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If it is just one enemy, start by casting Scry Monster. This spell gives all information about the monster, so you know what spells to use. Save before entering specials outside. While most will allow you a chance to leave without fighting or disturbing anything, several will not. This also applies to specials inside dungeons, although problematic specials inside dungeons are less common.

Save before fighting large battles or dangerous enemies. This way if you lose, you can easily try again. Save whenever you gain levels. It is incredibly annoying to gain 2 levels, run into trouble and have to gain those levels again. Raise your clearance as soon as you can. You start at soldier, but you can raise it to mage clearance and royal clearance.

You have to do 3 missions to raise your clearance. One mission can be done in chapter 1, and the rest are done in chapter 4. Higher clearance allows you to talk to more people and gain spells from certain places. You also gain the benefits of the mission including the EXP and items from enemies and any other rewards of the mission.

Accept all missions, but be selective in the order you do them.

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Some missions are harder than others are. Some missions require you to go somewhere you would have to go anywise. My recommended quest order: Never go below 50 food, with the exception of a couple places where you lose most of your food.

I recommend buying extra food before going on any long journey away from town. Early on, you will end up buying food with money, but by the middle of the game, you can just cast Manna or Minor Manna to gain food. The best way to use these spells is to have a few MP left when you finish a random encounter. You probably have to rest anyways after an encounter, and your MP will probably fully refill by resting. Lack of food means whenever you normally would eat, you lose a certain amount of HP.

This can really hurt in the long run. Try to keep some money on hand always. It doesn't have to be a lot of money a couple hundred gold is more than enough , but the money allows you to rest at inns, buy emergency food if needed, or pay identification fees. Beyond chapter 1, you will probably have enough money that you won't need to worry about keeping money on hand, because you won't have things you need to buy instantly.

The only time you will run out of money is when you buy spells or training. While money can be gotten fairly easily after chapter 1, be selective in your purchases, especially spells. Spells are very expensive and you will rarely have enough money to buy all the spells of a level immediately. Buy the most needed ones first, followed by useful spells later on, and ignore all the worthless spells. Only a few spells fit into the first category. First category spells include: Second category are spells that have value, but are only useful in certain situations or are not going to be used that much.

Third category spells just flat-out suck. Also remember that you shouldn't waste your money on spells that your Mage or Priest Spell level is too low for you to cast anyways. Don't be afraid to flee. In outdoor battles, you can move the party members to the border of the battlefield and try to move off the battlefield and the member will run away. In dungeon battles, you can try to lose the monster in a corridor Haste and Slow are very useful here.

If you see an enemy before it sees you in a dungeon, you can close doors to hide before it sees you. If a monster doesn't growl, it hasn't seen you. You can also block off a corridor with webs or better barriers. Enemies cannot see through webs or barriers. Force Barriers can block enemies even if they have seen you, as in this example: When talking, you don't need to type out the whole work to ask someone about something.

The text finder only reads the first four letters that you type. So typing "slit" is the same as typing "Slitherzakai". You can also always type "help", "name", "look", "job" to get some sort of response. You can usually figure out what to ask about based on the response that you get from "job". If someone says, 'I farm', asking about "farm" would probably get a response. If you are lost in a dungeon, cast Magic Map.

This will show you the layout of the dungeon in most cases, some dungeons will not allow you to cast Magic Map. You can then view the dungeon and see the path to get where you want to go. Also, combining Detect Life with Magic Map will show you approximately how many monsters you have to fight to get to your destination. Always carry at least one Potion of Clarity. It sucks when all your priests get dumbfounded at once and nobody can cast 'Restore Mind'.

The potion can then heal the Dumbfound. If you know both Force Barrier and Dispel Barrier, you can wall yourself in and use the long wait feature to restore your MP. Then just cast Dispel Barrier when ready to leave. Most Wands are more useful if you keep them instead of selling them for cash.

While a Wand of Death may seem pointless when you've got a Kill spell, when you run out of MP in a dungeon, that wand is going to be priceless. This especially applies to Wands of Nullity, as Antimagic Cloud is one of the most important spells in the game. There are many many hidden doors and false walls in this game.

Especially outside in Exile. Characters-- You have no set characters in Exile 2. At the start of the adventure you create a group of characters and stick with them until the end of the game. While it is possible to create new characters during the game, it is a bad idea because they start with none of the experience, spells, or items you acquired during the game.

