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Much more than any other expression of affection, kisses are the constant symbol of a love that gives meaning to to all life. It is interesting to note the beauty and variety of images that Neruda takes from nature to speak about the kiss. He gives the impression that, for him, every good thing that exists in the world is a kind of kiss:. And the pain of kisses that could not be, or that no longer are, is not lacking in his poems:. But for Neruda, the kiss is as immortal as love, which somehow goes on eternally:. And the kiss is the end, the door, the point of arrival for the desires of a man, of all the paths of his heart:.

Mario Benedetti, in his work Poems of others renders his worship to the kiss, and he shows it as the sign of consummated love, the clearest sign of love and of mutual belonging:. In order to continue motivating your kisses, I give you a few little bits of different poems, from varied authors. All of them speak of the kiss as if there were no more beautiful way to sing to love:. But I also invite you to read some verses where it seems that the kiss is a source of pain.

When it is felt that a kiss is not the reflection of a strong, sincere, respectful, and healthy love; when the other takes hold of us mercilessly. Then, the kiss becomes a hidden torment or the worst lie. For this reason, even if you live it as a necessity, or as a psychological release, it is not a true affective satisfaction:.

Although we cannot stop saying that the kiss always makes us vulnerable. Because to be authentic, the kiss requires a commitment to the other and a risk; it is much more than a touching of the flesh:. Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too? Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.

Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged. Then have my lips the sin that they have took…. Kisses and mysticism have much to do with looking. In fact, if the kiss loses its mystical undertone, the depth that lies behind the lips becomes nothing more than a boring game or a custom that has to be performed. There have been in history those who tried to put all their depths into the kiss. For example, there are materialistic conceptions that reduce everything to a single cause: This is the case for Sigmund Freud, who reduces every affective inclination to sexual attraction; as if all feeling, all desire and all attraction were just sex in disguise or looking for sex; both the love of friends, the affection of fathers and sons, etc.

Then the kiss would be no more than the first step that starts looking for more, until reaching the sexual act; and man would function the same as certain animals, like pigeons, who perform the sexual act immediately after kissing. But this way of thinking, carried to the extreme, is not characteristic among the followers of Freud, but among the Jansenists, disciples of a certain Jansen. And these Jansenists came to put forward as an example of great perfection the case of St.

But there is a difference between Freud and the Jansenists: And, of course, we cannot agree with the Jansenists, who are so morbid and distrustful. However, there is something that Freud perhaps did not take into account: A society where everyone seeks to have sex with many people, including their parents or children, would be total chaos. Sex is not just the satisfaction of a primal necessity; it is also the expression of a love and a total surrender to the other, which requires exclusivity and mutual belonging.

And for the same reason, we could grant to Freud a certain realism: In the twelfth century, St. Aelred said that a kiss in the mouth can be given to anyone, provided that there is a worthy motive: But if one notices that he does it to satisfy a passion, he can no longer give it to anyone, because it would no longer fulfill its noble function Spiritual friendship , 67— Because deep down, the one who knows how to kiss like that also knows that what could come after is not more than the kiss, since a kiss can be the most sublime and wonderful expression of love.

Moreover, for many, the kiss may be the deepest need of their soul:. The great desire of the heart in love is to get a kiss, as though in the kiss what he is seeking is fulfilled:. Because they understand this, many prostitutes lend themselves to all kinds of sex play, but they do not let themselves be kissed by anyone. However, for Freud and the Jansenists, the kiss is something completely secondary, and it hides the most important thing, what comes afterwards. Just remember that many couples break up because they have always directly sought the sexual act without dedicating a good amount of time to cultivating the sublime art that sustains love: Beyond seeking what the poets say, I wanted to ask on the street what they think about the kiss.

So I went to bars, colleges, businesses, in order to ask young people about what they knew to say about kissing. I collected varied opinions about what a kiss means for them, about the different ways of kissing, etc. Some of them showed much interest in the subject and wrote very beautiful things; others simply summarized everything in a phrase; others taught me practical things. In total, the survey covered about a thousand people, but I only write down a few opinions:. To be sure, there are kisses of every kind, for every moment, for every circumstance.

