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I love this book! I am a huge fan of this author. She did a great job making the story intense and yet quite beautiful and strong! Mar 19, Emma rated it it was ok Shelves: Compared to the other types of books I read now, the characters are flat, the plot is predictable, and the setting needs more detail. Kimi and Hana are the only daughters of the Jito, a manager appointed by the shogun who is a military commander with a lot of power. As girls, they cannot be samurai which angers Kimi.

However, they have been trained to protect themselves should someone try t Actual rating: However, they have been trained to protect themselves should someone try to the house. When their uncle comes to visit his younger brother, Kimi and the rest of her family are very excited and completely unprepared when he murders the Jito and takes his position. When he attempts to kill everyone in the household, Kimi and Hana manage to escape and take shelter at a famous samurai school their now dead father and brothers went to.

The only thing I can say is: Honestly, I've heard this story line a billion times. The only difference is that it is in feudal Japan. The story is told from Kimi's point of view. Kimi just seemed bland way. Everything that happened to her and sister, good or bad, seemed to happen by luck. Whatever choice she made seemed like it was made after someone else had made the choice. Kimi was like a little sheep being herded along.

She didn't seem like the best choice as a main character either. It was as if she was the person who got picked last for teams in P. My final problem with her was the fact she trusted people instantly. No one had to prove themselves to her and her sister. Nope, all she had to do was look at them and decide they were trustworthy. A few examples of this are her uncle, her friend Tatsuya, and the head of the kitchen. If Kimi was bland, Hana was invisible. Honestly, she just kind of stood in the background doing nothing.

The story could have just as easily been written without her. I really didn't see the point of her being there. Tatsuya is a student and Kimi and Hana's best friend. Unlike Hana, he was actually needed to move the plot forward, but my problem were the vibes I was getting from him. He just seemed way younger than he actually was. I'm probably just being weird though. Snow describes this ancient world of feudal Japan very well and she gave me a much better understanding of how life was as a daughter of the Jito, a servant, and eventually a samurai student.

I learned a lot of terminology and became more comfortable with information I already knew. Even though the setting just needs more detail. I'd say the setting needs a few similes, metaphors, and extra adjectives, and it would be golden. I love Asian-themed heroic fantasy, especially historic and definitely with kick-ass heroines who don't allow the hawt-boy-du-jour to lure them away from their destiny. Don't get it twisted, I have nothing against romance. It just seems to me that YA has a sexist slant that insists any book geared towards girls must have a romance, whether it's necessary to the story or no.

And not only must there be a romance, but a wretched "luv triangle" as well. No matter how fierce a fighter the he Whoo Hoo! No matter how fierce a fighter the heroine is, she's got to have some guy to fight for or against and be attracted to. The hawt guy du jour can't just be a friend or compatriot either.

Of course in most books, that also means the heroine starts to lose sight of what's really important. Tamora Pierce is one of the rare authors who does.

Okay, back to the review. There's nothing new about noble-born heroines preferring swords to skirts nor dressing as boys in order to train as a knight. In this case, sisters Kimi and Hana were actually raised by their father, the Jiro, to defend themselves with weapons. A good thing too since their treacherous uncle murdered their father and put everyone to the sword, save for the sisters who escaped.

Usually in novels where sisters are involved, one sister is the typical tomboy while the other is the typical girly-girl. Both Kimi and Hana are resourceful girls willing and able to do what it takes to do to survive. Even kill in self-defense. They disguise themselves as boys to work as servants in the famous dojo of Master Goku yes, I know. While they work as servants, they also train and hone their skills, all the while trying to hide from their bully of a cousin Kenichi as well as attempt to locate their mother and brother who also escaped the slaughter.

They also befriend a peasant boy named Tatsuya. Sisters of the Sword is a fast-paced, adventure-filled read which is part of a series. From what I understand, the fourth book has not been published yet. I still plan to read up to that point in the hopes that everything I loved about this book continues. It's rare to see sisterhood in action. Jan 12, Krista Roberts rated it liked it. But soon Kimi and her little sister Hana have to go into hiding disguised as samurai to train and get revenge on their uncle. The setting is ancient Japan in a dojo. The conflict presented to Kimi and Hana is their uncle killed their father, brothers and servants.

