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It is an attempt to uncover the workings of power through a close look at the structures, discourses, and agencies through which nutrition policy operates. In this process, the source of nutrition policy in the World Bank is traced to those affected by the policies in India. Foreword, Amartya Sen 1. Choice or Circumstance 2. The World Bank in India 3.

The View from the Community 6. The Way Forward Bibliography. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

World Bank Chief Economist Kaushik Basu on Global Development

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Changing Worlds David W. Her current doctoral research traces the evolution of the World Bank's role and influence in maternal and child health MCH over the last forty years, and also aims to produce a case study of the Bank's involvement in India. Genevie holds a M. A in Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Mumbai.

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Felix Stein is an economic anthropologist with a background in development. For his PhD at the University of Cambridge he conducted an ethnographic study of the work of German management consultants.


The resulting manuscript argued that white collar labour is getting increasingly abstract, and investigated the effects that this has on knowledge, power, temporality, certainty and conceptions of morality. For his postdoctoral research at Cambridge, he investigated the impact of academic anthropology on contemporary UK society. At the University of Edinburgh, his work will focus on the World Bank's efforts at preventing the spread of public health epidemics. Her doctoral dissertation, "Malarial Proximities: Senegal, the Pursuit of Evidence, and the Silver Revolver Approach to Global Health," investigated both the design and implementation of projects to combat malaria in the Global South.

She spent a total of 14 months in Dakar, Senegal over three years working with the National Malaria Control Program, a biology lab, a public health center, and a community-based organization in a suburb of Dakar. As a part of this project, her work will focus on the development of the concept of the global burden of disease at the World Bank and the impact of metrics on global health policy. Lorna Thompson is the Research Project Administrator.

Lorna looks after the general administration of the project and all enquiries should be directed to her in the first instance. Janelle Winters is an infectious disease researcher and global health historian. Her PhD project focuses on how global health institutions and policymakers have defined 'success' in infectious disease control programmes. Specifically, she is analysing the construction of success for the World Bank and World Health Organization's hallmark programme to control river blindness in West Africa - the Onchocerciasis Control Programme - from Before beginning her PhD, Janelle worked as a program manager for international disease diagnostics and biosafety programmes at the American Society for Microbiology.

She also taught global health in Bangladesh, blogged for the Smithsonian Institution, and worked in immunology and infectious disease laboratories. Janelle holds a Masters of Arts in the history of medicine Newcastle University , a Masters of Science in epidemiology of microbial diseases Yale University , and Bachelors of Science degrees in both zoology and history of science, medicine, and technology University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Mark Hellowell is Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, where he directs postgraduate programmes in global health policy. He is special adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee in relation to its work on the use of private finance in health services, and he has worked with several global health and development agencies, including the African Development Bank, the European Investment Bank and the World Bank.

He is currently project director on a University of Edinburgh collaboration with the World Bank on the use of market systems approaches to health policy problems, financed by the Department for International Development DfID and the Global Financing Facility. She has an interdisciplinary background in Sociology and Public health with a specialisation in policy and systems research. She works at the intersections of health politics and development praxis, with particular interest in their interface with equity, human rights and development.

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Lisa Bryant is a fourth year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. She previously lived in the West African nation for 12 months in and has since developed a very keen interest in global health and infectious diseases alongside her medical education.

Adriel Chen is a fourth year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. His interests include the economics of healthcare and the effectiveness of healthcare interventions. Her research will focus on the role of large organisations such as the WHO and the World Bank in accommodating the health needs of people during crisis. Jonathan is a 2nd year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. His research currently focuses on comparative analysis of practices in major global health foundations.

Ben holds a B.

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He has led several development projects focused on addressing the immediate and long term needs of developing communities impacted by natural disaster. Sarah Kelly is a fourth year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. Sarah is interested in issues of justice in health and healthcare and her research will analyse the models used by institutions like the World Bank when setting their global health priorities.

The Battle Against Hunger

Her research examines the inclusion of human rights ideology and practices at the World Bank. She previously completed her MSc in Global Health and Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh with a specific interest in sustainable and integrated strategies for economic betterment and health improvement for underserved populations. Jack Jameson is a 4th year medical student.

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