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When dread risks are more dreadful than continuous risks: Comparing cumulative population losses over time. Why once is worse than 10 times Dread risks versus "continuous" risks. Full text Bodirsky, M. Maximal infinite-valued constraint languages. Theoretical Computer Science , , Horn versus full first-order: Complexity dichotomies in algebraic constraint satisfaction.

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Cognitive Development , 22 , Full text Borges, B. Can ignorance beat the stock market? Full text Bosnjak, M. Personality determinants of online shopping: Explaining online purchase intentions using a hierarchical approach. Journal of Business Research , 60 , Sample composition discrepancies in different stages of a probability-based online panel. Field Methods , 25 , Sharing is not erring: Pseudo-reciprocity in collective search. Psychologische Rundschau , 62 , Psychologische Rundschau , 61 , How do we learn in a negative mood? Effects of a negative mood on transfer and learning.

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Peer rejection and friendship quality: A view from both friends' perspectives Materialien aus der Bildungsforschung No. Full text Brighton, H.

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Bayesian brains and cognitive mechanisms: Prospects for Bayesian cognitive science pp. Are rational actor models "rational" outside small worlds? Decisions, co-operation and strategic behaviour pp. Homo heuristicus and the bias-variance dilemma. Adaptation and cephalic expression pp. Less-is-more effects in adaptive cognition. Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences , 19 , Understanding linguistic evolution by visualizing the emergence of topographic mappings.

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Affective states contribute to trait reports of affective well-being. Emotion , 13 , Life contexts make a difference: Emotional stability in younger and older adults. Psychology and Aging , 28 , Individualisierung von Bildungsangeboten im Erwachsenenalter [Individualization of learning opportunities in adulthood]. Full text Brose, A. Normal aging dampens the link between intrusive thoughts and negative affect in reaction to daily stressors. Psychology and Aging , 26 , Daily variability in working memory is coupled with negative affect: The role of attention and motivation.

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European Journal of Personality , 29 , Does wage rank affect employees' well-being? Industrial Relations , 47 , Randverteilungen der Analysedatenbank LV2 A. Surveys don't lie, people do? An analysis of data quality in a retrospective life course study Materialien aus der Bildungsforschung No. Full text Bruehl, H. Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis dysregulation and memory impairments in type 2 diabetes.

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Full text Charness, N. The role of deliberate practice in chess expertise.

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Applied Cognitive Psychology , 19 , Full text Chase, V. Trends in Cognitive Sciences , 2 , Full text Chater, N. Mind, rationality, and cognition: New frameworks of rationality. Full text Chicherio, C. Presses Universitaires de Rennes. Full text Claus, A. A new method for sudden mechanical perturbation with axial load, to assess postural control in sitting and standing. Journal of Biomechanics , 49 , Rationality in systems engineering: Beyond calculation or political action.

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Full text Cohrdes, C.

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  • Relating language and music skills in young children: A first approach to systemize and compare distinct competencies on different levels. Adaptive diversity and misbelief. Behavioral and Brain Sciences , 32 , Adaptive variation in judgment and philosophical intuition. Consciousness and Cognition , 18 , Individual differences, judgment biases, and theory-of-mind: Deconstructing the intentional action side effect asymmetry.

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    Full text Dahl, M.

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    Locus coeruleus integrity preserves memory performance across the adult life span. Transfer of learning after updating training mediated by the striatum. Full text Dai, J. Are intertemporal preferences transitive? A Bayesian analysis of repeated individual intertemporal choices. Decision , 4 , Using tests of transitivity to evaluate psychological models of intertemporal choice for individuals: Reply to Scholten A random utility model of delay discounting and its application to people with externalizing psychopathology.

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    • Nature , , Full text De Baene, W. Challenging a decade of brain research on task switching: Brain activation in the task-switching paradigm reflects adaptation rather than reconfiguration of task sets. Revisiting the dedifferentiation hypothesis with longitudinal multi-cohort data. Intelligence , 35 , Dynamic modulation of decision biases by brainstem arousal systems. Beware of black swans: Taking stock of the description-experience gap in decision under uncertainty.

