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Jun 06, Cleo Bannister rated it really liked it Shelves: What would you do if you were in a car with your young daughter and a young woman knocked on your window and asked for help?

Would you risk letting her into your car? Or would you, as Faith Saunders did, ignore the plea even though the girl in question was soon joined by two men. The moral dilemmas posed by this novel present the reader with a superb premise and this promise is realised in the execution. This is a story of how a single lie by omission can have devastating consequences. Faith kept What would you do if you were in a car with your young daughter and a young woman knocked on your window and asked for help?

This is an unusual take on crime fiction, the witness usually serves their purpose by giving a statement so it was great to read a book which concentrates on a different perspective. With a mixture of viewpoints including Faith, the perpetrator and DI Nils the reader gets to see the story from multiple angles. I particularly liked DI Nils who came across as a level-headed investigator determined to get to the bottom of the mystery but not unsympathetic to the woman who had delayed it.

At first the author felt the need to over-emphasise certain points by means of repetition which I always feel is unnecessary and slightly annoying especially as this book clocked in at just under pages a few of which could easily have been discarded. I was pleased that this tendency lessened as the pace picked up and the author trusted her readers to remember the key bits of information. This is a superb thriller, well-written with a great array of characters.

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The tension is there from the start but ratchets up to unbearable levels as the story progresses to its satisfying conclusion. I want to say a big thank you to Lovereading UK who arranged for me to receive a copy of this book in return for my review. Jul 21, Josh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very rarely do I read mainstream crime fiction that I simply don't want to end. Faith Saunders is a mother and wife, trying to put the shattered pieces of her life together following her husbands infidelity and the troubles the couple is having with their young daughter Maggie - both at school and home, when all sense of normalcy is destroyed by a chance encounter with a pair of serial killers and a victim who managed to escape.

Escape Very rarely do I read mainstream crime fiction that I simply don't want to end. Escape, only to find a locked car door and a reluctant Faith determined to keep the outside night terrors at bay from her semi drunk self and sleeping daughter in the back seat of their parked car.

All the Little Pieces

The middle of the night small town stop off to rest her head following a heated argument with her sister wasn't meant to be the thing that would threaten everything she'd ever known - that was meant to be done with, the cheating husband outed, the broken marriage sticky-tapped together. This one event, the pleading in the young woman's eyes, the harshness of the man who snatched her away - the fear of repercussion and endangerment too much to bare.

Two weeks later her actions are out in the open for all to judge, and for the killers to remedy their mistake of letting a witness live. Of letting two witnesses live. The murder police and the Saunders family don't battle for page time with each character type complimentary to the plot. This book has a real human feel to it which adds layers of depth and emotional characterization that accurately portrays three sides of a criminal investigation; the suspected, the witness, and the law, not to mention victims and public backlash Faith experiences.

The story just feels well-rounded and real. Jun 04, Sheila rated it liked it. I felt there was a lot of padding in this book, too much detail at times. I loved the idea of the storyline, but I can't say it ever really grabbed my attention and made me sit up and take notice. I enjoy reading a book where the unexpected happens, and I could pretty much guess what was coming next. I read the book as part of an online book club 'book of the month' so it's probably not something I would normally have chosen, although the blurb sounded promising.

Having said that, it's good soli I felt there was a lot of padding in this book, too much detail at times. Having said that, it's good solid story telling and I wouldn't rule out giving another one of Jilliane Hoffman's books a try. So ein langweiliges Buch habe ich schon lange nicht mehr gelesen! Spannung ist gleich null! Das halb offene Ende ist einfach doof! Spannend boek, maar een roman zou ik het niet willen noemen zoals er bij het dankwoord staat. Wel een thriller, zoals op de voorkant van het boek staat.

Wel waren er stukken bij die ik wat langdradig vond, vandaar de 4 sterren, maar al met al een goed boek en zeker een aanrader. Mooi verhaallijn en boeiend geschreven. Ik hou alleen niet van open einde dus daarom 1 ster minder.