The kiss of a mother of her newborn son, a kiss of a mother when she forgives her naughty son, the kiss of a teenager when he brings back a good report card, the kiss of a son who just got married. The kiss between brothers. The kiss of an awaited letter. The kiss of a crucifix, of a holy card, of an image of the Virgin. The kiss of the priest of the altar, of the Bible, of the sacred vestments. The first kiss of lovers. The kiss of the bride and groom in the atrium of the church.

The kiss of a pious old lady of the hands of the priest who forgave her sins, or of a priest who was just ordained. The kiss in a photo. The kiss of a loving husband who comes home thirsty for a refreshing oasis.

Your browser is way past its prime.

And I could fill several more pages. In general, we can say that the kiss in all these cases is more than the gaze, more than the touch, more than the embrace. The kiss is when everything else falls short. It requires a purity of intention to assure myself that I am not invading the intimacy of the other or abusing their trust. But it can also be wasted, worn out, abused, distorted, and can reveal the worst depravity and the deepest selfishness of a person; the selfishness of the one who believes that he is the master of the most sacred thing and dominates the other through the most sublime thing.

We are not necessarily talking about sex. There are friends who kiss each other without the least hint of sexual desire. A girl can give a kiss to her father, which she would never give him spontaneously if he abused her. But there are malignant kisses which are not given on account of sexual desire, but with twisted intentions. A stranger that has eyes that hunt her. A stranger that knows her secret. Nic is intrigued even more when said stranger transforms into a beast in a blink of an eye. Not only that but he seems to know Nic and know things about her past that the Fates refuse to answer.

After an accident kills Sarah, Nic realizes how deeply she cared for her friend. After accepting her aunts can't help bring Sarah back, she has no other choice. With no one else to turn to for help she follows Aiden into his world, beyond the Veil to find a way to give Sarah the chance she always deserved. And to do so they must hurry because The Wild Hunt is after secretive Aiden and will stop at no cost to get him. But Nic will soon find out, there is always a price to pay. And that price is always to steep. Nic will discover who she was and even who she can be, if she can survive The Wild Hunt and Aiden.

Because she finds him deadly for a whole different reason. He makes her feel things that no other human has before. Not your fault, he's a dreamboat! With time running out, Nic will have to make sacrifices that could cost her everything. Pros Characters First of i think its really interesting how we have a main protagonist that shows us that being a serial killer doesn't equate to being a psychopath. Likewise, her psyche might be more distant than others but this doesn't mean she has no emotions.

And i love how she doesn't suffer the typical against tortured by their actions trope thank the gods! She waste no time for remorse on people who would have caused more harm if not eliminated. Also the Nic identifies as asexual, which i think is great as I have not read many books that represent the diversity of our gender fluid society.

Although to be honest, because I have not read many books on the subject, I can't be sure if the representation is accurate. Furthermore, the author does a fine job of having strong supporting characters who show depth and complexity. Although theyre were some cringe-worthy moments on the dialogue such as: He gives me one last wink before disappearing in to the hall Plot The story did a surprisingly for me at least!

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I appreciated that she incorporated different types of mythology Norse ,Greek, Gaelic in a way that still made sense and were interpreted in a unique way. It superseded my expectations which were pretty low, why? Still working on that answer , and I am looking forward to the next installment. Cons Villain Okay, so the main villain here I felt was fine enough to move the story along and allow character development. I felt that the villain needed more development, because the lack of it seems like this animosity escalated waaayyyy to quickly without any vivid milestones.

I felt as if the harsh environment that Nic and friends were expose to were more justified in their animosity. Just adding some background would go a long way. Ending I think this one ties back to the one above, because the reveal of the main villain wasn't very justified to me, the ending fell a little flat to me. And the result of Sarah's ending felt kind of gimmicky , the whole way she circumvents the sacrifice needed seems like it was stretching it to thin. Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read and review.

