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So well written, that initially the reader will dislike her, but as you live her life through the story, by the end you will be rooting for her. The underlying tension throughout the novel kept me furiously reading. In some ways it was a relief to get to the end. However finis In Blood Secrets we follow the life of Irene as she meets Frank and they develop a life together, but this life is built like the proverbial house of cards.

However finishing this novel is bittersweet, as the experience of reading it for the first time is over. Blood Secrets is such a compelling, brilliant read that hooks the reader all the way to the end. Valencourt Books have over the past year introduced me to some of the best books I have ever read. This book is certainly on my highly recommend list, 5 stars! Sep 03, Mary Christine Delea rated it it was amazing Shelves: This isn't a horror story with supernatural beings, but with the horrors that families can do. Jul 02, Karl Marx S. Irene Rutledge is an ace student with grades to impress anyone, sophisticated and with good reasoning.

He starts to become possessive about his only daughter and for Irene to start with her own investigation which will lead to murder. I loved its dialogue and how the conversation goes on. The ending is a bit sad which patches up my disappointments that makes this particular novel very readable. I choose not to reveal the last sentences for fear of spoiling readers. Hardly the type you'd expect to become a murderess.

Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

What sets Irene on the path to murder is, of course, love. She has more or less counted on not falling in love with anyone, and prided herself on the casualness of her affairs. But Frank Mattison was something else againe, a mysterious and fascinating figure w "At twenty-three, Irene Rutledge seems to have the world by the tail: But Frank Mattison was something else againe, a mysterious and fascinating figure who seemed to elude Irene's most ingenious attempts to charm him. Even after the wedding, Frank kept his mysteries to himself. Even after his uninvited sister Vivian made a surprise appearance at the wedding driving Frank into panic.

Even after Frank began to monopolize their small daughter's attentions. Even after Irene's private terrors began. Frank's deepest secret turns out to be horrible beyond imagination - but Irene has already committed herself to a course of action that can only lead to murder. In Craig Jones' clean and biting prose, Iren's story gallopse to its terrifying conclusion, The psychological subtleties of this thriller are unfolded with great ingenuity, each little twiet to be savoured in this extraordinary novel that quickly turns into a nightmare. Picked it up cheap at the local Hospital for 50p.

A good read, I think. An excellent, acutely psychological mystery thriller from the late 70's that is unjustly forgotten today. I read it back in the day and never forgot it; rereading it this week I find it has lost none of its persuasive, cumulative power. I really hope someday this can get a reprint - it's an exceptionally well-written, grippi An excellent, acutely psychological mystery thriller from the late 70's that is unjustly forgotten today.

Super Secret

I really hope someday this can get a reprint - it's an exceptionally well-written, gripping you'll have a hard time putting it down , and powerful story. Sep 09, Maurya rated it it was amazing. The best murder mystery novel I've ever read This one takes the whole murder mystery plot and turns it on its head. In the first page of the book itself, we know who the murderer is and have the rest of the book to figure out who's going to be the victim.

While this could have easily turned into nothing more than a cheap gimmick, Jones keeps the screws tightened and delivers an amazing piece of writing leading up to a truly shocking climax. Highly recommend The best murder mystery novel I've ever read But a book with lots of adult themes and explicit material Sep 08, Kurt Reichenbaugh rated it really liked it Shelves: I found this short novel in a used bookstore and, by the cover, I thought it would be one of those suburban haunted house novels from the '70's.

She then takes you by the hand and pulls you slowly and deftly into her nightmare. The less said about the story the better. Jan 15, Shannon Holcomb rated it really liked it. A close friend of mine made me read this book to my protest. I did not think I would enjoy it at all. The cover just didn't seem like something I was into.

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

The first 20 pages bored me, but I got through them and then I was hooked. The vindictive nature of some of the characters, the plot twists and horrible events all had me on the edge of my seat. And the ending was just All in all, I'm glad I gave this book a chance! Feb 13, Jason Nickey rated it really liked it Shelves: This was not at all what I was expecting. I'm honestly surprised this was written by a man. Not only was it very well told from a woman's perspective, it had hints of the writing styles of VC Andrews and Anne Rivers Siddons. It's not an action packed novel, but more a story that slowly unravels as more secrets are revealed.

It was quite the page turner. Jul 09, Adam rated it it was amazing. This is a fantastic book. The action begins slowly, but as the book moves forward an underlying sense of tension, betrayal, absurdity takes shape. The denouement is a brilliant sequence of revelations the reader must wait until nearly the very end to discover.

May 28, Stacy Simpson rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is a must read book if like really slow to start books that shock you with the plot twist of incest!

See a Problem?