Het leven van Faith Saunders is een regelrechte nachtmerrie en eigenlijk is deze al begonnen voordat het verhaal van start gaat. Haar man heeft een affaire gehad met zijn secretaresse, de relatie met haar familie is slecht, de ontwikkeling van en relatie met haar dochtertje verloopt niet vlekkeloos en Faith heeft een behoorlijk drankprobleem. Alsof dat allemaal nog niet genoeg is, is ze samen met haar dochter getuige van een poging tot ontvoering, waarbij Faith besluit niet in te grijpen of het Het leven van Faith Saunders is een regelrechte nachtmerrie en eigenlijk is deze al begonnen voordat het verhaal van start gaat.

Alsof dat allemaal nog niet genoeg is, is ze samen met haar dochter getuige van een poging tot ontvoering, waarbij Faith besluit niet in te grijpen of het te melden bij de politie. Een aantal weken later komt ze erachter dat het meisje dat ze die bewuste nacht niet wilde helpen gemarteld en vermoord teruggevonden is en dan begint de nachtmerrie van Faith en haar gezin pas echt.

De daders hebben haar namelijk ook gezien en bovendien krijgt Faith de politie op haar dak. Want waarom heeft ze niet geholpen? Of een melding gemaakt?

A Million Little Pieces - Wikipedia

En waarom liegt ze over bepaalde feiten? Dit boek weet de aandacht van de lezer beslist vast te houden. Er gebeurt veel, meer dan genoeg om verder te willen lezen. Tevens stelde ik mij als lezer steeds weer de vraag 'Wat zou ik gedaan hebben in deze situatie? Het verhaal zit goed in elkaar en werkt naar een weluitgedacht plot toe. De personages zijn goed uitgewerkt, waarbij ik vooral rechercheur Bryan Nill een verfrissende uitwerking vond. Een keertje niet de standaard overwerkte, gescheiden, cynische politieman. Al met al een leuk boek dat zeker nieuwsgierig maakt naar meer van deze schrijfster This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Laten we zeggen dat ik hier meer van verwacht had … veel meer zelfs. Je weet niet wat je aan het lezen bent: Hoffman probeert het allemaal maar de mayonaise pakt niet helaas. En hoe zeer Hoffman nog haar best doet om het gedrag van Faith, het hoofdpersonage, uit te leggen en te kaderen Faith was bang, Faith is alcoholist en neemt geen rationele besl Laten we zeggen dat ik hier meer van verwacht had … veel meer zelfs. En doordat ik als lezer al bij het begin van het boek een afkeer had opgebouwd voor Faith werd het zeer moeilijk om de rest van het boek nog goed te vinden.

Jun 18, Sharon Xuereb rated it really liked it Shelves: Told from the 3rd person and giving you a perspective of the situation from the witness, her husband, the victim, killer s , detectives investigating the case and the lawyers trying to get justice. Mostly the story follows Faith, the witness. We ride along with her trying to deal with the guilt of possibly witnessing a heinous crime and not being brave enough to try and stop it. However, she has respectable reasons for not doing anything at the time, and I feel a lot of women in her situation would have reacted the same way.

Faith spirals out of control and takes a gradual downward spin from the beginning to the end, when she finally hits rock bottom and only a massive blow can turn it around. Aside from the detectives investigation, which was very intriguing, this part of the story captured my interest as I really hoped that things would be OK for Faith and her family. As we travel through this book the characters reactions to the developments of the case feel very realistic, and it seems as though the author has extensive experience in this aspect of life.

While the majority of the story threads were closed off there is a somewhat open ending and leaves you wondering whether we will get more to this story or perhaps we are to draw our own conclusions. Either way the story feels finished when you turn that last page. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat, bring a tear to your eye, and have you screaming for justice all at once. Thanks to HarperCollins Australia for providing me with a copy of this book.

To find this review and lots more check out Sharon's Book Nook! Jun 05, Victoria Goldman rated it really liked it. All the Little Pieces is a roller coaster read. It's an enjoyable mixture of courtroom drama, psychological thriller and crime novel.