This are my honest opinions. I receive no compensations or benefits for the reviews. Images are not mine and may be due to Copyright. Fiendish Fandom Fiendishfandom gmail. May 09, Marie -The Reading Otter rated it really liked it. Apr 03, Lavender marked it as to-read Shelves: Placeholder I won this book via Goodreads Giveaways.

Feb 21, Michelle rated it really liked it. This review, and more, can also be read on my blog: The Goodnight Kiss was a welcome surprise for me. It started off a little slow, and I was not expecting it to have much depth to it. For the second time this month, I'm totally and happily wrong. The Goodnight Kiss seems to be Hart's first real foray into this genre, and I think she's off to a great start.

TGK tells the story of Nic, a teenager who lives a life apart from most of society. Even though sh This review, and more, can also be read on my blog: Even though she has a best friend, that's the extent of her social circle aside from her adopted aunts.

See a Problem?

For Nic, this distance isn't just a choice, it's a defense mechanism. Since she was a child, she was blessed or cursed with a deadly kiss- quite literally. Her aunts have helped to funnel her talents and thirst for the hunt into a pursuit of justice. Instead of killing random, innocent men and women, Nic hunts for predators, making the world a little safer one pucker at a time.

Her life seems to be going pretty typically, as typical as the lives of magic teenage serial killers get, anyway, until she meets Aiden.

The Goodnight Kiss (The Unseelie Court #1) by Jennifer L. Hart

In one quick meeting, she starts to figure out that there's more to him than originally seems. Although her aunts have nurtured her and provided for her, they've never revealed where she truly came from- or apparently who she truly is. A queen who had been murdered, a queen that others had thought they'd never see again. Aiden provides a great balance to Nic's coldness and lack of social experience. Through their interactions, Hart reveals some of the good, bad, and ugly of Nic, but she's still likable. She's a character who gets thrown into an intense situation with little to no preparation.

In respect to that, I think the character does a good job of finding her footing in her new world while trying to be better than who she was before. There's some hints of romance for those who don't like their books without it. It's a gradual exposure, and I think that's the way it should be. Nic was raised to shy away from intimacy, has never experienced it in this life, and Hart stays true to this by letting Nic gradually open herself up to the idea of a romance. It also helps that Aiden has the makings of a swoon-worthy leading man.

The world building gets a little crazy, but it's workable. Reading those moments carefully will definitely help to ease in any readers who are not familiar with the world of Norse mythology. Overall, I actually really liked the book,and I'll definitely be buying the second installment later on this year. Mar 18, Natalie rated it it was amazing. I may have found a fae book I actually like. This one contains strong themes of sexual abuse but karma as well. The characters are well written, each with their own story. In the beginning it does jump a little from normal teenage serial killer to a different realm.

A little magic, giants and Norse gods. What more can you ask for? Will happily read the next one. Mar 18, Heather rated it it was amazing. I've read all of Hart's books and while this one is far different than anything else she's written it's in the same league as far as great books go. Absolutely loved it and looking forward to book 2!

Apr 20, Michaela's Journey into Books rated it liked it. Nic has no memories of her life before the age of 6 where she was found in the woods in Germany and adopted by the Fates themselves. She has spent her life trying to pretend to be a normal human girl however, her kiss is lethal and she has made it her purpose in life to rid the world of sexual predators. One day a new guy, Aiden, turns up at her school who seems to have the answers to the questions she has about her past and Nic is determined to find out what they are.

Nic is a really interesting character and I enjoyed reading from her point of view. Nic is also asexual and it was great reading about what that meant to her. Aiden was another interesting character and he is so mysterious and I loved learning about his past and history with Nic throughout the book. My only problem with this book was that it took me a little while to get into it but once I got to the midway point I started to really love.