Make sure there is a good mix of characters in a party. A great setup is to create 2 fighters, a fighter-thief, and several mages or priests. The default party can be used easily with only a few modifications. Although it is possible to have all advantages and be the best race, doing this causes you to need over EXP per level! I usually try to keep EXP per level between and Fighters need a lower EXP requirement than mages, because mages normally get more kills.

Your mages should be human because they have a long list of other traits needed. Fighters should not be human, so they get benefits. The missile bonus doesn't help much. Sliths are excellent fighters. They do better with pole weapons and pole weapons do the most damage out of all weapon types. Therefore, sliths do the most damage. The strength bonus adds extra HP per level and damage.

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This helps lessen physical damage. Give this to as many of your fighters as you can. If also helps to have mages have this skill as well balance the exp. Spells do a lot more damage to enemies, or last longer, or heal more HP. This improves both Mage and Priest spells. Give this to all your spellcasters. Use two one-handed weapons at a time. It is possible to use two weapons without this trait, but there is a large drop in hit percentage. Two broadswords or wave blades allow a Nephilim thief to do as much damage as a slith fighter.

Give this trait to your thief and priest. Do not give this to sliths because sliths use pole weapons and pole weapons are two-handed. The sliths, therefore, get no benefit. This increases the ability to pick locks and disarm traps. There is no difference on the stats screen, but you can tell the difference when you actually use the skills. Give this to your thief. I only know of one use for this skill. Sometimes, there are specials where you find food in the wilderness. This skill tells whether the food is safe to eat. I don't know of any other effects.

If anybody knows what this skill does, e-mail me. I usually give this to one of my mages. This skill sounds useful, but really isn't. Poison and disease are rare in Exile 2. Poison usually wears off, but if it doesn't just cast Cure Poison. Disease doesn't wear off, so cast Cure Disease. This skill isn't worth adding the EXP. Don't give this skill to anybody. Can't use magic, -8 EXP per level. The person cannot use magic or potions. Completely and totally useless. More vulnerable to poison and disease, -8 EXP per level.

The only disadvantage I ever use. Poison and disease are easily cured with a spell and using this disadvantage allows for another advantage. Give this to anybody who has too much EXP per level. Cannot attack, EXP per level. Pacifist prevents the character from fighting and casting attack spells. Because of this the person will almost never gain levels. The character doesn't get kills and without kills the only EXP acquired is through other people's kills. That means about 1 EXP for every monster killed by another character.

  1. La forza del destino, Act 2, No. 8a, Prayer. Padre Eterno, Signor (Vocal Score).
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This disadvantage makes the character useless. This trait should never be picked.

I choose to use Ambidextrous and swords instead of pole weapons because the damage adds up. This also lowers EXP to per level. While this mage will not be able to fight, his defense with both Toughness and a shield will be the best of the three EXP. Adds 2 HP for every 1 SP. Have fighters start with about 20, mages with You shouldn't need to add after the beginning because when you level up, your strength adds a number of HP without spending any SP. Adds 1 MP for every 1 SP. Mages need about 15 to start with. Add points every so often. This skill needs to be added to fairly quickly.

By the way, the thing about MP is, the most expensive spell costs 50 MP and it isn't something you'd use often , but what costs a lot is casting several spells. So if you can afford to buy a lot of energy potions and carry them around, you can actually get away with only MP. Boosts damage in battle and HP gained per level. Fighters need this at to start and Mages need it at Boost this at the same rate as dexterity for fighters. Mages need this boosted to at least 4 as soon as possible. If you are going with an altered version of the default party, lower dexterity to 1 and raise this using the SP.

Boosts hit percentage in battle, improves thief skills. Fighters need to start at and add at the same rate as Strength. Mages should neglect this stat until they start using weapons. At the start, lower this stat to 1 and put the extra points into Strength to raise the HP of your mages. Fighters should keep this at 1 and leave it at 1 the entire game. Mages should start with and raise it whenever possible.

This stat is only useful to spellcasters. Effectiveness with edged weapons. Fighters who aren't sliths should start at Raise only this weapon stat and only use edged weapons.

GOD OF WAR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 - SOUL EATER (God of War 4)

Effectiveness with bashing weapons. I don't really use this stat. Edged weapons are more common and cheaper, but do the same damage. Until someone proves otherwise, use edged weapons. Effectiveness with pole weapons. This stat should start at for slith fighters. Raise only this weapon stat and only use pole weapons. Non sliths should use edged weapons instead. Effectiveness with thrown weapons. Don't bother with this stat. Thrown missiles have too low of damage to be of any use.

