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Review can also be found http: Mar 25, Kiki marked it as dnf Shelves: I couldn't connect at all. I understand he was hurt, physically, but his unnecessary cruelty was unnerving. And I think at one point he even threatens the heroine physically because she was a little upset and was getting riled up and was pointing at him.

That was a bit iffy. So not for me. I'm always intrigued by romances where they couple has a less than stellar history and that's the case in this book, but one puts that aside in the other's time of need and out of that comes a friendship and more. This book was complex, emotional and sexy and through it all two people discovered they were stron Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Wow, Shut Up and Kiss Me by Jessica Lemmon was such a powerful book in that one night changed both of these characters lives forever.

This book was complex, emotional and sexy and through it all two people discovered they were stronger than they thought they were, able to move past well A freak accident while street racing left Caden Wilson broken in more ways than one, and while he's healed physically his speech is still impaired and the stuttering is unacceptable to him. He's scrapped his plans to become a lawyer and for the time being he is working on his new car and bussing tables at his half-brother's restaurant.

He also spends a lot of time dodging the help of Tasha Montgomery who his father has hired to help him with his speech while she finishes her degree as a physical therapy assistant. I really loved Tasha's bold and sassy attitude and the fact that she really didn't let Cade's indifference and bad attitude get to her.

I admired the fact that despite not being a speech therapist, she researched and tried to learn various ways of reaching him and even went so far as to contact his former therapists. While the method that finally broke through his barrier was a bit unorthodox, she kind of proved not all of Caden's issues were physical that a book portion of them were mental. I enjoyed their journey and the fact that they both had to take a good, hard look at themselves and what made them happy, what they could deal with, what was worth fighting for and what was worth letting go.

ARC provided with no expectations. Dec 01, Laura rated it really liked it. The idea that the hero is not only recovering from an injury that hampers his ability to communicate but that the injury has shown him that he wants to travel a complete different path in his life puts the characters and the relationship into a different light, and it feels like a fresh and different story. Jessica Lemmon is a favorite of mine for the characters she writes. They are interesting and engaging without being heavy. The characters are dealing with real issues, and real struggles, but this doesn't overshadow the romance.

It is a difficult balance, and one that she does very well. This can be read as a standalone, however the characters from the first Lost Boys book appear in this one, as Tasha and Rena are friends. There is the smallest possible spoiler in the story, but it is not one that will detract from reading this book, even if you haven't read the other. I liked how real all of the characters felt in this book and I was sorry to see it end I recommend this book. Tasha is not a voice coach but uses her t 4. Tasha is not a voice coach but uses her therapy training to try to support Cade through this challenging time in his life.

However, with Tasha at his side he finds a breakthrough and when they share their first kiss, Cade knows he must do everything he can to make her see how much she means to him. As Cade and Tasha continue to spend time together, their relationship develops into a tender romance and Cade is the perfect man for Tasha to trust with her heart. Copy received via Netgalley in return for an honest review. We are proud to provide honest and unbiased reviews written from the heart. WOW, this book was so worth the wait even though it felt like forever waiting for it!

In Fighting for Devlin Cade was in a near fatal accident and now we find out exactly what happened to him.


Cade's accident during an illegal street race left him battered, bruised, and without a voice. He will heal from his injuries but how can he be the lawyer he was planning on being if he cannot WOW, this book was so worth the wait even though it felt like forever waiting for it! He will heal from his injuries but how can he be the lawyer he was planning on being if he cannot speak without a severe stutter? His nickname of sliver-tongued fox no longer applies to him because of his impediment. At the crash site all of Cade's friends took off and left him there, but not Tasha she stayed with him until Emergency Services showed up even though they weren't friends, in fact they didn't like one another much at all.

Tasha is studying to be a physical therapist and she is an assistant PT at a facility so she knows just how much intense therapy its going to take to get Cade back on his feet. What she hadn't expected is for Cade's father to hire her to help him with his speech therapy. I have to say that Cade wasn't a very good patient for Tasha but that didn't stop the sexual chemistry between the two of them from building. They definitely covered all the bases with this story.

