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Experts, evidences and ideology: a documentary

As the Government of India and the security establishment consider the next step and the way forward in Kashmir, they must not let terror define the process of engagement. The pause in operations by security forces over the last month may also have laid the ground for a conversation between the DGMOs of the Indian and Pakistan armies, and an agreement to respect, in letter and spirit, the ceasefire along the LoC.

The violence in the state since the killing of Burhan Wani in has severely bruised the already scarred political process in the state.

The Ramzan ceasefire was an expression of hope and optimism, a gesture of generosity that expressed faith in dialogue. That spirit must stand tall in the face of terror. Home Opinion Editorials Silencing a voice. Today we learn how to silence the voice of defeat, we learn to silence this inner critic. Pastor Jason Anderson T Pastor Scot — Unmasked: Discover the Real You.

Self-Archeology: Silencing the Voice of Reason (Part 3): The Pros and Cons of Speaking the Truth

Close Sliding Bar Area. What is unsaid because serenity and introspection are sought and what is not said because the threats are high or the barriers are great are as different as swimming is from drowning.

Quiet is to noise as silence is to communication. The quiet of the listener makes room for the speech of others, like the quiet of the reader taking in words on the page, like the white of the paper taking ink. There are new mountains. Silence is what allows people to suffer without recourse, what allows hypocrisies and lies to grow and flourish, crimes to go unpunished.

Silence and powerlessness go hand in hand – women’s voices must be heard

Words bring us together, and silence separates us, leaves us bereft of the help or solidarity or just communion that speech can solicit or elicit. Stories and conversations are like those roots.

His Voice Leaves The Audience SPEECHLESS - Brian Justin Crum Covers Creep by Radiohead

Being unable to tell your story is a living death, and sometimes a literal one. If you are considered to be out of line when you speak up in a meeting, are not admitted into an institution of power, are subject to irrelevant criticism whose subtext is that women should not be here or heard. Stories save your life. And stories are your life. We are our stories; stories that can be both prison and the crowbar to break open the door of that prison.

We make stories to save ourselves or to trap ourselves or others — stories that lift us up or smash us against the stone wall of our own limits and fears. Liberation is always in part a storytelling process: A free person tells her own story.

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A valued person lives in a society in which her story has a place. Violence against women is often against our voices and our stories. It is a refusal of our voices, and of what a voice means: A husband hits his wife to silence her.