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The Earl arranges for Colt and his partners to buy a claim, a cabin and a commercial lot in Hangtown, a California gold mining camp. Then he sells the remaining interest in the venture to Lady Viv, an English ice princess whose independent soul craves a future that does not require her to sell herself into a loveless marriage. He follows Viv to the land he hates and uses the passion they share to lure her back.

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However, among her suitors lurks a demonic Duke who meets rejection with a thirst for vengeance that presents Colt with a choice that casts him into his darkest nightmares. Buy the paperback from: Buy the e-book from: Buy e-book from all other available vendors: He should have said no because if it went too far, he might love her to death. Beneath the famous Sedgewick honor lies an infamous secret. Despite popular wisdom, Sedgewicks do fall in love - they just can't marry for it. The unbroken line of unions for wealth and power wasn't spawned by respect for bloodlines, but rather by a centuries old faerie curse.

Any woman a Sedgewick wed for love would die before she birthed a child. Each duke betrothed himself to a woman he could never love and no Sedgewick betrothal had ever been broken.

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The luckier of the dukes lavished the love they couldn't risk for their wives on their mistresses. The current Duke of Sedgewick, Bozworth Harrison, wasn't lucky. Boz met the Malone brothers before he could lace his shoes and Lily shortly after her first breath. He didn't know when his fondness for the child changed to love for the woman. But he knew the favor he should refuse promised a taste of the forever he couldn't have and his sixth sense pawed like a fractious horse at the starting pistol.

Click for larger image. Of late, Peter Crandles couldn't manage to swive a woman - not even a doxie at a brothel. The whores would gladly accommodate the handsome and wealthy future Earl of Standings, but the bloody houses had to stop disappearing first.

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He couldn't get the deed done with an accommodating widow or a servant at a ton gathering. The strangest things kept intervening, like flying desserts and lady hawks. But nothing was stranger than the blue-eyed serpent, unless it was the serpent's effect on Peter. It made him stop looking for anything except the lady with those magical blue eyes.

But he didn't believe in love and refused to marry - so what would Peter do if he found her? Buy e-book or paperback from Amazon: Tobar accepted Vlad, treating him as family, equal to his own son, Nic, and his daughter, Mala.

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Instead of a letter, he got Tobar and Nic delivering Mala to London to save her from certain ravishment. Now, Vlad must turn the gypsy he loved into a debutante, find her a husband and have her under his roof, within touching distance. Even with the help of all his friends, the sixth sense he shared with his buddy, Boz, and some faerie magic, Vlad knew he could never find a happily ever after.

Click for larger images Dangerous Relations: On the final day of the hearing to end the marriage born of his gin soaked rebellion and his soon-to-be ex wife's abundant love of his bank balance, the belle bitch called her seventeen year old half-sister Rachel as her final witness. Had Sue's circling sharks been paying attention, they couldn't have missed his tender concern.

In seeking to avoid the family tradition of falling in love at first sight, Greek Billionaire Alixander Angelis stepped right into fate's twisted path. After his ex's bed hopping wins his freedom, Alix romances Rachel privately while he waits for her to mature. But she's a Carolina girl who grew up hard so she's older than her years.

She gives him an ultimatum — he must court her publicly and claim her fully. After he does, he's arrested for enticing her by email. To defend himself at trial he must display his helpless adoration to a jury steeped in Bible belt tradition and a national television audience hungry for scandal. The statute he's charged under provides that at Rachel's age consent is a defense. She could clear him but she disappeared after leaving a letter full of lies.

First year law student Shea Ramsey is getting over a bad relationship that warped her views about men and sex. She's sworn off both, despite the McDreamy guy she met at a party last night. He got way too fresh and then way too nasty. He deserved to be kicked in his privates! Of course, she didn't know she'd see him the next day - behind the podium at her first law school class.

Grey Griffin teaches Constitutional Law and he has as many secrets as ladies' numbers in his Blackberry. He's not a big believer in limits or boundaries, except the one law he lives his life by - he'll never get involved with a student. The Ballinger Law Firm had one longstanding rule: The rule was never a problem until Gemma Marshall walked into a job interview.

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From the instant she entered, both Ballinger brothers were interested in much more than her legal aptitude. When Gemma walked in for her interview Mark Ballinger had just hired his associate, a candidate Jed would have hired as well. Showing 1 - 16 of all Results Books: Griffin's Law Dangerous Relations 26 Feb The Forever Series Bundle 19 Feb Chapters 1 - 4 25 Jul Brotherly Love 3 Feb The Dangerous Relations Bundle 28 Jul Chapters 4 May Chapters 8 Nov Previous Page 1 2 Next Page.

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