I gave this 3. Feb 22, Stephanie Mills rated it it was amazing Shelves: First off let me just say I have not devoured a book like one this fast in so long, I thought I was incapable of doing so any longer. It was very refreshing! This paranormal fantasy eclipses the human and fae realms in a way that is totally different than most books I have read! Instead of killing random, innocent men and women, Nic hunts for predators, making the world a little safer! I loved the characters in this book! They had me hooked and wanting to read more!

I'll definitely be buying the second installment later on this year. Feb 10, Andrea Stoeckel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Boring is her way through school, and then she meets Aiden Jager and everything changes. He is tied to her mysteriously, and when she finds out how it opens her past into an unbelievable life of power, promise and potential that no one could ever dream of. Everything has a price and when she figures that out, will she be able to live with the consequences? I am a big fan of Jennifer L. I voluntarily offered to review it.

This book is NOT a cosy by any means. I can hardly wait for Book 2. Feb 11, Anne rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book, much more than I expected. The story and characters really drew me in, gradually though. I feel there are easily 4 or 5 characters that would be interesting enough to warrant knowing more about their own story. I really enjoyed the progression of Nic I really enjoyed this book, much more than I expected. I really enjoyed the progression of Nics character throughout and absolutely loved Aiden At times I felt the mythology a little much, but that is a minor thing, and maybe personal preference.

Will be on the look out for book 2! I've a feeling this books going to be big. I read this book in less than a day and know that my sisters will love it also. The frequent references to rape and murder definitely put it out of reach of younger teens but its perfect the new adult genre and would be highly watchable as a series on TV.

With thanks to net galley for the chance to read and review an ARC of this book. This title was given to me by the author in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. Now that we have gotten the disclaimers out of the way, The Goodnight Kiss is the first book in the Unseelie Court series that I foresee to be nothing short of a great ride.

Very loosely based on Sleeping Beauty, year old Nic Rutherford lives with her two aunts and a mysterious past all while playing vigilante at night with her best weapon, a deadly kiss that can take down anyone the moment her l Disclaimer: Very loosely based on Sleeping Beauty, year old Nic Rutherford lives with her two aunts and a mysterious past all while playing vigilante at night with her best weapon, a deadly kiss that can take down anyone the moment her lips make contact with them.

She fears her blessing or curse, depends on how you see it! Aiden posseses the one thing Nic cannot resist -- information. Alongside Aiden, Nic slowly unearths answers about her murky past and unlocks a hidden world where magic thrives and the impossible becomes reality if one is willing to pay the price. My good people, I had lots of FUN with this book. But in perfect vigilante style, Nic finds her victims amongst the rapists and abusers by seeking them out in nightclubs, bars, etc.

Instead, we are taken through so much more than that. Nic has vulnerabilities, still acts like a teenager!!! We need more of these multi-dimensional characters! This easily could have turned into the dreaded insta-love trope or worse, Nic could have been that silly girl who stumbles all over herself for this too gorgeous to believe guy. She makes it a point to not give into this enigmatic and hunky guy who appears out of nowhere and actually acts like any sensible person … In short … I love it!

Aiden has to prove himself to be an ally and I appreciated the author for doing this so much more for it. Lastly, we get a supporting cast of characters to go alongside this storyline. So do I recommend this book? I have only read a handful of indie and self-published authors since I started doing book reviews and Jennifer L. Hart has hands down become my favorite indie author. I can hardly believe that this is her first YA and first Fantasy book?

Apr 27, Katie herpaperworld rated it liked it. This story is a dark urban fantasy about a girl called Nic who can kill people by kissing them. Nic has appointed herself judge, jury and executioner over the local murderers, rapists etc for reasons unknown and with the help of her two aunts she kills them. Nic's life is a mystery, she was adopted by two women who clearly aren't what they pretend to be. There are a thousand different questions that this book raises and just when one question is answered you find you have more.

