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Applies only to prepaid online orders from US and Canadian customers. Discount is applied to the list price. You will receive the larger discount available for each item. The film opens with Philadelphia TV reporters viewing and broadcasting a news story about violence in society since JFK's assassination in With the increase in crime, Philadelphia is becoming unsafe.

While driving with his wife, Lisa, John comes across a pimp known as Eldorado, brutalizing one of his prostitutes. John's wife confronts the pimp and the pimp chases the D'Angelos, ramming his car into the back of the D'Angelos' vehicle, injuring Lisa and killing their unborn baby. Later, John's mother, Vera, is assaulted in the neighborhood by robbers who tried to take her wedding ring.

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John decides to make a stand, organizing a neighborhood patrol composed of regular citizens who are also fed up with the crime in their neighborhood. The PNP has their own uniforms consisting of blue hats and vests that have a PNP logo on them, a headquarters to take phone calls, along with vehicles all containing their PNP logo and is led by John and his best friend Vince Morelli, a police officer. After D'Angelo's house is burglarized and their dog is killed, the film cuts to the reporters' studio footage of Anthony Imperiale ten years after the Newark riots , self-defense classes in Beverly Hills , various target practice sessions and the Guardian Angels on patrol in New York City.

With Vince's help, the police allow the PNP to patrol the neighborhood. However, the PNP seem to operate with no regard for the law and do as they please. To make their first stand and to introduce themselves to the neighborhood, the group goes to a dirty bar in town known for being a hot spot for criminals, including Eldorado and his men.

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  5. John casually walks into the bar with the rest of the PNP behind him. John confronts the bartender Allan Graf , trying to get answers as to who is responsible for mugging his mother. Things turn violent when the bartender laughs in John's face, triggering an all-out brawl, but the PNP come out on top. The group starts taking out various street criminals. The PNP operates above the law. John D'Angelo does what he wants, and his actions are seen as racial discrimination by a small portion of the African-American community. John D'Angelo meets with Ivanhoe Washington, a black leader of a similar vigilante movement.

    Ivanhoe presents John with the two men who mugged his mother, one of whom is white while the other is black. John beats up the black man, proving Ivanhoe's point that John is guilty of discrimination.