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Is this product missing categories? Checkout Your Cart Price. This item is a special order that could take a long time to obtain. Description Details Customer Reviews English summary: No living specialist in coins and their history contributed more to the study of the Holy Land in the Persian, Hellenistic and Roman periods than did Leo Mildenberg, who celebrates his 85th birthday this year. His collected essays demonstrate the meaning and the relevance of numismatic research to the historian, the biblical scholar and the student of Jewish and Christian religion alike.

Die Sammlung der wichtigsten seiner Aufsatze, die zum Teil in sehr entlegenen Publikationen erschienen sind, bilden ein eindruckliches Dokument nicht nur fur die Schaffenskraft von Leo Mildenberg, der dieses Jahr 85 Jahre alt wird, sondern auch fur die Nutzlichkeit numismatischer Forschung im Bereich der Geschichtswissenschaften, der Bibelwissenschaft, der Judaistik und der judischen und christlichen Theologie.

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Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity Kogon and Fontanille classify about Kogon and Fontanille classify about coins by obverse and reverse dies.

Mildenberg, Leo [WorldCat Identities]

From this die classification they generate, for the first time ever for this tetrarch, about composite die images. In addition, the authors examine both technical aspects of the coins e. They also review the geographic distribution of provenanced coins. Through this analysis of the coins of Herod Antipas, Kogon and Fontanille provide a greater understanding of the Sitz im Leben of first century Galilee.

Numismatic Activities in Lebanon.

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Recent numismatic works resumed in Lebanon with the Archaeological works in the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war in It firstly aimed to provide dating by coins to the excavators in Down-town Beirut. The accumulation of thousands The accumulation of thousands of coin finds from a big number of sites, Beirut and others, made the burden of their study too heavy for a sole numismatist. Recruiting started through the numismatic classes at the Lebanese University. After few aborted attempts, some students were hooked.

Ancient Jewish Coins

Historical periods were assigned upon the members in order to cover as much of possible the chronological frame of coining activities in the region. The aim is to study coin production and circulation in Lebanon during all relevant historical periods. Therefore, our collaboration was proposed on almost all archaeological missions working in the country.

The results of these activities were materialized by huge databases that lead to many publications and launched several projects coin collections, museum displays, hoard studies, coin finds databases, metallurgical studies etc. The present talk sheds the lights on the activities of the team whose entity was recently officially recognized by the research center of the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences of the Lebanese University.

Samaritan, Phoenician and Punic numismatics in the second half of the 18th c.

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Small Change for the Poor: The Small Change for the Poor SCP project catalogues a collection of several hundred generally inexpensive coins acquired in trade from to Over the course of the years that had begun with the likes of Wang Mang and Caesar Augustus in power, copper-based monetary denomination systems expanded in influence throughout the lands from China to Spain and Morocco, even as the details were changing at least outwardly.