddled and subplots for the remaining survivors and their true motivations get tangled up in a more and more nonsensical plot. Things become more fanciful for the sake of animation visuals and sci-fi explanations for such events, if not ignored, seem to be quickly served out. More interesting, if you can trudge through these problems, is the ultimate twist ending involving the young female protagonist.

And my major complaint with King of Thorn, however, is that many action scenes switch from the otherwise traditional 2D anime style, to a cell shaded CGI animation process. It's 3D computer animation that is processed to look flat and try to mesh with the majority of the rest of the movie's hand drawn style. No doubt this was a cheaper way for the animation team to create complex action scenes and have more control, but the two styles do not mesh well. The cell-shaded CGI is not as glossy in color as the 2D animation and also misses many drawing details, like grime and dirt on the characters faces.

Inexperienced anime viewers might not pick up on the switch all the time, but may still feel the action scenes have an odd movement and don't quite sit right. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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