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Since ultimately everything in life happens because of the way we think, solutions depend upon thinking too. That does not mean playing the victim and relying on others, but reaching within to see the sense, goodness, and direction that lie there. Wysong helps readers tap into their unlimited resources and take control. All of lifes important topics are discussed in this encyclopedic, wise, and helpful book, including: If you would like to understand life better, be healthier, happier, have meaning, contribute to a better world, and avoid some bumps and bruises along the way, this is your guidebook.

The Power Of Money. The End Of Civilization. Freedom Is Not Equality.

Success at School vs Success in Life

The Illusion of Youth Health. The Good Old Days.

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The Female Hormone Problem. Healthy Dos And Donts. The Greatest Threat To Health. Dont Surrender To Medical Care. But We Live Longer Today. Dollars Dont Make Health. Disease Does Not Strike Us. From Where Does Healing Come? It is part philosophical look at the state of human kind, part self help book, and part glorious rant.

While hardly a quick read at a pages I did find most of it immensely entertaining, but likely not for the reasons that Dr.

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Wysong was aiming at. I always enjoy a good rant about pretty much anything, One of my favorite pastimes when I was in school too many years ago to even think about was to engage teachers in debates, the subject did not matter, and I cared little about which side of the issue I took, I guess you could call me adaptable. There are always three versions of every story, there is mine, there is yours, and there is the truth, which lays somewhere in the middle.

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Wysong has created a wonderful canvas for debate, much of what he writes about I am in agreement with, although he does have a somewhat unusual and provocative method of introducing his concepts. On the subject of health, Dr. Wysong essentially paints a bleak picture, The entire industry has become a self fulfilling prophecy. Only go to the doctor if you are mortally ill, is the message we get. This is a sentiment that I share, I had a bout with the health care system in , and hated every moment.

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Wysong correctly suggests that many of todays ailments are self inflicted, the food we eat, the environment we live in, pollution, life style, and other elements all act as catalysts to health problems. One analogy brought up certainly got me thinking, most of the scientific community agree that the Earth is about 3. The distance traveled since the industrial revolution would equate to approximately one inch of this wonderful highway. That is a very sobering thought.

In that one single inch we have managed to scar our planet and ourselves. We live in a world of acronyms,there is a short cut for almost everything, I base that on over 30 years experience in the computer industry, when computer guys talk it is no longer English.

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Wysong would like us all to adopt just one more. Sorry, but this is not the easy to remember and catchy phrase that it could be, and is very unlikely to win the acronym of the year award. On the plus side, he does bring out many salient points, we all do possess the ability to change not just ourselves but the world we live in. If you think that there is nothing you can do to modify the world, you are wrong.

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There is much that an individual can do, as Dr. They all are exceptionally well executed.