The girls had to escape leaving behind their home and identities. The girls then went to the dojo that their father and brothers had gone to. They later form an alliance with Master Goku and Tatsuya, but soon become enemies with their snobby cousin Ken-ichi. Master Goku is able to contact their mother and youngest brother.


The theme of the Sisters of the Sword is that sometimes bad things happen to good people changing them forever. One example is that the sisters family was killed which left a huge burden on their shoulders. They had their whole lives taken away from them, but they never did anything to deserve it. The girls who where always privileged had to work as servants and did not know much about their tasks. All at once, I realized that Uncle had even stolen our name.

Hana and I could no longer be Yamamoto. The audiences that would be interested in this book are people who enjoy books on revenge and disguises. This book is not that similar to books I have read before. I have never read a book about ancient Japan or samurai. His two friends went scurrying after him, sniggering and nudging each other. I really liked this book. My relationship with the book is that I hope to have courage like Hana and Kimi, and I try to work hard at everything.

The book was an adventure. I liked it because it made me feel as if I was in another world. I really enjoyed the book. Taking them on a tour of all the charity shops in a DYING town and finding cheap books - like this one! I'd say this is one of the most exciting historical fiction books I've ever read. It's about two princesses called Kimi and Hana whose father, a Samurai lord gets assassinated by a power-hungry, back-stabbing literally rival.

They're forced Rufolo Reviews: They're forced to flee from their home and soon arrive at a jito, a school for training young boys to be Samurai, so they change their identities and from then on, it's like Mulan as a revenge story - only Japanese, obviously. It's a pretty good story; because it's set largely in this school, you really see the characters improving and developing as they train. I quite liked Kimi and Hana, they're at least well-outlined characters, the sister-sister relationship was nice and I think Maya Snow deliberately leaves room for them develop throughout the series.

The other characters are really good as well, if not better. Master Goku who runs the jito is one of the best teachers in a book and the villains are quite complex as well, they certainly evoke emotion from the reader. The action sequences are really intense, it's quite violent for a book that seems aimed for children around twelve, less even.

I'm not against that though, as plenty of kids that age are reading the Hunger Games or the Enemy or even playing Grand Theft Auto. Anyway, back to the review, there's some good insight to Japanese culture and social history, the only real negatives I can think of is the meditating. There were twists and drama and a few somewhat complex characters, but I think there were times when this book just wasn't AS deep as the author thought it was and when I look back and compare it with books like Viking's Dawn and The Fire of Ares, it's still good, but not great historical fiction.

That said, there IS potential for this series to go deep and character heavy. Jan 30, Cayla rated it liked it Shelves: This is precisely the kind of book I expected it to be: I don't mean that as an insult, either.

This was a nice break from some of the heavier reading I've been doing and I finished it in two days. In many ways it seemed more like a MG book than a YA besides a few moments of startling gore at the very beginning , but if anything that only made it better since there was a distinct lack of angst. While Kimi is this a traditional Japanese name?

Because it distracted me every time I read it! I didn't particularly like her, but I didn't dislike her, either. I did like Hana slightly better.

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She played a smaller role, but wasn't just a foil to make her sister look more courageous. I also liked the general storyline. The beginning makes the reader instantly sympathize with the heroines and despise the villain. I wasn't really excited about the whole book being in the dojo, but it made for an interesting plot after all.

The foreshadowing in many places was about as subtle as a two-by-four to the head, but there were some twists that I wasn't expecting, and I liked where the ending left us. However, there were also many parts of the story that were rather unrealistic. One question that struck me several times was why the girls didn't cut their hair instead of constantly worrying that people would see it down?

It was a little thing, but still. Also, while I found much of he imagery very evocative of Japan Overall this was a light, enjoyable, totally clean read that faltered a bit in quality. Still worth picking up, though. Feb 13, Becky rated it really liked it. Kimi and Hana are happy daughters of the Jito, the head Samurai in the area. Then Uncle kills tries to kill their family. They escape, but Uncle is hunting them. They must hide and find their mother and young brother before Uncle.

