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From rural Yorkshire to the heart of the City, death is on the air, and no one can sense it better than Mr Dry, the Deptford Assassin. On the cursed shores of Suffolk, an army widow loads her husband's revolver; in a small village, a vicar and his wife hear a tale which challenges their beliefs. The monstrous acts of a young gentleman are brought to an end by unlikely allies, whilst a deluded killer almost escapes the courts, only to discover another kind of justice.

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Veronica did not lead a happy life. But, when she dies in , she opens her eyes in her teenage body, all memories intact. Dead Line Book II. Ulysses Bowden rides into Indian Territory after an escaped murderer, the dangers waiting beyond the Dead Line will test his resolve, and his sanity.

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Berkley Street Series Books 1 - 9: Haunted House and Ghost Stories Collection. Ex-marine Shane Ryan finally returns home. But danger lurks as his ghost-filled past comes back to haunt him in ways he could have never imagined. Hunter's Legacy Nephilim Rising Book 1. A Gripping Urban Fantasy: Berkeley Blackfriars Book One. A lodge of evil magicians. A plan to eliminate every child on earth. He has one straightforward goal, which is to recover his lost love, Lucy, and around him labyrinthine conspiracies, plots and counter-plots swirl.

The narrative will constantly keep the reader guessing as to who is on whose side and if those distinctions have any real meaning. Not to mention who or what The Bookman is, and what he wants. A metaphor throughout the book is a game of chess, and Orphan is frequently, to his annoyance, likened to a pawn. The reason for presenting this episode separately becomes clear on reading it.

Here we meet a phalanx of lateth century scribes all journeying to Paris for Le Convention du Monde , where they vie for the Victor Hugo awards. The Bookman itself is a delightful read and highly recommended. We might even get a proper Lurchers for Beginners post done this Summer! We just need to read faster.

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And in quite a few other lovely English places as well. We interviewed the rare, nocturnal West Country author Rich Hawkins on greydogtales a while back, but he kept writing despite that experience. Rich, known for his bleak landscapes of threat, horror and infection, has a new novella out, Maniac Gods. This is his latest incursion into the realm of cosmic horror and the Weird, where gods and monsters lurk in the thin places and await the call of their disciples. In those abandoned streets and houses he encountered hellish creatures, madness and death, ending in a confrontation with the sadistic Doctor Ridings and his cultists.

Five years later, he lives in a squalid bedsit, miserable and heartbroken, suffering from nightmares and visions of monstrous things. He mourns for his daughter, Milly, most of all. Then one day she returns.

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However she is not the same girl he once knew, and tells him about terrible places, thin places, where gods and monsters reside in the darkness, waiting to enter our world. But there is worse to come. Doctor Ridings and his followers are back, and they have plans for her. Horrific plans of black magic and sacrifice.

Noah Linwood: Tales from the 67th Hunger Games

With no other option, Albie and Milly are forced to go on the run, beginning an epic chase across the country. He is all that stands between the monsters and his little girl. Our interview with Rich can be found here: If you think fiction is weird and scary, try real history. Edward M Erdelac has re-released the first collection of his popular Merkabah Rider tales, with extra material.

On a midnight train crossing the desert, a corpse turns up desecrated. Someone stalking the cars has assumed its shape, and only The Rider can stop it. The personal papers of the enigmatic Professor Abraham Van Helsing are collected and presented for the first time by his longtime colleague and defender, Dr. Once discharged, he volunteers to return the ashes and personal effects of the late Quincey P. Morris the American adventurer who died in battle with the nefarious Count home to the Morris family ranch in Sorefoot, Texas.

When cattle and men start turning up slaughtered, the locals suspect a wild animal, but Van Helsing thinks a preternatural culprit is afoot. Is a shapeshifter stalking the Texas plains, or are the phantasms of his previously disordered mind returning? The voice of Van Helsing, with all his self-doubt and eccentricity was utterly convincing, and the Professor was surrounded by a cast of sympathetically drawn and authentic characters that could have come straight out of any Alan Le May or Zane Grey novel.

This leaves no hiding place when it comes to command of the voice of a range of characters, but I found that each of the journal entries, letters and occasional editorial notes fitted together seamlessly and kept me fully engaged with the world of the novel. Are the two factors connected?

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Is the cause of the slaughter supernatural or something more concrete if no less threatening? Or is his presence making a bad situation worse? I highly recommend Terovolas to anyone who enjoys their fiction fast-paced, amid thoroughly authentic historical settings. Moms and dads making long commutes. They reflect the work of the early psychic detectives and psychiatrists, and do cross into crime fiction in the process. A world of gas-light and lobotomies, electric pentacles and the garotte.

They are, discounting any whimsical touches I might use in writing them, fairly dark tales of murder, possession, fanaticism, abuse and suchlike. More flowing blood than flimsy ectoplasm, let's put it that way. The timeline runs from around the Second Boer War — , through the Edwardian age and into the horrors of the Great War and its aftermath.

It continues in and after World War Two, until it reaches the present day. The phrase The Last Edwardian will explain itself in the later stories. For those of a geographical disposition, the stories are set in London, parts of Yorkshire and various other nooks and crannies around Great Britain.