If you need a ranged attack, cast attack spells. Effectiveness with bows and arrows. Don't bother with this stat either. Archery has low damage and is worthless beyond the first chapter. Ability to move with armor on. This stat should start at 1 for all mages and 2 for all fighters.

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It is key in reducing encumbrance. Encumbrance is the weight of the armor worn by a character. Encumbrance reduces the amount of AP per turn. If you have an encumbrance of 2, you have 2 less AP. If encumbrance is over 1, the character cannot cast Mage spells priest spells have no encumbrance restriction. Defense subtracts a number of encumbrance in combat. Every point of defense subtracts a point of encumbrance in combat. I think defense only works up to 3 points of encumbrance. This allows you to equip heavier better armor and still have the same number of AP. Raise this stat up to 3 for fighters, 2 for mages.

Ability to cast Mage spells. This allows you to cast Mage spells. Characters automatically know most spells up to Lvl. Beyond that, the spells must be found or bought. Raise this when you get spells that require higher ability. Start with 3 for mages, none for fighters. Ability to cast priest spells. This allows you to cast priest spells. Character automatically know most spells up to Lvl. Higher spells must be bought or found. Fighters don't need this. Ability to learn new spells. Mage Lore lets you read spells books that you find.

This is crucial to learning higher level spells. This doesn't matter if you are buying the spell from a shop, only if you find the spell in a spell book. Whether you can read the book and learn the spell depends on the total number of Mage Lore the party has. I recommend starting at 3 for mages and adding a couple points every levels. You only need about 20 for the entire party. Ability to make potions. Alchemy is worthless because you need to carry the ingredients around. Why not just carry the potion you need instead of the ingredients? Keep this skill at 0 for the entire party.

I've gotten a good argument by B'Nank about this. He said, "Alchemy is a good money maker. Especially in the first chapter where money is scarce. It just doesn't fit with my style because I find the potions are usually easier to find than the ingredients, plus potions don't require skill points to get. Knowledge of items dropped by enemies.

It can be good at high numbers. If a dead enemy drops an item, the game checks your item lore. If item lore is high enough, the dropped item is automatically identified. This takes the sum of all the points of item lore in the party. Start with 0, but raise when you get to high levels and are low on other things to invest SP in.

This skill only makes a difference when the total of Item Lore in your party is greater than about Talent in disarming traps. This is a key stat because there are many traps in Exile 2. Have the thief start with this at 3 and raise every levels. Stop at about The skill can be less useful because Exile 2 usually will warn you before you step on a trap and are forced to disarm it.

For example, the game will say, "The floor ahead looks suspicious. Skill at picking locks. This is a stat for your thief that is very useful. Picking locks allows you to enter places without the use of the Unlock spell. Start at and raise a point every other level. Beyond 6, the SP don't help because you can usually pick the lock in one try and if you can't, just try again.

Chance to do double damage. Great skill for fighting. It represents your chance to assassinate and do double damage. At skill 2, you can only assassinate against weak enemies, but at 10 you can assassinate against medium strength enemies, and at 20 you can assassinate against almost anybody. Have your fighters start at and add points whenever possible. There is also an element of random chance, so even with low skill, you might be able to assassinate on strong enemies.

Skill at using poison. With this skill, you can put poison on your weapon stronger and without damaging yourself. This can be useful, but usually I never use poison on my weapons. Instead, I have a spellcaster use the Mage Spell Poison. How lucky a person is. This affects whether you can survive a killing blow. If you get hit hard, your HP will drop to 0. Get hit again and you die. With luck, you might "luck out" and survive. This stat is a waste of SP that would be better spent on useful skills. This also has a slight effect on items dropped, but I'd prefer to raise my attack skills.

Start with 2 points of Defense also, and add one point somewhere in the game. Basically identical to Fighter 1, because the type works so well. I chose swords over axes because they are more common, but have similar damage stats. Starts with 3 Magic Spells, 0 Priest Spells. As an idea, you can pick up Frail and Toughness they cancel each other out , but I prefer to have one spellcaster without Frail in case my party gets diseased, I have someone whom will resist longer. Make sure to raise Magic skills before fighting skills. This character starts with 3 Priest Spells, 0 Magic Spells.

Again this is a valuable type of mage, so I have two similar skill setups. If you want, drop both Toughness and Frail. Spells-- This is a listing of the spells and my recommendations on usefulness and suggested ways to use the spell. I also list the location of each spell. If the location is Start, then you start with the spell. If there is no location listed, I do not know where to find the spell yet I update this section with new locations as I find the spells during my current time playing the game. If you know the location of a spell that is not listed, please email "geniusjoe yahoo.