They find shelter in an unexpected place, as servant boys in the local samurai school. Will they be able to hide as boys? And how will they manage to find their mother and brother without revealing their identities? This first book in the series brings us into the worl Kimi and Hana are happy daughters of the Jito, the head Samurai in the area. This first book in the series brings us into the world of Kimi and Hana as they explore who they are and how they will survive. At first with this book, I thought I it would be a bit ordinary. The themes are very familiar.

And it felt familiar at first. But as the story progressed, I felt like the book had its own take on these themes and I enjoyed the story more. The biggest problem I had with this book was that Kimi and Hana's mother just left without them. Uncle is going through the family compound and killing everyone, and Kimi and Hana's mother leaves with their younger brother. But she leaves them a note saying how important it is that their younger brother survive. To me, it felt very much like she said, "Screw you two, you aren't as important. But I was also thinking, how can this be, we have several more books to go through.

I can't help being happy with the fact that the villain was left to go free at the end so that I can continue to follow the adventures of Kimi and Hana. May 17, Crystal rated it it was amazing. This book is really intriguing and it consists of good content and an ample amount of literary technique for future reference.

When Kimi and Hana's uncle murdered their father because of his greed of power, Kimi and Hana flees their home and shelters in the nearby dojo. Driven with rage and fury, they plan on learning the Samurai swordskill for future vengeance for their father and their older brothers. This books can improve by changing the way it ends. Like most books, this book ends with compet This book is really intriguing and it consists of good content and an ample amount of literary technique for future reference.

Like most books, this book ends with competition. So if I were the author, I would change the ending a bit, for example, this book can end with negotiation. But I think that battles and tournament endings suit adventure books more, and negotiations can be a bit boring, but the ending is a bit ordinary. I like the variety of literary techniques used in the book.

This book consists of similes, metaphors and pathetic fallacy. For example "Hana's feet moved silently like a Cobra", "Hana's eyes were dark whirlpools, but gentle at the same time. Snow mainly focuses on the feeling of betrayal. Written in first person, Kimi writes about the difference between her Uncle's family before the murder and after the murder of her father. Snow describes the torn feeling that normal people feel after being betrayed and the desperation for vengeance after being betrayed.

This book is extremely interesting and I recommend it to all ages for reading. This book talks about feeling and adventure at the same time, and I really appreciate the effort behind the story. Nov 15, Abby Xiong rated it really liked it. The Genre of this book is action and drama. This book was about 2 young lady who is from the Yamamoto family. They took small practice at a time since they were little. Their father was a jito, and because of this their uncle became jealous. After many years of bitterness and hatred their uncle couldn't endure it any longer.

He murder most of their servant, their 2 older bother, and their dad. They The Genre of this book is action and drama. They look for their mom and younger brother as they find a place of safety. I recommend this book to girls around the age of It not a really famous book like twilight or harry potter but is a book that have a lot of feelings involve. The reason i rate it a 4 stars is because i thought there could of been more to this story, but yet the story was good it self. In my world history class we read that sumari were crazy-like people who are violence and will even kill them self for honor, but after reading this book i see sumari in a different way.

A lot of this book was base off of sumria. I find it pretty cool that it started from a small place but now it is know world wide.

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I usually dislike historical fiction, but this book was so full of action that I didn't care. Sisters of the Sword is a must-read for any book lover! I really loved the antagonist, Kimi and Hana's uncle. Or rather, I was enthralled with his evilness, if that's even a word. When you start reading the book, he sounds like the perfect relative; the one that you always knew would get the best Christmas presents, who you could always confide in.

But, as the summary states, he ends up betraying his bro I usually dislike historical fiction, but this book was so full of action that I didn't care. But, as the summary states, he ends up betraying his brother in the worst way possible. I went in this book not reading the summary, and I was so surprised! The action in here appealed to the Hunger Games fan in me. Now, don't get me wrong; this book isn't at all like the Hunger Games, but when I was reading the fight scenes, there were a couple times where I was remembering Katniss talking about the careers and how they fought.

I don't know if everyone would think that when reading this book, but that's how it was for me. Also, Kimi and Hana are girls who are truly before their time. They, as girls, are not allowed to be samurai, but that does not stop them. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Read more Read less. Browse a new selection of discounted Kindle Books each month. Books In This Series 3 Books.

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