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  • Faith seems to have the perfect life, until you delve beneath the surface. Driving home from her sister's house late at night, in the middle of nowhere, a girl's battered face appears at her car window, asking Faith for help. Faith panics and drives off into the darkness, determined to protect her young daughter who is sleeping in the car. When her daughter identifi All the Little Pieces is a roller coaster read. When her daughter identifies the murdered girl on a news bulletin, Faith's nightmare begins. Her daughter wasn't asleep after all. Faith realises that she may have prevented a violent murder if she had just opened her car door and let the stranger in.

    The guilt over what she has done leads her state of mind to spiral out of control and puts her and her family's lives in danger. Note, the format of my Short and Sweet reviews differs in that they simply comprise the book blurb and a short response hence, the short and sweet. Imagine you are driving late at night.

    You might be lost. You pull over to rest in a tiny, empty town.

    See a Problem?

    And then someone bangs on the window, pleading for help. Behind her is a man. What would you do? She could have stopped an awful crime. She could have saved a life. She tried to forget about it. He is also wanted by the police in three different states on several charges. As he checks into the rehab clinic, he is forced to quit his substance abuse, a transition that we find out later probably saves his life, but is also an incredibly agonizing event.

    As part of this, he is forced to undergo a series of painful root canals , without any anesthesia because of possible negative reactions to the drugs. He copes with the pain by squeezing tennis balls until his nails crack when challenged on this specific incident during his second Oprah appearance, Frey said that it may have been "more than one" root canal procedure and may or may not have included Novocaine , as he remembers it. The book follows Frey through the painful experiences that lead up to his eventual release from the center, including his participation in the clinic's family program with his parents, despite his strong desire not to.

    Throughout the novel, Frey speaks of the "Fury" he is fighting, which he sees as the cause of his desire to drink alcohol and use drugs. The "Fury" could be seen as the antagonist of the novel, because he believes that he will not be able to recover until he learns to ignore it or "kill it". Frey meets many interesting people in the clinic, with whom he forms relationships and who play an important role in his life both during and after his time in the clinic.

    These people include a mafia boss who plays a vital role in his recovery subject of Frey's subsequent book My Friend Leonard , and a woman drug addict with whom he falls in love, despite strict rules forbidding contact between men and women at the clinic.

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    James finally recovers and never relapses. A notable feature of Pieces is its lack of quotation marks to indicate direct quotes or dialogue. Instead, a new line is started each time someone speaks. The fact that the author uses this same style to indicate his internal thoughts, often interspersed between direct dialogue from himself and others, gives the book a unique and sometimes confusing writing style, purportedly reflecting the nature of his experience in the treatment center. Frey makes frequent use of this stream of consciousness writing technique, which is intended to allow the reader to better understand his version of the events.

    Frey's unique writing style also involves his capitalizing nouns throughout the book for unclear reasons. Frey also uses heavy repetition of words throughout the text. The book was released on April 15, , by Doubleday Books , a division of Random House , and received mixed feedback.

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    While some critics, such as Pat Conroy , [2] praised the book, calling it "the War and Peace of addiction", others were not as impressed by the gruesome nature of the book and Frey's overall attitude that sets the tone for the book. For example, critic Julian Keeling, [3] a recovering addict, stated that "Frey's stylistic tactics are irritating Poet and author John Dolan roundly criticized the book, saying:.

    He was also scathing about the writing style, which he described as a "childish impersonation of the laconic Hemingway style", and referred to it as a "novel" several times.

    Little Pieces Of You - Ben Hartley

    In September , the book was picked as an Oprah's Book Club selection, and shortly thereafter became the number one paperback non-fiction book on Amazon. By January 28, , it had fallen to number four on the Amazon. The book garnered international attention in January after it was reported that it contained fabrications and was not, as originally represented by the author and publisher, a completely factual memoir. In October , it was announced that director Sam Taylor-Johnson and actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson were working on a film adaptation of the novel.

    The article described fabrications in Frey's account of his drug abuse experiences, life, and criminal record.