I will be most appreciative. This allows you to see further than 1 space in dark dungeons. This would be useful, except for Long Light. Fires a weak electric bolt. Worthless because of the low damage. Speeds up a character. Good for improving fighters, but I usually use Haste instead.

Makes a character more skilled and the character does everything better. This is essentially the same as the Priest Spell, Bless. Useful for improving fighters. Decreases morale of the victim. I have never found a use for this. Creates a fire cloud over a space. This identifies one item. Very useful for saving money on identification fees. Covers target with goo. I never use this spell, use Web instead. Valuable for finding hidden passages. A light poison on an enemy creature.

Good for mages who resist all other elements. Shoots a flame at an enemy. Used only for conserving MP or very early in the game. Victim gets only half as many turns as normal. Great for holding off an enemy until later in the battle. Also good for allowing you to run from an enemy. Makes victim easier to hit and damage. It never seems to work well when I cast it. Puts poison on a character's weapon. Pointless, just poison the monster yourself with Minor Poison. Creates a cloud of gas.

Anyone entering is cursed lower attack, lower hit percentage, and lower defense. Valuable for weakening enemies. Becomes obsolete when you get Curse All or Ravage Enemy.

The Soul Reaver

Summons a weak monster to fight on your side. Don't bother with this spell. Use Weak Summoning instead or just charm an existing enemy. Buy from a special north of Fort Duvno for gold. Creates a radius 2 circle of flame clouds. Not used much because Fireball or Firestorm do group fire damage and don't block your fighters from attacking. Erases a magical field flame cloud, ice wall, force wall, blade wall. Not used because it only erases 1 square and most of these fields are long walls or large areas.

Buy in Fort Dranlon for gold or buy from a special north of Fort Duvno for gold. Makes a character invisible. The character becomes visible when they attack or use a spell. Good way to protect a weak character or a mage who has run out of MP. Start Level 3 Unlock: Invaluable because many doors can only be opened with this spell. Valuable for allowing a fighter to attack more often in a turn or allowing a mage to cast 2 spells in a turn. Incredible damage and with the large area, lets mages kill several enemies in a turn. Like Light, but lasts much longer. Required for dungeon crawling.

After all, if you need to cast several spells to kill somebody, you better see him before he's right next to you. More powerful version of Scare. I never use this spell, either. Start Wall of Force: Creates a long wall of force. Hit space to rotate.

‘Infinity War’: What Is the Soul Stone and What Does It Do?

This can be used to block off areas because enemies will rarely walk into or through a wall. Verdant Valley or buy in Fort Dranlon for gold. Creates up to 8 monsters, which fight on your side for a while. Good for distracting the enemies. Casts flame on several targets. Each arrow seems to do less damage than a flame spell. Useful for targeting several enemies that are spread far apart. Creates a radius 2 circle of webs. Webs slow down anyone walking through them. This can be used to weaken enemies or to block off vision of enemies they cannot see through webs.

Improves a character's resistance to general magic. This has little use because the only spells that enemies use that are general magic are Kill, Forcefield and Wall of Force. By the time enemies start using Kill, you will have enough HP to survive several spells. Better than Minor Poison. Take the same advice as Minor Poison, except this is more useful due to the higher damage. Buy in Formello Ice Bolt: Shoots a bolt of ice. Identical to flame, except this spell does Ice type damage. Buy in Formello Slow Group: Slows all enemies within 12 spaces.

Exceptional for weakening enemies. This spell halves the movement of all monsters in 12 spaces. This is a great spell to start a fight with. Buy in Formello Magic Map: He can be kited around the room to keep his distance from the fragment while the DPS destroys it. If a player begins getting Corrupted Soul cast on them, it is recommended that he or she run to the side of the platform, opposite of the boss, in order to maximize the distance the orb will have to travel.

Ranged attackers should merely remain on the opposite side of the platform throughout this fight. The Corrupted Soul Fragment can be affected by crowd control techniques like snares and roots. All party members are advised to stand in the middle when he teleports to avoid being caught in the Soulstorm. Hunters have to be especially careful as the five-yard minimum range is a very small ring within the eye itself. He will also fear members of the party into the Soulstorm , which will cause them to take excessive damage and slow their movement speed; healers should keep an eye on feared targets in the event there is no shaman with a Tremor Totem to make sure they live through the Soulstorm long enough to make their way back into the center.