It had me laughing out loud with some of the "Oral Exercises" Tasha was trying to get Cade to perform, it also had me shedding a few tears from time to time. While this is the second book in the Lost Boys Series it can be read as a stand-alone. I prefer to read the series in order that way you have the character background from the prior books but it's not a necessity with this book but I have a feeling once you read this book you will want to go back and read Fighting for Devlin Me liking the tortured bad boys guessed that Cade was a prime example of that species.

Interesting coincidence that indicates that this is an author I should look out for. About the Plot, well the storyline is not too complicated and while I started reading I actually remembered parts of the previous book and the plot came back to me.

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Which is also a good sign given the amount of books I read in a year and the fact that it has been at least a year since I read the other book. But even given the fact that it is not a complicated story it is still a very intriguing one with very interesting characters. She was quite different from other leads, when placed in a certain situation. I liked her spunk a lot and the way she stood up against everybody.

Having said that — I have to say her father was a kind of strange figure with a difficult attitude. Poor Cade … in some moments the poor guy felt like a scientific experiment but that was really part of the fun reading that book too. Yeah — so I liked the chemistry between them a lot … And now — I will be sure to pay attention to the next book of this author for sure. Original review can be found at http: In fact, I thought this book was a lot better than the first in the series.

The storyline was really cute. Tasha attempted to help Cade recover his speech after his accident left him with a stutter that stopped him Original review can be found at http: Tasha attempted to help Cade recover his speech after his accident left him with a stutter that stopped him from speaking at all.

Shut Up and Kiss Me

Of course, Cade refused and resisted her help at all costs, not wanting to be her charity case. It was no surprise that there was an underlying attraction on both sides which then lead to an unconventional and somewhat inappropriate method of treatment and therapy. Perhaps not the most original storyline but cute as hell and well delivered. I really, really liked both Cade and Tasha. I was a little surprised by this because I was not a fan of Cade at all in Fighting for Devlin. It really is interesting how a different perspective and insight can change your opinion on someone.

He was damaged but sexy and drool worthy in a bad boy kind of way. Tasha on the other hand was sweet, caring and committed to helping Cade at all costs. I wanted them to find their way to each other and I was routing for them the entire time. Every good romance has its angst, complications and misunderstandings and Shut Up and Kiss Me was no exception. There were plenty of factors working against Cade and Tasha that made their path difficult.

There was also enough heat to burn up the pages and satisfy readers who enjoy a little between the sheets action. As I stated above, I enjoyed this book even more than the first so it leaves me quite excited to see what comes next. This book was pure entertainment that satisfied all of my romance needs in a book. Nov 29, Jessie rated it it was ok Shelves: For more of my reviews, visit my blog: In the past I have really enjoyed Jessica Lemmon's work, but this book just fell short.

The plot was told from duel perspective- Cade and Tasha- and I didn't really hear a distinct voice between them. Instead, the characters sounded too similar and at times I forgot who was talking. As the story progressed, I'm not sure if I just got used to the sim For more of my reviews, visit my blog: As the story progressed, I'm not sure if I just got used to the similarities in the voices of the characters or if it actually got better.

Cade is cocky and gorgeous. He goes from having it all to not carrying about anything. After the accident, he lost everything including friends, his income, and the life he made while attending college. But underneath all of this, he is recovering from heartache and loss. Tasha is the innocently cute girl next door type whose heart is full of kindness. But to say she has 'Daddy' issues is an understatement. And the way her father controls her doesn't exactly add up with an independent, almost college graduate. Cade and Tasha's relationship isn't realistic and everything seemed to perfect.

By the end of the book everything was wrapped up into a nice little bow and the conflict in the book seemed anti climatic. I think the thing that really bugged me about this book was how much the author told the reader instead of showing. This caused the plot to lack depth and ultimately I couldn't become invested in the characters or the plot.

