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She was awestruck at the thought that she could have ever believed that she was just this body.

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Shortly after this experience, Devrah had a miraculous healing. Devrah pulled away from everything she had known, and devoted the rest of her life to integrating this and numerous other such experiences. She traveled to India and spent time with masters, and also studied the teachings of mystics and gurus from all over the world.

Devrah spent over 16 years with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. Devrah also embraced the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, who once, while she was in deep absorption of his teachings, appeared at the foot of her bed.

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Then on another occasion, Nisargadatta Maharaj, appeared in front of Devrah on the street and she became devoted to him for a few years. Devrah has had numerous experiences with great masters and mystics from all traditions who have gently guided her along the way, in her sadhana.

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Her life was no longer her own, and she found herself being more selfless in her service. In the late eighties, Devrah moved to Vancouver, BC and over time, her association with different teachers and masters lessened and she found herself doing her own speaking and writing.

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In fact she was commanded inwardly to write her first book, The Magic Doorway into the Divine. This first book has been referred to by some, as a "road map of the spiritual journey. She explored and researched deeply the issue of our deepest Guilt, which is what keeps all of us living in duality.

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  • Both of her books became international best sellers on Amazon. Devrah is a spiritual mentor assisting people in knowing the truth of who and what they really are.

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    Currently, Devrah hosts her own radio show: Living in Quantum Love, on Dream Visions7 Radio Network, where she relates her own experiences, and interviews enlightened guests on how all of us can live an enlightened life. Her work is an expression of non-dualism, compassion and deep wisdom that can only come from direct experience.

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    She enjoys deep and long periods of silence and resting in beingness, as she is otherwise, constantly approached by many people seeking guidance. She comes from the place of oneness, so she looks beyond the outer appearances and facades, and sees the similarities and meets each person on that deeper heart level.

    Through real-life examples we discover the many faces of guilt and come to realize how it has undermined our lives. This book is a comforting companion to anyone who has felt the pain of not being good enough or believed they did something wrong, but it is also a journey of discovering the spiritual solution to guilt that is our gateway to freedom.

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    It is so rare for there to be a book that simply shows what the deepest truth is regarding who we are, and the illusion of the world that we get trapped in. Devrah Laval has succeeded in creating a leading edge book that translates the process of awakening our consciousness in a way that we can all understand. I recommend this to anyone who is questioning who they are and the role that guilt plays in keeping us immobilized, both individually and collectively. What an amazing book! Devrah Laval has created a work that has the characteristic of being so fantastic it is unbelievable.

    Guilt is at the root of all our sorrow and pain and yet she forwards the sweet hope that deep inside each of us, we are sinless and guilt is nothing more than the churn of control exercised by the ego.


    Rarely do words ring so true; so hopeful and so inspiring! She has seamlessly woven together science, mysticism and yogic thought in a way that springs the door open for all of us to grasp the truth of unconditional love.

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    For centuries man-kind has been caught in a web of suffering and victimization — an unconscious dream state of illusion — sometimes called the Matrix. This book is a must for anyone on a true path of ultimate awakening. Devrah Laval brings powerful insights into the realm of Oneness Consciousness, as it relates to guilt.