I think that is w This story is a dark urban fantasy about a girl called Nic who can kill people by kissing them. I think that is what kept me reading until the end. I wanted to know who Nic was and what the hell was going on. The main thing I struggled with in this book was the rather unusual blend of Norse and Greek Mythology mixed together with folktales and faeries.

This teenage girl is looked after by her "Aunties" who are two of the three fates, but also vets in their spare time. All these aspects together just didn't blend as seamlessly into one story as I would have liked. Whilst this mix of Nordic mythology and folklore isn't my cup of tea particularly, I think this book is perfect for people who loved the darker sides of those stories. This book has all the gritty realism of domestic violence and back-alley rapists but with a land of Giants and fae magic. This story is a strange and winding journey through familiar mythological and folklore territory that makes it unique.

This book twists and turns a lot and while it is unfortunately mainly fuelled by every character being deliberately vague and unhelpful, is still is an entertaining and interesting read. I really liked the developing relationship between Aiden and Nic and the past histories that are being explored and explained between the characters. I'm looking forward to the next book and seeing more of the fae world that I love.

May 15, Chrissie Gerber rated it really liked it. Just the way she likes it. A year-old secret is exposed, revealing her destiny to one day rule the clandestine community of witches who hide in plain sight. Not a bad read. I have to say that at the beginning the jumps between characters are a bit harsh until they come together and you figure out just how they each fit into the story.

Aug 15, Erika Sterns rated it it was amazing. I love when I start a book and it keeps me sucked in that everything else around me seems to melt away. When I hear the word zombie I automatically think the moaning scary looking dead guys that eat brains, but Nicole Simone gives you zombies that make your mouth water! So I can now add a zombie to my list of favorite book boyfriends!!!

The Accidental Kiss

Sky sniffers a tragic loss that ends up sending her and her mom to a small town called Castor for a fresh start. At her new school she meets the infamous Daemon who shakes her up in a way she's never felt before. After a series of strange meetings Sky realizes there is something different about him, but what he tells her blows her mind!! Daemon does everything he can to protect the girl he was supposed to help kill and Sky isn't sure if she can trust him, but doesn't really have much of a choice t first.

Sky and Daemon start getting closer and she stops fighting her growing feelings, only to learn that Daemon has a secret that will shattered her already fragile world. It's a secret that she's can't forgive, but Daemon is determined to help her live. More secrets are revealed and hearts tested as the voodoo priest as the voodoo priest does whatever it takes to get Sky.

Sky and Daemon's story is very well written and will keep you engaged from chapter one. There wasn't a moment I was reading that I was bored. Thier story is full of sadness, friendship, betrayal, lust, anger, and most important is love! The Accidental Kiss is part of a series but also has an ending that's not really cliffhanger so you don't have to worry about being on pins and needles between books!

Aug 11, T. Hernandez rated it really liked it. There are a lot of similarities between The Accidental Kiss and other young adult paranormal novels I've read recently, right down to an incredibly sexy, cocky guy with green eyes named Daemon. But there are enough differences that this book stands on its own.

I love the Santeria angle, and the fact that it's set in southern Louisiana is another plus for me.

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And yes, the Sublime song does dance happily in my head throughout the book. When they go into the Cat's Meow in the French Quarter, comple There are a lot of similarities between The Accidental Kiss and other young adult paranormal novels I've read recently, right down to an incredibly sexy, cocky guy with green eyes named Daemon. When they go into the Cat's Meow in the French Quarter, complete with girls dancing in cages, I actually squealed. It's one of my all-time favorite places in New Orleans!

Plot The plot has a lot of unique angles for the genre. I loved that I never knew what was going to happen next. Where the story really works is in the world Nicole Simone has created. She's done a lot of work building a realm for her characters and she doles out information, as necessary, to move the story forward.

While I like the romantic angle between Daemon and Sky, there isn't anything really new there. And that might be what bothered me the most. His brooding, her lust for him, his determined need to protect her, the obstacles that keep them apart But because the other elements in the story book so well, I was able to overlook that aspect and enjoy the story. Characters Even though I found Sky and Daemon to be sort of typical for the genre, I thought the supporting cast was fun and more developed than I'm used to.