Overall, this book wasn't really for me. I was looking for something with a little more depth and a stronger plot. I think if you are looking for a quick light read, then give this book a chance. Otherwise, you might be disappointed if you are looking for something more. Until a street race left him injured, he was a law student with a plan. He is recovering from his physical injuries and has had time to reevaluate things.

The accident left him with a speech problem that includes a stutter. He hasn't exactly been the ideal patient. His Dad hires Tasha Montgomery, a friend and student working towards her physical therapy degree since Cade seems to at least connect with her. Lemmon's characters had me rooting for an HEA. The romance built slowly beginning with trust as Cade opened up and Tasha let him in. Despite issues with his speech, I enjoyed the way this couple communicated.

Lemmon kept their interaction free of the typical drama found in this genre, and I appreciated seeing communication. Even though both are adults, there is interaction with the parents and Lemmon painted a realistic portrait even when conflict arose. In Shut Up and Kiss Me Lemmon pulled me in, offering moments of laughter, frustration, tears and plenty of curl your toes moments.

The tale flowed back and forth between their perspectives by chapter breaks. I really enjoy dual perspectives, particularly in this type of romance, as it allows me to connect. Friends, outside influences, and Cade's stubbornness caused some conflict, but it was realistic and executed perfectly allowing me to slip in and enjoy the romance. Jessica Lemmon continues to be an author that delivers novels that allow me to escape for a few hours and enjoy. For this reason, she is on my auto-buy list. Copy provided by publisher. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer Dear Reader, Silver-tongued, cocky, confident Caden Wilson has a problem.

Oh, he knows how to use it, but see, he just can't. A street-racing accident has stolen his voice, and there is only one friend who has stuck around to help him figure out why he can't talk without tripping over his palate. And, of course, it's the one girl he'd rubbed the wrong way once before in his past. The best part of writing a hero like Cade is watching him transform before my eyes. He had no idea he was in for the ride of a lifetime after that car wreck. He thought he knew what his future held, and had no interest in changing who he was--not for anyone.

She doesn't like him, but she can't deny that she wants to help. She also can't stop being attracted to him, which is frustrating her to no end. She likes khakis and collars, so what's up with the sudden attraction to tattoos and T-shirts? Cade and Tasha butt heads, which is fun, but they also bump lips, which is WAY more fun. A nice and easy New Adult romance that was just okay.

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This picks up from the end of Fighting for Devlin , when Cade Wilson was in a terrible car accident. He has healed from his physical injuries but has difficulty speaking. After chasing away three other therapists, Tasha Montgomery, future physical therapist in training, rich and all round nice girl, takes on the daunting task of helping Cade. They don't like each other but underneath there's this sexual tension.

Kiss Me Big - Tennessee Ernie Ford

Tasha was persistent and stubbo A nice and easy New Adult romance that was just okay. Tasha was persistent and stubborn. Sticking with Cade despite his surly ways. With parental expectation, outside pressures and incorrect judgments, it was a rocky road to a HEA. Nothing overtly exciting about this book - just simply followed the usual ebb and flow of a romance. Nov 15, Rowena rated it really liked it Shelves: Another great contemporary read featuring two interesting characters. There wasn't as much angst in this book as I was expecting, considering the way Book 1 ended but I didn't mind because I really enjoyed getting to know both Tasha and Cade.

Great characters and a fabulous romance. Full review to come Nov 08, Ayekah rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an amazing story. Do not be mislead by the title of this book. Cade, hot tatted pre-law college student is in a horrific car accident while illegally street racing. It's a little habit of his, we find out his reasons later on in the book.

On the scene of the accident is Tasha; soon to be Physical Therapist and also a student at the same college. She never leaves him while waiting for help to arrive and stays with his father in the hospital while Cade recovers. Cade goes home only to hole This is an amazing story. Cade goes home only to hole up in his room, his physical injuries are mending, however he has lost his ability to speak.