      Marketing Letters , 25 , Neural mechanisms of individual differences in temporal discounting of monetary and primary rewards in adolescents. Comparing different measures of spatio-temporal patterns in neural activity. Full text Delaloye, C.


      Norms based on a French speaking population of younger and older adults]. Full text Delius, J. Kognitive Entwicklung im Alter. Symmetry recognition by pigeons: Feeling blue or turquoise? Emotional differentiation in Major Depressive Disorder. Sensory evaluation of alcohol-related and neutral stimuli: Psychophysical assessment of stimulus intensity.

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      Exercise at different ages and appendicular lean mass and strength in later life: A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences , 71 , DIW Wochenbericht , 9 , Analyzing regional variation in health care utilization using rich household microdata. Health Policy , , Individual differences in children's pronoun processing during reading: Detection of incongruence is associated with higher reading fluency and more regressions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology , , Full text Eitler, P. Das "Reich der Sinne"? Fear is a lie: Emotion and religion in the "New Age".

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      Psychology and Aging , 33 , Age differences in short-term memory binding are related to working memory performance across the lifespan. Psychology and Aging , 29 , Changes in ventromedial prefrontal and insular cortex support the development of metamemory from childhood into adolescence. Heterogeneity in memory training improvement among older adults: A latent class analysis. Memory , 20 , Differences in binding and monitoring mechanisms contribute to lifespan age differences in false memory.

      Developmental Psychology , 49 , Social moral reasoning in Chinese children: Psychology in the Schools , 40 , Full text Fantasia, V. Not just being lifted: Infants are sensitive to delay during a pick-up routine. Size, entropy, and density: What is the difference that makes the difference between small and large real-world assortments? Psychology and Marketing , 26 , Individual differences in adaptive choice strategies. Research in Economics , 57 , Perceptions and practices of replication by social and behavioral scientists: Full text Fecher, B.

      Assessing post-event processing after social situations: A measure based on the cognitive model for social phobia.

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      Anxiety, Stress, and Coping , 21 , Full text Fellinger, R. Pre-stimulus alpha phase-alignment predicts P1-amplitude. Brain Research Bulletin , 85 , Cognitive processes in disorders of consciousness as revealed by EEG time-frequency analyses. Zudem dient es der Informationsrecherche im Internet. Mittels Datenprojektor kann der Bildschirminhalt der Notebooks an die Wand projiziert werden. Notebooks erleichtern es, eigenaktives, kooperatives und konstruierendes Lernen zu realisieren.

      Aufbau einer kritischen Medienkompetenz: Was haben Ki nder vom Besuch einer Notebook-Klasse? Vorkenntnisse sind nicht notwendig. Was kostet der Besuch einer Notebook-Klasse? Diese Kosten werden derzeit meist von den Eltern getragen, wobei es attraktive Finanzierungs- oder Leasingmodelle mit nur geringem monatlichem Kostenaufwand ab ca.

      Welche Schulen bieten bereits Notebook-Klassen an? Zudem wird der Unterricht abwechslungsreicher, da man mit den Notebooks aktuelle und authentische Unterrichtsinhalte, also auch Grafiken, Fotos und Videomaterial einbinden kann. Die Rahmenbedingungen, unter denen mit Notebooks erfolgreich gearbeitet und gelernt werden kann, sind ausschlaggebend.

      Im Schnitt liegen die Aufwendungen bei rund 1. Hierzu gibt es mittlerweile attraktive Finanzierungs- oder Leasingmodelle mit geringem monatlichem Kostenaufwand ab ca. Nachholbedarf bei schulischer PC-Nutzung. Ein Beispiel sind Notebook-Klassen. Das Ergebnis ihrer Studie: Dort sind auch Chats, Foren und andere Kommunikationsmittel zu finden. Diese digitale K ompetenz erlaubt der jungen Generation in Verbindung mit hervorragenden Leistungen in Mathematik, Naturwissenschaften und Technik, die Zukunft zu meistern und zu gestalten.

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