Just because Sky and Daemon weren't anything particularly unique, doesn't mean I didn't like them or root for them, because I did. It has enough unique elements to make it very enjoyable and enough plot twists to keep you guessing. Disclaimer I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Jul 14, Juli Faulkner rated it it was amazing. This is the second book I have read by this author. This story is a paranormal romance. The sysnopsis of this book intrigued me! As I started reading, the story of Sky just pulled me in, along with the electrically charged attraction between Sky and Daemon!

I am not going to reveal any spoilers, but this book to me was really awesome! I loved the fact that it took off in a different direction than some paranormal romances. As the events unfolded, I kept turning the page because I wanted to see w This is the second book I have read by this author. As the events unfolded, I kept turning the page because I wanted to see what was going to happen with Sky and Daemon! As the synopsis reveals, events start to happen to Sky after moving with her mom to Castor, and Daemon is there trying to protect her while keeping his own secrets closely guarded.

Sky's normal life is thrown into a dizzying world of voodoo, zombies, along with the threat to her life. She discovers things about her life have been kept from her by the people closest to her. Trying to put her trust in Daemon, after his secrets are revealed, sends her on a quest against time for the answers she needs for her survival. This is going to be a series so we are left with a cliffhanger at the end.

As events unfolded at the end, I was pleasantly surprised and I was left wanting to know more! If you do not mind book series than you must give this book a chance! If you are not a fan of cliffhangers then this may not be the book for you. I will definitely be waiting for the next book in the series to be released. I gave this book 5-stars because it kept me intrigued and wanting to know what was going to happen next. The author kept the flow of the book going and I never felt bored. Aug 11, Marissa rated it really liked it. Trying to live a normal teenager life, she realizes quickly that normal is not her destiny.

On her first day at the new school she meets up with Daemon a mysterious guy whom attracts attention. There is chemistry between then but there is a slight problem he is as a zombie and she is wanted as a sacrifice by his former voodoo priest. Daemon was tricked decades ago to sell his soul at the mercy of the voodoo priest.

His soul lives in a jar that the priest has and if he was to fall in love he will die in three days as his soul will melt away. Despite that he vows to protect Sky even though his life is at stake as he slowly falls for her. Can Sky save herself and Daemon from their fate and will they be able to survive and be normal?

We watch as they evolve and find themselves in love despite it all. The plot of this novel has been in my mind for the past five years. After countless revisions, tears and curse words, The Accidental Kiss was formed. I have never been more proud of a novel I have written. It was a true labor of love but a fun one. Thanks to Daemon, zombies have never looked so hot! Can't wait for August 12! Aug 31, Hooked On Books rated it it was amazing. Can we say sexy zombies??? The Accidental Kiss by Nicole Simone is amazing.

Especially after spotting the devastingly, albeit bad boy, Daemon. Sky quickly discovers she was born with a gift, and Daemon is sworn to be by her side. I must Can we say sexy zombies??? Aug 22, Melyssa Winchester rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Paranormal, Romance and Fantasy Fans. I do it for the author and also for myself as an author and for anyone who might stumble upon it and read it. Everything worked for me here and I had to come in and just tell the rest of the world about it right away. The author did that in spades here. Love a strong heroine in any book I read and while Sky had a lot of badass moments for me, she was also very human in her responses which made me really like her.

I would have been like Emily and Lucy were in this book I think. Drawn to her because she was likeable. Another point for the author. It was original and felt that way throughout the entire thing. I was yelling at it, which I have to say, is a first for me. So again, I say to the author, well played and thanks for the mini heart attack.

Not one that starts out with a bang and then slows down to a turtle or vice versa, but one that moves at an even speed throughout the entire thing and this one did. I could not flip pages fast enough here.

