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His ministry carries a powerful anointing and prophetic message. Traveling extensively, both domestically and internationally, he has spoken in more than 27 nations.

The Release That Brings You Increase

God continues to use him to reach people with the Gospel, confirming His Word with signs following. Back To Articles Paul prayed a powerful prayer for the Ephesian Christians — a prayer I encourage you to pray for yourself and your loved ones: Yet that was about to change: Check your email for details and to confirm your subscription.

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It dictates your response to the present and determines the quality of We were in the Chamber of Books. The teacher placed a large book on the table and opened it to what looked to me Do you need more faith in your life?

D.L. Moody Quote – 5 Ways to See With God’s Eyes Of Faith

What if there were ways you could actually double the amount of faith you have That light is none other than Jesus Christ. When we stay close to him, we will always have light that we need to help us navigate through the dark days of discouragement, failure, hopelessness and weakness.

The images that will be reflected by that light are only the images God wants us to see. Jesus lived the truth of this commandment, and you also are living it.

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For the darkness is disappearing, and the true light is already shining. God placed it so close to us that we will never be away from it. This light is within us.

We can walk in confidence and security about our future because our paths are bright and our direction is clear. We can do so because of the light that guides our way as children of light. Back to Church Sunday Discovering Truth When it Hurts. Teach Your People to Get Connected.

Pastor Rick Warren: What Are the Differences in Seeing With Eyes of Faith, Fear?

I Love My Church. Hear Jesus Whisper, "Follow Me". There is another set of eyes that God gave us in order to see the things of heaven and allow us to live supernaturally. These eyes are spiritual but the image they produce are so real and vivid.

The Power of an Unshakeable Attitude

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Affirmations: "God, Give Me Confidence and Courage" Strength through God Affirmations

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