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More than 30 years of experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language has shown me that the original methodology that our trained Helen Doron teachers use in the classroom to teach English supports learning good values. Our teachers use positive reinforcement, which teaches students respect for others, as well as respect for themselves.

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Learning through fun and games in small groups of students teaches good sportsmanship and team building skills. Helen Doron is a community and Helen Doron lessons bring out communal awareness. This is something we teach in our classes. Helen Doron English learning centres from all over Europe. South America and Asia will be participating in this worthwhile campaign that encourages children to embrace their inner hero and become better world citizens.

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Anyone can be a Young Hero! It is about children working together as a team to improve the lives of the people and animals around them. The Young Heroes project is divided into three key phases: Under the guidance of our teachers and with the support of their parents, we encourage children to go out into the community and Discover challenges that need solving. Next, they are asked to Dream up solutions.

Values in English Language Teaching

Finally, they are asked to carry out the project — to Do what they planned in the classroom. Any child, no matter how small, or tall, can make a difference in their community.

Young Heroes shows you how. Join us, as we lead change in our communities Find out more at: Helen Doron Educational Group stands at the forefront of innovative educational systems providing exclusive learning programmes and quality educational materials for babies, children, adolescents and teens the world over.

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  • From Infants to Teens. This approach is also relevant when delivering English as a Second Language skills or general English. We combine new and traditional English teaching methods, teacher facilitated learning, learner centered and tasks centered with a clear understanding of authentic English use, the actual sounds English letters and words make we generate a clearer understanding of English use for our Clients and learners.

    We are experts in designing and delivering English language teaching and training for any purpose - driven by our steadfast values and ambition! We offer English and other language teaching and training for literally any purpose!

    Values in English Language Teaching

    Before any teaching or training starts, we take a look at our learner's English requirements. Understanding the learner's objectives, values, and expectations ultimately gives us a clearer picture of the learner's English language needs. From here we agree a tangible and measurable English for academic, English as a second language or English for a specific purpose teaching or training course. Our blended bespoke and spoke English language courses are geared to deliver fast and professional results to meet our learner's ever changing needs.

    English Training Lounge believes that anyone and everyone can learn to speak English, or develop and improve their current English abilities.

    Whatever your reason for studying English: Attention to details can make or break an English language curriculum. What is right for one student, may not be right for another student.