Kiss & Blog

As for it being part of a series. It is and the ending is one that is open ended. I felt like I got a complete book with the promise of more in the future and not a second of the angst that comes with a heavy cliff-hanger. Have I said anything remotely thrilling enough to sell this book to you? I hope so because it was worth every dollar spent and every hour spent reading.

Absolutely Phenomenal read and I cannot wait to see more with this couple. My first outing with this author will not be the last. The cover is HOT and mysterious. I love the graveyard with the skulls, and the coloring is awesome. Mael Designs really did a wonderful job with the cover. Now, it is time to gush about the book. From the very first page of the book, I was hooked. I thought the use of voodoo and zombies was really unique and an interesting twist for a paranormal book. The suspense of the plot made me devour the book, and the cliffhanger en When I saw the cover of "The Accidental Kiss", I knew I had to read it.

The suspense of the plot made me devour the book, and the cliffhanger ending made me wish the second book was already available! The day the sequel comes out, I will make sure I have the book in my possessions. Sky is a very likable main character. She was kind, but she also had an attitude. Sky's attitude definitely added some great humor to the book. The one quality I loved about Sky was how loyal she was to her friends. She would do anything for her friends, and I really admired that about her.

The one thing that annoyed me about Sky was that she tried to distance herself from Daemon. Now, this might have just bothered me because I am a hopeless romantic and I desperately wanted them together. However, she quickly got over that much to my happiness. He was passionate, relentless, overprotective, and fearless. I wanted to smack him and kiss him within a five second time frame. He was everything I hadn't known I was looking for. I loved him so much. I want my own Daemon, because he is perfect. It is charming and gorgeous, which is always a great combination. As Sky puts it above, Daemon really is one of a kind.

Daemon was witty, and he had some lines that made me laugh out loud. They weren't awful but I hadn't seen underneath his t-shirt yet. I was glad to see that Daemon still had his personality in tact. They had a really strong relationship with a lot of sexual tension. I am pretty sure my kindle was about to catch on fire during some of the scenes. Daemon clamped his hands around my wrists and held my arms above my head. Lust blossomed between my thighs as he looked at me with enough fire to set the room ablaze.

He nibbled on my bottom lip as he weakened me with kisses. He let go of my hands so that they could roam the hard apex of his muscles. They ripped underneath my touch. It had suspense, humor, action, and romance. The incorporation of zombies and voodoo made the book very captivating. I would recommend this paranormal romance to anyone looking for a more unique genre within paranormal romance. I am looking forward to reading the sequel! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

The Accidental Kiss by Nicole Simone is a well written story that weaves unique voodoo mythology together with romance and danger.

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Following teenager Sky Noel, The Accidental Kiss sees Sky move to the small town of Caster in Louisiana and slowly begin to learn the surprising truth about her heritage when a chance encou Thank you to InkSlinger PR and author Nicole Simone for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review! Following teenager Sky Noel, The Accidental Kiss sees Sky move to the small town of Caster in Louisiana and slowly begin to learn the surprising truth about her heritage when a chance encounter with an alluring boy at her new school named Daemon shakes her hold on reality.

The premise held such possibility but personally I would have enjoyed exploring the heart of voodoo a tad more. I did find that Simone had an excellent writing technique however. Her writing was flowing and detailed, with plenty of entertaining dialogue shared between her characters. The story was fast paced and forward moving, but my biggest issue was that I felt the relationship between Sky and Daemon was too much too soon.

Noah + Elle

It seemed rushed, and rather than allowing something to unfold over time and develop between them, they seemed to feel so deeply out of the blue. After all, the entire book took place in around a week and at that point in time the two of them are so deeply "in love" that I felt it was being shoved down my throat. I liked Sky and thought she had a lot of attitude. She was someone I could have really adored as a protagonist if not for the obsession she had over Daemon, something that became a bit grating after a while.

Still, she was decent enough to follow and had a lot of interesting dialogue within the story.