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Her book details the familiar story of how Camilla first befriended Diana after she became engaged to Prince Charles. It is clear after Lady Diana and Charles went for visits to the home of Camilla and her husband, Andrew, in Bloehyde in the village of Allington, Wiltshire, she was not presented with all of the facts. And, in an act Diana would later see as betrayal, Camilla left her note at Clarence House the pair should meet for lunch. The physical side of their relationship had ended once he'd proposed to Diana, though he'd hoped that their long-standing friendship might continue.

But over time Diana had come to see that lunch as part of a conspiracy. He also shot Camilla, dressed in grey, a long, sad, glance, as he walked up the aisle with his new bride at their ill-fated wedding. But as he reached Colborne's office door, the private secretary was practically knocked off his feet by Diana, visibly upset, rushing out at top speed, the book claims Ms Junor added: Tanika Charles also performed on Friday, Oct.

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Saint-Saëns, (Charles) Camille

Learn how your comment data is processed. Toronto How long have you been performing? First time playing Halifax Pop Explosion. What are you most looking forward to while in town? One of the few people known to have rebuffed the Prince was Lucian Freud. Compared with others in the room, he complained, both he and the King were stuck for cash. At the time of his complaint, among his staff — most of them paid for by taxpayers — were four valets. Why four for one man? So that two would always be available to help him change his clothes, which he did up to five times every day.

Interview: Tanika Charles, Singer, Songwriter & Actress

It could be argued that it is his association with billionaires that has made Charles so dissatisfied with his lot. Fortunately, the public were unaware of such gripes. His staff, however, began to realise that his extravagance was threatening to undermine his public image. To counter this, Michael Fawcett told a charity donor: This had the benefit of being partly true: Charles has never bought a yacht and prefers not to eat lunch — though he could easily afford both.

Indeed, relations with the heir to the throne became increasingly strained as he continued to insist on travelling on private planes, especially to the Continent. After one particularly nasty spat, Charles reluctantly agreed to fly commercial in Europe. But on his return, he refused ever again to take a BA plane.

Offer valid until March 31, William was furious when aides snubbed Kate's mum. One of his most painful recollections was of a visit to Kensington Palace while Diana was alive, and the boys were still small. As soon as Harry saw his father, he ran towards him — then suddenly stopped short. There was only one conclusion to be drawn: Prince Charles worried he was being usurped by the Middletons, and decided to ignore Carole Middleton on social occasions.

To counter the hurtful snubs the Queen made a point of inviting a TV cameraman to film her driving the former air hostess around the Balmoral estate pictured.

Camille Saint-Saëns

And then there was Camilla. Marriage to the Prince of Wales changed Camilla. When she accepted an invitation to a dinner party, her hosts were now sent a list of the foods she liked and disliked. After all, her husband had done this for years, so why not adopt his habit? As Duchess of Cornwall, she soon became accustomed to a life of luxury.

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She could be stubborn about this. Camilla, however, demanded a private plane. Even Camilla pictured on a yacht with Prince Charles became addicted to luxury. It was pointed out that the sight of Charles arriving on a chartered jet to receive an environmental prize would be unhelpful.

Camille and Guillaume Boillot, Paul 10, Charlie 9, Joseph 2 years old - The Socialite Family

So the Prince reluctantly agreed to fly BA — only for Camilla to dig in her heels. She had a cut hand, she said, which would prevent her travelling to New York. After a fierce argument, she finally agreed to fly on the BA plane with Charles and 14 staff, including her hairdresser, butler, dresser, two valets, press officers, a doctor and five police protection officers.

More free hand-outs came from the public. Despite her cosseted lifestyle, however, Camilla had a habit of being late for everything. This annoyed Charles, who frequently shouted from the bottom of the stairs at Clarence House: Clarence House staff, however, were ordered to give her special treatment: Harry was the more worrying.


Ever since his confession to smoking cannabis at Highgrove as a teenager, Charles had struggled to control him. Paparazzi had sold photographs of Harry emerging bedraggled with a topless model from Boujis nightclub in South Kensington; then chasing Chelsy Davy, his Zimbabwean girlfriend, across Africa; and misbehaving at endless parties. As William grew up, it became clear that he too was a very different royal from his father. After his own marriage, William chose to retreat with Kate to Norfolk, where they could preserve their privacy.

They also preferred to spend Christmas with her parents rather than at Sandringham with the other royals. As a consequence, they decided to ignore Carole Middleton on social occasions. This so infuriated William that he consulted with his grandmother.

Camilla's side of the story: Her love affair with Prince Charles rocked the monarchy

To counter the hurtful snubs against Carole Middleton, the Queen then made a point of inviting a TV cameraman to film her driving the former air hostess around the Balmoral estate. It should have been a wonderful night out. To his disappointment, the Canadian government had asked for his proposed tour of the country to be delayed, so that his son and new daughter-in-law could visit first.

For her part, Camilla was unconcerned about Kate taking the limelight.

Camilla also dismissed the presumption that Kate would be the first commoner Queen. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The pampered, petulant, self-pitying Prince: New book by Britain's top investigative author Tom Bower reveals Charles's remarkable travel demands including bringing his entire bedroom on trips By Tom Bower for the Daily Mail Published: