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A specially made "orient-core" power transformer is employed to minimize hum and noise. Despite the Leema's not delivering quite the levels of substance, color, and natural texture as the best and most expensive alternatives, AD was satisfied with it, and noted its distinctive ability to pull musical sense from dense recordings: It has a fixed input impedance of 47k ohms and can be configured to provide appropriate gain for moving-magnet 39dB or moving-coil 53dB cartridges.

Despite its modest design and price, the LFD was "a sonically refined, musically involving, downright fun piece of gear," with a nice sense of touch, good weight and impact, and beautifully rich timbral colors, said AD. In addition to its chassis-mounted RCA input and output jacks, the B2B-1 provides single input and output XLR jacks for use as a fully differential mono phono preamp.

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Jumpers offer five choices of resistive loading and two choices of gain. Though it lacked the Lejonklou Slipski's midrange richness, the B2B-1 produced an extremely quiet, authoritative, ultradynamic sound with deep bass, clean transients, fast attacks, and precise images. The B2B-1 is one of the best-measuring phono preamps in JA's experience. Very nice," he said. Sold factory-direct with a two-week return policy. A pair of dual-triode tubes produces the gain, while a second, direct-coupled pair drives the output.

Resistive and capacitive loading are selectable via rear-panel DIP switches. Though it lacked the slam and intensity of Manley's much more expensive Steelhead, the Chinook had a subtly warm overall sound, with clean transient attacks, generous sustain and decay, reasonably taut bass, and good soundstaging and imaging, said MF. Three turns-ratio options 1: The SPA-II ran very warm but was exceptionally quiet; it produced sweet highs, a warm midrange, and well-controlled, full-bodied bass, said MF. Fit and finish were rough.

The True Mono SUT worked well with every mono cartridge AD had on hand and exhibited a "tremendous sense of scale and cavernously deep bass response. It had a smooth, well-balanced overall sound with a slightly warm midrange, a moderately deep soundstage, and fair bass extension. Mikey found that the MCP2's overall smoothness made long listening sessions easy, but turning the volume up too far resulted in excessive glare.

Gain and loading options are adjustable. This phono pre lacks the drive and impact of the best units I've heard, and is also slightly short on texture, but it's wonderfully quiet and pure-sounding, with a nice sense of flow, sums up AD. He advises owners of early-production units to call the factory to determine if their Insights are in need of an upgrade: SM was won over by the Statement's dynamic and rather bold, forward sound, especially when compared with his reference, the more reticent NAD PP Above all, SM was impressed by the Statement's high value: It's detailed, sweet, and dynamic, and flexible enough to accommodate almost any MM or MC cartridge.

Powered by a 16V wall wart, the Mani is built around a pair of op-amps, and provides user-adjustable DIP switches for gain and loading, with settings to suit moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges. In HR's system, the Mani "threw a wide, deep, detailed soundstage that tended to get shadowy as it reached its outer limits. It produced very quiet backgrounds and reasonably good dynamics, but bass extension and punch were only okay, its imaging was slightly diffuse, and its sound suffered overall from a slight metallic haze.

The Tektron's power supply uses an onboard mains transformer with an EZ80 full-wave rectifier tube for the rail voltage and a silicon rectifier bridge for the heater voltages. Fit and finish were excellent. The sound was "workmanlike," with a slightly bright tonal balance, decent musical flow, and a nice sense of presence, said AD. That's how SM described the sound of this small, dark, Taiwanese phono preamplifier, available for sale through the mail-order megalodon of your choice.

So what do you want for 20 bucks plus shipping: Included in the owner's manual are several pages of thorough EQ recommendations for various labels and two pages of helpful tips on record labels and matrix numbers. Though it added a very slight veiling to the sound, the Re-Equalizer proved effective, useful, and fun.

What set the EQ11 apart from other such MM-appropriate preamps are five additional, switch-selectable EQ curves for the most common types of vintage record, including those for early Columbia LPs and Decca and other 78s. The purpose of the Sentec EQ11 is to make many of those differences go away. Each alignment option has its own tiny dimple into which the stylus must fit for the alignment to be perfect. Three pop-in adapters 7. A sophisticated sighting and magnification system allow the user to precisely set parallax and zenith angle.

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It uses a gooseneck LED lamp powered by three C batteries and a metal disc that doubles as a record weight. Expensive, but works as advertised, said MF. It has an easy-to-read touchscreen display, a nonmagnetic case, and accurately measures a cartridge's vertical tracking force down to 0. Precise and a pleasure to use, said SM. Prices are for oz bottles: The entire cleaning and drying process is relatively quiet and takes about six minutes.

He bought the review sample. The Vinyl Cleaner not only thoroughly cleaned his LPs, it significantly improved their sound, revealing nuances long locked in the grooves. MF also noted that a centering template would be a happy addition to the package. The Outer Limit was "a pain to center.

JA's preferred alignment protractor. The DBP can be used to gauge alignment accuracy at any point or points between 44 and mm from the record spindle. It comes with five pairs of color-coded resistive plugs 10, 20, 50, , and ohms , as well as a pair of empty plugs into which an alternate resistor value can be soldered. VII Omni record-cleaning machine: With its solid idler-driven platter, refined cabinetry, and improved internal wiring, the new machine outclasses the old. After cleaning a record, AD noted clearer instrumental voices and greater low-level detail. The new machine has at its core an off-the-shelf direct-drive record player, the tonearm of which is modified to accommodate both a fluid-evacuation system and a means of delivering and refreshing the nylon thread used to cushion the vacuum nozzle.

Machined with three sets of thin contact rails that ride on the Rega arm's counterweight stub. The sonic improvement was " amazing ," thought MF; he found the F2 gave better bass response, greater low-frequency extension and control, and an improved sense of overall weight and tonal richness. JE found just three drops sufficient to remove dirt, dust, and grime from garage-sale records, though he discovered that a subsequent wash with his VPI HW was still required to reduce groove noise to acceptable levels.

Some manufacturers caution against it, claiming it migrates up the cantilever and attracts dust, thus clogging the armature. One reader suggests applying treatment to brush rather than stylus, which would reduce the possibility of over-applying. Don't get any on the cantilever, he warned, and wait 10 seconds before playing a record. Mikey thinks he noted a slight sound-softening effect, but wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Dandy Hydraulic Record Cleaner: Dandy is an inexpensive manual record-cleaning rig that uses a proprietary cleaning solution comprising a degreasing detergent and an alcohol-based carrier, followed by a tap-water rinse. Made mostly of PVC tubing, the Dandy has a vertically mounted clamping mechanism that permits easy rotation of the secured LP.

Also included are a faucet-coupling adaptor, a protractor, and a length of clear plastic tubing with a pressurized water nozzle. Dandy can make a mess. However, the Dandy proved "terrific" for cleaning water-damaged and crudded-up records, MF concluded. Slowly squeezing and releasing the trigger produces a neutral static condition, thus removing static cling from record surfaces. Said to be good for at least 10, squeeze cycles. SM uses the Zerostat religiously: Diehard analog hobbyists will still want the versatility of more complex tools, such as the DB Systems DBP, but "the Geo-Disc is the only alignment protractor most vinyl enthusiasts will ever need," said SM.

Die besten 5 Plattenspieler (Band 7)

It uses a log-ratio detector developed by Jim Fosgate for the steering-logic circuits of surround processors. Like other Nitty Gritty machines, the 2. Instead of a vacuuming "tonearm," as on the professional Keith Monks machine, the NG cleaner uses a vacuum slot, with the record cleaned by fixed, chassis-mounted "lips.

Cleaning is efficient and as good as Nitty Gritty's Pro, at a significantly lower price, though it takes twice as long, cleaning each side of an LP in turn. Don't smear the schmutz from one record to another, MF warned; he suggests manual pre-cleaning of records for best results. He found the effect of both was to produce a less colored, more detailed midband sound from LPs, as well as provide the expected reduction in surface noise. Available directly from www. Fidgety but worth the hassle, says SM. With the spacer in place and Dynavector's DV 10X5 moving-coil cartridge mounted on his Rega P, SM heard improved clarity, impact, immediacy, and soundstage depth.

For cartridges designed to play at downforces of 3. At less than half the price of the Audio Additives, the Shure is a great little tool, but the AA is easier to use, more precise, and provides an extra measure of comfort, said SM. Three sets of slots allow cleaning of 7", 10", and 12" records. Two velvet-like brushes clean both sides of a record simultaneously as the user rotates the record within the appropriate slot.

Though "not nearly as convenient or as efficacious as a vacuum cleaning system," the Spin Clean Record Washing System "got the job done," said Mikey. Spin Clean claims a single vat of fluid can clean up to 50 records, but MF suggests refreshing the vat more often. Housed in a solid disc of aluminum and Delrin that fits over the platter spindle, the Timeline uses eight laser-projected timing marks with a claimed accuracy within two parts per million. The basic package contains two Groovy Rings LP-sized sheets of black plastic , two heavy metal plates, a few pieces of hardware, a nice storage case, and a table of heating times and cooling cycles.

Using his oven or the Groovy Pouch, SM was able to successfully flatten even severely warped and dished LPs, but cautions: Latest version has a heavier-duty vacuum system. Adjusts automatically to thickness of record; gets hot quickly. It's nicely machined from aluminum and has a sturdy mounting collar. Drill it out yourself or send your armboard to VPI. The Woodsong disc is machined more accurately, from better-quality alloy, and is fitted with a better-fitting hub.

And its installation on AD's own , which went smoothly enough, resulted in measurably better speed stability. What's not to like? Submitted by Staxguy on March 22, - 6: The Audeze LCD-3, though veiled, "digital" too few bits of detail , and non-liquid, at least presents music as beautiful. Not only this, but it 3 is a personal luxury product, with a gorgeous headband, ear-pads, and wood ear-cups.

Giving that you are Stereophile, this would be great in the Class C department. It has DSD, etc. Obviously, no imaging like the HD. What an amazing headphone, the HD Shouldn't the class A be the Stax and perhaps some excessive read: This one sounds like shit. Ok, have only heard the closed. Why the P3 and not the P5 or P7? Isn't the quality of the P3 pathetic? However, the sound is worse than the stock Intel audio chip you'll have in your PC. Does have less hum and noise than an-in PC chip, though. Headphones don't seem as accurately covered here as the big stuff. Maybe the headphones and other portable gear should be covered entirely by Innerfidelity, in Stereophile Recommended Components.

They reviewed various products for the magazine, and this is the list they came up with. The classes are explained in full, in relation to the other products's performance that have made the list. Older products, sometimes equally capable as current products listed, are removed due to age. Lastly, most reviewers have their own benchmarks and their own opinions about component performance, hence their choice of placement in the classes.

You can disagree all you want man, just do it with a modicum of respect. If you want to start your own magazine, go for it dude. Glad to see this mighty monitor included in Class A restricted low frequency. Very well deserved and impeccably engineered at a fair price. Most importantly it sounds great. An excellent effort by the folks at Technics. It's obvious they care about and love music by making a product like this.

I read JA's assessment of the Arcam A19 regarding its ability to handle low impedance, high volume listening. The owner's manual for my speakers, of about year vintage, states that the speakers can be "unhesitatingly operated with any standard amplifier" with some small qualifications later in the manual. Stereophile's tests of other Canton speakers show that the speakers tend to operate more towards the 4, rather than the 8 Ohm range of input impedance. I have used my Canton speakers with my demo model Arcam A18 for several years now. I am not a loud volume listener, but I like room filling sound.

For a benchmark of my listening, I will say that audio show rooms, for example, are, for the most part, way too loud. I did a test this morning. On the integrated's volume range of 1 to 99, I did some listening around 38 on the volume scale. I listened to a Chandos recording of Bryden Thomson's LSO recording of Vaughn Willams's 8th Symphony and assorted string works Chandos , a great audiophile recording still in circulation. This volume is adequate to fill the room amply with sound. Vaughn Williams works will require a bit more gas-pedal than other orchestral works.

Then, for some higher octane listening, but with the volume set at the same 38 position, I did another test. If I had finicky neighbors adjacent to my listening room for this session, they might have complained over the volume in some sections of this work. After listening to these CD tracks, I put my hand over the unobstructed top ventilation grate on the Arcam A After feeling the heat, which was almost imperceptible, I then put my hand to my cheek. After 5 seconds the heat from my cheek was noticeably warmer. But for my speakers the Arcam never seems over-taxed, and certainly never clips with the music and volume settings that I employ.

If you are a moderate-to-room filling volume listener, have stand-mount speakers of dB, and 8 Ohm nominal impedance, and love peerless sound, I'd say buy the Arcam A19 without hesitation. I'm not a dealer or a professional, but that's my assessment. A reader wrote in the Stereophile review of the A19 that he found the A19 to be a big improvement from the A My dealer says that if you have an A18, you can probably live with it without going to the A I noticed that discrepancy also, strange indeed.

Might lead a reader to think that there's a bias against NAD but then the M27 which uses the same audio circuitry? There can be no better amplification in the world. You see right thru the music. Your are drawn into it. All the details of the recording are there. Is there colorization by the tubes? Some may not understand. Raven audios 10 watts,is another tube companies 40 watts and solid states 80 watts.

It is in the power supply and voltage regulation that all the power of god on earth is unleashed. There really isnt anything but maybe my old mac that sounds even close to the raven. I know Art Dudley has used Auditorium cables as a reference for several years, any reason they are not listed in Recommended Components? Listening to the M10's, I am surprised they or other Dynaudio products have never been reviewed on your site. I bought the Dynaudio m20 few weeks ago. I'm not really expert, but I think my amp yamaha r-n is not enough powerful for these speakers.

If you make some emit reviews, could you give us some advices about the good amps to associate with: The dealer claimed he was running Magnepans off of these. For a stereo setup, this receiver would do, however they probably only support 4 ohm impedance for front left and right. I use the Marantz PM and that is the smallest amp i would recommend for the Dynaudio emit m10's.

I am puzzled however at the total lack of mention of any Esoteric Audio product. They are current products well known for their performance and musicality.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

What criteria being utilized could yield a recommended components lists where at least one of their products or more would not make it into the results? Oh to live in a country with a reasonable rate of exchange! By the time that customs and excise is added to the cost, and the retailers have added their markup, you would be paying almost as much for the 15 inch model as you would for a new family car! Log in or register to post comments. There also is the issue of it 3 having phenomenal bass, on the non-Fazor version. It sounds like absolutely nothing.

Great that you have it in Class A.

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Shouldn't it be the HE-6? Where is the HE ? This is Class A guys. Class B Apogee Groove. How about more CEntrance. Is this a poor men's clothing magazine? Shouldn't this be Class E? Where are the audiophile components? Sorry to be a party-pooper. Headphones don Submitted by dalethorn on March 23, - 3: Submitted by Glotz on March 23, - 2: Naw, just haughty, arrogant and disrespectful. Reid on March 24, - 5: I wanted to add my own, perhaps less scientific assessment of the Arcam A18 predecessor model. It may have used a manual design, but so effortless was it to change speeds, that we declared it wasn't an issue.

The Planar 2's big brother, the Rega Planar 3, would go on to win four Awards, as Rega stamped its mark on the turntable category. The deck's sound quality was well above its closest rivals: Undoubtedly one of the most iconic turntables in history and an example of a deck that has been through any number of incarnations. The incredibly striking design from Michell certainly won us over: And it sounded the part, too, we even went as far as to say it could be almost "too revealing".

Too much of a good thing, clearly. Stereo imaging was spot on and, considering its intricate looks, we noted it was actually incredibly easy to use. Linn's LP12 took top honours at the Awards.

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A notable year, as it was the last time that turntables would get their own dedicated category right up until A sure sign of how vinyl's popularity waned when digital music first took hold. As for the LP12, another deck that has stood the test of time and appeared in many guises, we praised it's "warmth and faithfulness".

As we said in , "a worthy winner of this, possibly our last ever Best Turntable Award". VC-S ist eine radikale Neuentwicklung. Verschleiss von Platte und Nadel werden dadurch signifikant reduziert! Neuheiten seit Januar Diese beinhaltet unter anderem einen separat zu startenden Trocknungsprozess , einen verbesserten Wasserablauf sowie viele andere Verbesserungen.

Extrem leistungsstark und stabil, angenehmes Klangbild, sehr schnell und kraftvoll. Neuheiten im November Der resonanzfreie Plattenteller besteht aus Acryl.

In Summe ein, zu diesem Preis, unschlagbares Angebot.