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Rules of the game may be varied to accommodate the need for teaching. The primary goals of Tee Ball are to instruct children in the fundamentals of baseball and to allow them to experience the value of teamwork. No live pitching is permitted in this division, and generally the diamond used is a foot diamond, but the league has the option to use a foot diamond.

This division will have one designated weeknight practice per week 1 hour and one game on Saturdays 8 to 10 games. The foundation of Tee Ball should be built upon here.

The diamond used is a foot diamond and the pitching distance is 40 feet. Minimum of 7 players to play.

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Players can be borrowed from the opposing team to allow for equal play. Players can be called up from a younger division but cannot exceede the opposing teams number of players. All players must be registered ommba players. Maximum of 10 players on field. The 4 outfielders must be positioned in the outfield a min of 10 feet from the base lines. If a player arrives late, they may be added to the bottom of the line up.

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Communicate with the opposing team. No player is to sit more than 1 inning. Coaches will ensure that every player sits out one inning before any player sits out two innings in a game. A player should not play the same position in consecutive innings. A player cannot play the same position more than three 3 innings per game. Each player must play an infield and outfield position in a game unless safety is an issue.

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Coaches are encouraged to play all players in each position as equally as possible over the course of the season. Start time is promptly at 6: A new inning will not start 1 hour 30 minutes after the start time.

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In the case of a double header no new innings are to begin after 7: Maximum 7 innings per game. If the game is ended at 8: Official time is determined by the head umpires clock. H In the event of an incomplete inning in ANY game, due to time restrictions, the score will revert back to the last completed inning, regardless, of any open inning status. C The strike zone shall be from the letters to knees and four inches on either side of home plate. D The batter may advance to first base on a dropped third strike.

If after the completion of 4 or more innings 3. The last inning 6th is no longer an Open Inning but the 4 run mercy rule does apply. If after 4 complete innings a team is winning by more than 10 runs the game is Mercied.

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A All players present at game time shall be listed on the team's batting line-up in the order desired by the Coach or Manager and bat in that order. Late arrivals shall be added to the bottom of this order.

Peewee Rules of Play

In the event a batter must be removed from the game during his time at bat, the last out in the order shall come to bat assuming the balls and strikes count of the replaced batter. If the batter becomes an out, he shall assume his regular turn at bat. B If a runner is removed by reason of injury or official ejection, the player last put out shall act as a pinch runner for the removed player.

C Except for the above, there shall be no pinch runners or hitters allowed. A During the regular season and playoffs, a pitcher may pitch a maximum of 6 outs per game.

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These innings must be consecutive. Any pitcher removed during the course of an inning may not re-enter the game as a pitcher. For the purpose of this rule, an inning will be charged to a pitcher if he assumes the mound and throws at least one pitch to a batter. If extra innings are required, all players may pitch subject to the daily limitations. A During regular season and playoff games, no player may sit out both the first and second innings of a game. B Each team member must play defensively two innings in an infield position per game, during regular season and playoffs. C No player may sit two 2 innings until each player has sat one 1.

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No player may sit three 3 innings until each player has sat two 2 , etc. D All players in any regular season or playoff game must play defensively, no fewer than one inning less than the player who plays the most innings. Players must play a minimum 2 innings in the infield and 2 innings in the outfield. Or at the coaches discretion, for disciplinary reasons, may disallow the player from entering the game, after the start of the game. Required off-s for each player are indicated below. In the event of a violation of these rules, the game shall continue, however, the offending team will forfeit the game on any protest lodged, or upon further investigation by the League.

Ground rules are to be established at the start of each game by the umpires - and may include, but are not limited to - the following as necessary: A In the absence of suitable fencing, lines extended from the home plate screen parallel to the first and third base lines will determine dead ball territory. B A pitched ball that becomes trapped in the backstop is immediately dead and runners may advance one 1 base. No runner may score. C A thrown ball trapped by a fence will be treated as an overthrow.