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50 Ways to Lose Your Blubber

Ideal BMI is between 18 and 25; overweight is 25 to 30; obese 30 to 35; above 35 is severe obesity; and above 40 is morbid obesity. If one cannot lose weight with a physician-supervised program, most insurance companies cover surgical approaches when BMI is above 40 or when obesity-induced physical problems—co-morbidities—have developed. If you are interested in pursuing a surgical solution, choose a surgeon experienced in bariatric discipline, like Dr. Shawn Garber who many moons ago was one of my trainees.

Rock-afire Explosion (ShowBiz Pizza) 50 Ways to Lose Your Blubber

Now, through one tiny incision, we insert a video-equipped telescope providing a view of the inside of the belly, and three to four other little cuts allow us to insert grasping, cutting, stapling, and suturing instruments. You would not add new avionics to your airplane without doing thorough research, so do not rearrange your insides until you know the skinny; operative choices abound and most can be performed under laparoscopic guidance, so get well-informed. A relatively easy option is an adjustable, inflatable band placed around the top of the stomach, thereby promoting earlier satiety.

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This works for some people and is also used with lower-BMI patients to treat diabetes. Gastric stapling and Roux-en-Y bypass, a widely-practiced operation, partitions the stomach into a small pouch and bypasses some small bowel. In good hands, weight loss can be dramatic, but postoperative complications merit consideration. Sleeve gastrectomy limits how much one can eat and carries good results. Take responsibility for being overweight and unhealthy.

You put the weight on by eating to much and not moving enough. Learn to read food labels. Get to know how much sugar, salt, fat and total energy there is in a serve.

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You need to keep those three baddies to a minimum and remember anything ending in ose is sugar in disguise eg. Fructose , maltose, galactose and sucrose. Fill your fridge with wholefoods that are fresh and in season.


Exclude or at least drastically reduce your consumption of processed foods which are likely to be high in sugar, fat, salt and preservatives Reduce your portion size, excess calories are stored on your hips Include some lean protein with every meal it will reduce the glycemic load and keep your blood sugar stable Increase your metabolic rate by increasing lean muscle mass. A muscle cell is metabolically active a fat cell is not Eat adequate amounts of protein, about 2gms of protein per kg of bodyweight Weight loss experts agree that the only way to win the war against fat is to develop simple changes in how we eat and upping the activity in our daily lives.

Together, these help us consumer fewer calories and burn more calories. When we do this, we lose weight. Each of these tips will shave approximately calories from your diet. This is part one of a two-part article.