Not good for a pre-law student who has plans with his friends to start a practice together after school. After the accident his friends basically abandon him, adding to his isolation. After burning through multiple therapists, his father Paul hires Tasha to help Caden. Tasha, true to form is kind hearted, dedicated and does her best to help only to be met with a grunt or silence. But she never gives up. These two both have their share of baggage, Tasha's father is an overbearing, demanding sob and was badly burned by an ex.

Cade learns that he has a step brother, his father has a problem and his mother really isn't his mother all before the accident. The accident was the end all. Now with no voice, he works at his half brothers upscale restaurant bussing tables because at least it gets him out of the house and he works on his old car in his garage. Tasha's best friend is a bartender at Cade's brothers place and they are a couple.

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And Tasha is still coming to the house to try to get him to work with her. Cade slowly regains some of his ability to speak, mainly still refuses to participate in any sort of therapy, but then there's this one day when Tasha decides that the pucker exercise may work with a kiss. These two kiss and the sparks fly. Their attraction is totally steamy and the scenes were well written and nicely drawn out.

I really liked that. Their feelings for each other are there and it's a treat to watch Cade improve and why and how he does it; with her help and Cade's ability to speak at times also hinges on whether he is speaking truth or not. There comes a point in the book when things boil over, Cade is angry and slings painful, ugly words at Tasha and it just wrecked me to see what he did to her.

Tasha is overwhelmed and crushed. She gets by by focusing on finals, graduating and working. It's interesting to watch what Cade goes through to get to the point of understanding not only himself but his feelings for Tasha. This book was so well written and the characters are so front and center, it's like eavesdropping in on a couple's life. The story flows, you get the history and backstory filled in nicely and they both have such depth.

You don't get that in many stories. I want to say the title is a little misleading almost but it sounded to me almost like a light read romance. The blurb will tell you otherwise but don't be put off by the title. This book is golden. One of the best reads in many months. Nice job Jessica, this book is a winner. Jul 08, Danielle rated it really liked it. I never know what to really expect going into a story. I mean an author can do so many things and once I started Shut up and Kiss Me I knew Lemmon would have the story just take off and it did.

I started this at 7 am this morning and it was hard to put this story down to get some much needed sleep. Cade was omg hands down swoon worthy and everything I wanted him to be. In the first book he was so cocky but after his accident it was like he mellowed out. I enjoyed every minute of him. Tasha did c I never know what to really expect going into a story.

Tasha did come off as a rich girl who had everything but she wasn't snotty or stuck up. I found her down to earth and extremely likable. Right away the connection these two had grabbed me and wouldn't let go. While Tasha didn't want to like him she went above and beyond to help Cade get back his voice but what touched me most is that she didn't care that he stuttered she genuinely cared about him and wanted him to feel comfortable. The more I read of Lemmon's work the more she just continues to surprise me with her characters and the amount of details she pours into each story.

I have to admit towards the end I dropped a few tears but hey it was well worth it! This story was sweet, romantic and had just the right amount of sexy scenes that already has me wanting to re- read it. I highly recommend pre ordering your copy today because missing out on Cade and Tasha would be a true crime! Sep 08, Michelle Dare rated it it was amazing.

Although, it does help to have some background information on the characters. When Tasha witnesses Cade's accident, she follows him to the hospital while all of his other friends flee the scene. She's by his side throughout his stay. Then when she hears he's chased off multiple speech therapists, she tries to help. Only she is going to school to be a physical therapist, not speech. It's worth a try, though. She really wants to help him gain his speech back without stuttering. Cade doesn't want help.

He wants to be left alone to work on his car. He's moody, but that doesn't keep Tasha away. She's determined to help him. The more time they spend together, the more they enjoy each other's company. What happens when one kiss ignites much more? Will Cade be able to speak again without stuttering? Will a relationship between the two ever be easy? Cade has a gruff side, but he's damaged inside. Tasha has her own demons to fight. Together they make an amazing couple. This was a quick read full of emotion, plenty of heat, and just enough turns to make the story flow well.