Switching one trinket before starting this fight with a Medallion of the Alliance [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] or Medallion of the Horde [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] to instantly remove Fear if it is cast on you, is a good way to minimize damage taken from the Soulstorm. When Bronjahm enters phase two, he remains in the center of the room for only 10 minutes. It prepares us to be effective missionaries in a world in desperate need of solid Catholic Teaching.

Many times and in many places the beliefs of the Catholic Church are misunderstood even by those who have been Catholic through the entirety of their life. As Radical Catholics we must be missionaries of Truth to those who need it. We need to be well versed in Catholic teaching and the basic theology behind the teaching. In the Catechism we find the teachings and basic theology simply laid out for us in a simple and easy to use form.

As missionaries we should be working our way through the Catechism regularly and when people come to us with questions we should point them first to the Catechism for answers. Reading the New Catechism will enrich your faith, prayer life and intellectual life. Regular reading of its Holy Truth is essential to Radical Christian living.

When we read and pray the Catechism we dive into a deep and rich heritage of our beautiful mother Church. It is also offered to all the faithful who wish to deepen their knowledge of the unfathomable riches of salvation…The Catechism of the Catholic Church, lastly, is offered to every individual who asks us to give an account of the hope that is in us and who wants to know what the Catholic Church believes. Satan delights in murder. His goal is to get us to die in mortal sin. When we sin mortally we quite literally kill or soul. We need to strive to be fully alive in the Holy Spirit.

He will try and kill that relationship which would kill us. Remember not to fear the one who can harm your body but to fear the one who can kill your soul. Jesus conquered Satan on the cross and because of that we have the power to conquer him in our own life. Satan should be feared because of his ability to trick, deceive and murder us but we must remember that Jesus has won the victory and given the victory into our hands. If the power of Jesus Christ is in your life we will be conquerors with Him. Satan knows that He has been conquered and he tries to wage war on us to take as many people with him as possible.

He is our enemy but remember he is a conquered enemy. Fall in love with Jesus. Pray against the work of Satan in the world. Enter into the battle today. Do not be afraid! Hide your self in the wounds of Christ so that you can be safe while you fight. Help pull souls away form the Father of lies.

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The world below lies desolate Christ is Risen: The spirits of evil are fallen Christ is Risen: The angels of God are rejoicing Christ is Risen: The tombs of the dead are empty Christ is Risen indeed from the dead, the first of the sleepers, Glory and power are his forever and ever. Be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour… 1 Peter 5: A murderer from the beginning,.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Saints play a very big role in the life of a Radical Catholic. They are the people who lived the Radical Catholic life to the end. Radical Catholics are intercessors and the Saints are powerful to be invoked for intercession. When we are in the battle of prayer we need to remember to invoke the Saints.

Some of them are literally experts in whatever we are praying for. If you are praying for someone to be healed of a particular disease then look up the patron Saint associated with that disease and invoke Him. I have a list that I invoke in every situation but I also add particular patrons for special intentions. The Saints can teach us about Jesus and His Church. We can be sure that the writings of the Saints will steer us in the right direction. Many of them were so filled with the word of God that reading their writing is like reading Holy Scripture.

The Saints are the Radical Catholics who persevered to the end. One of the greatest graces of my life has been to read to the amazing stories of the lives of the Saints. We can talk about what to do all day but there will always be questions about how to live a life faithful to Jesus. The answers to these questions can be found in reading the lives of the Saints. They are perfect examples of people trying to remain radically faithful to Jesus to the very end. The Saints are powerful in Spiritual Warfare. These are human beings who conquered victoriously in the spiritual battle.

Satan was unable to ravage their souls like he desires and so each time we invoke their name we call to mind the victory Christ gained on Calvary and the Saints who fully embraced this victory. The litany of the Saints is super powerful in deliverance ministry. In fact no deliverance ministry or spiritual warfare should be attempted without invoking the intercession of the Saints.

Invoking the Saints calls to mind that each person can conquer Satan in their own life by being radically faithful to Christ. Humility is the key: Satan tried to raise himself to the equal of God. When we strive after true humility we place our selves in the complete and total control and protection of our Father. The Father will protect us when we root pride out of our lives. Satan despises the virtue of humility because it is the opposite of him. When you decide to enter into the spiritual battle first clothe yourself with humility as it will hide you and protect from the plans of the evil one.

The primary battle is in our own lives: Spiritual warfare does not mean only deliverance ministry although sometimes we will be praying for deliverance of others from evil spirits. Spiritual warfare is first and foremost the battle against sin in our life. If you have thoughts of combating the devil then first see how the evil one is working in your life and fight him there.