Book received in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon An Alpha. Oct 31, Becky Burciaga rated it it was amazing. I have continually enjoyed this author's book, never experiencing a story that she's written I haven't liked The read is quick, the story is engaging and draws you into the lives, and struggles of Cade and Tasha. Cade's character is superbly written to where you can honestly grasp his battles to recapture his life following his accident that leaves his with a stutter, making him self conscious and not talking.

Where he once was studying to become a lawyer, cocky a I have continually enjoyed this author's book, never experiencing a story that she's written I haven't liked Where he once was studying to become a lawyer, cocky and self assured, he's hidden himself, now working in the kitchen of the family restaurant. Tasha's empathy for Cade comes through in her desire to help him recapture his speech, even though her speciality is not as a Speech Therapist Her moments of frustration comes through, as does her strong will to not give up on Cade.

Ms Lemmon continuously creates characters you feel a connection to, Cade is especially one that draws you into his conflict in the direction his life has taken. This book was provided by the Publisher and Netgalley, I am voluntarily providing my honest review. Dec 01, Rhonda Brant rated it it was ok. Man, there's so much wrong with this book I don't know where to begin.

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Caden and Tasha's story started off interestingly enough, Caden ends up in the hospital after a street racing accident leaving him speech impaired. Tasha is studying to be a physical therapist and ends up taking Caden under her wing to a attempt to get him to speak without studdering. The story was conflicting all over the place. In one part it was supposed to be pouring rain with an impending tornado, but then the author say Man, there's so much wrong with this book I don't know where to begin. In one part it was supposed to be pouring rain with an impending tornado, but then the author says a few big drops came down on her head.

Caden is a player, but then says that Brooke was the only person he had been with since high school. Tasha supposedly has "image" issues because of Tony, but no where in the story did it even mention that Tony dragged her down because of the way she looked, he cheated on her, that was apparent.

It wasn't until Tasha and Cade began to get close that she started the shy act, really frustrating. Her relationship with her father was totally confusing too, it like the author didn't really thing through the situations with each character. I honestly ended up flipping forward to see if the story picked up, sadly it didn't. Just didn't seem complete the way it was written. Just not the book for me. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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  • Dec 01, Boundless Book Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: Tasha and Cade were brought together by chance. After an awful accident. Tasha stepped in to help Cade, no one even asked. She just knew someone would need her help. To be able to really speak again. This is story was written beautifully. But I may go back and read the first. I married the smart one! I married the-- pauses --well, he's cute, right? To Timmy in " Just Desserts! I am not naggy!! Floating With You Wanda: Yes, I know he's a moron, With a brain made of boron.

    And yet, I'm drawn to him magically. And through every moment of turmoil, And moment of pain. Through all of our misadventures,One thing remains. Facing pixies, bullies, and jarheads, I'll never be blue. As long as I'm floating With you. I wish I had a candle. Cosmo and Wanda don't hear him Hello?? Oh sorry did you mean us? Ohh waaahh do you ever stop nagging? And I'm afraid I have some bad news. What is it, Dr. After a series of incredibly painful and humiliating tests, I believe Cosmo may be stupid.

    Oh wait, I knew that. You're so cute when you're jealous! Goodbye my little Twinkle! That's pretty close to tinkle. I'm staying with my man , thanks to the best godkid of all time! We're in the book section. Timmy will never look here. I've been with you for more than ten thousand years. Don't you think if I wanted to leave I would have left by now?

    Oh, I love you, you idiot now give me a hug [hugs cosmo tightly] Cosmo: Ahhh, I need my space. Is this what's like for Timmy?! OOhh, I gotta unwish this wish. Timmy, you need to wish fast because What about my needs? Timmy I don't mean to say I told you so, but I told, you so, I told you so.