Obviously this book is fling head first into the sell bag! May 26, Jean rated it really liked it. This was an intriguing story. I would recommend this for all mystery readers. Mar 20, Sara Giacalone rated it really liked it. Well, Blood Secrets by Craig Jones gets an extra star simply because I wasn't immediately able to figure out the central mystery in the first quarter of the book unlike many I've read lately , and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

I liked the way the author flushed out the characters and the plot, yet didn't hammer the reader with foreshadowing a little goes a long way, ya know? Set mostly in the late s, it feels a little dated, but I don't mind.

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Pass the curtains to the right from the chapel and use the organ, which will open the tiny room above organ with Beast Vision. From the organ move to the morgue section of the funeral home and look for the crack on one of the body contaiment cells. Blew it up with dynamite and crawl for Body Armour. In the room with furnace, use the saw on the wall and the 2 packs of flaregun ammo will be revealed. Again, in the furnace room, there is a conveyor belt to furnace itself. Quickly run in and out and reward for your burns will be Life Seed.

Exit the crematorium and look for another crack in body cells, this time it is in upper section. Turn on the lights in room for better view. Inside, a Fire Armour is waiting for pick up. In the last room before exit, there is a cover from coffin recline to the wall in the corner and behind it there are Flares. In the last room there is a broken wall with a ledge aiming to the end of the level room. From it, you must jump to an invisible secret place located in the wall in front of that ledge, where the Napalm Launcher is hidden. Wrong Side of the Tracks - 8 secrets 1. In the waiting area of the station, you will hear a telephone ringing.

Use the telephone second from the right and take the Basic Armour. Stay in the kitchen, open the freezer and use bloody handprint. This will open a new area in previous secret see above witch Limited invisibilty. Enter the bookshop "Pickman's rare books and maps" and use the cash register. In front of you the bookshelf will slide down and contain Doctor's Bag. Same as in previous secret, but head right of cash register for another book shelf down witch Body Armour. In the passage to the Moon key door, break the window and jump on the ledge. Life Seed is hidden there.

In the Moon key room use the painting of woman and take the Guns Akimbo. Right at the train station, area where the train arrives, there is a small storage room with some tools.

Secrets Of The Dead Blood On The Altar

In the back of the room is crack on the wall. When you reach the storage or cargo car of the train, opposite to the entrance door, jump on some boxes and look for a Life Seed. In the same cargo car, look for the blue suitcase which contains a Beast Vision. In the dining car witch many cultists, there are two bar areas. Under the counters of both of them are switches, use one of them and the small wall panel will open in one of the bar area witch Reflective Shots in it.

Enter the train kitchen and use the stove like door near the flesh cooking area for Flare pistol.

In the original carriage car, there is a room witch cultists and the crack on the right wall. Blow it up and claim your prize: In the locomotive, i. Jump in and very quickly pick up all of the goods Flare pistol , a Sawed-off Shotgun , a Tommy Gun and a Life Seed or you will be toasted!

Very tricky and hard one The place from where you must make a jump is near a fire, so jump RIGHT side and use the sign "Phantom " on the side of the train. Trial and error are the best methods of finding this secret, so make sure you save before doing it. You starting at the train wreck, stick left, jump through the flames and cross the firewall and you found the first secret area containing Body Armour , two Bundles of TNT and a Box of Shotgun Shells. When you reach large water area with cultists on a bridge, jump to the water and search for an elevated ground under the pier.

Reward for your amazing swimming abilities are: After the turnicket passage there is first game "kiosk" witch smileyes and ducks. Shoot them and your prize Life Seed will be raised onto the counter. Beetwen sliding ducks and kick the head game is a wall. Jump there with your Jumping boots or jump on mine and to the wall. Beast Vision awaits you.

In the Kick the Head game you must kick all of the three zombie heads into the mouth. Try saving before first kick and if you are successful, pick up the Death Mask temporal invincibility in mouth. In the ratburgers area look to the left for the game where you must shoot bottles.

To the left of it is a wall with a secret behind it. You can jump there by using Jumping boots again or from manager's office and get the Full drum of bullets. Play the game with bottles to shoot, shoot them and pick Limited Invisibility as a reward. Inside the freak show exposition there is a zombie hanging behind the bars.

Destroy the bars using explosives and shoot the zombie. A panel with Guns Akimbo will open behind you. In Jo-Jo room is a snake pit witch two warning signs on it. Cradle to Grave - a fake wall that blends perfectly with the surrounding textures conceals an alcove with a Napalm Launcher. It is placed way too high for the player to jump, thus requiring a boost by using a cultist or a well-placed dynamite explosion.

Blood Secrets by Craig Jones

Phantom Express - a tiny invisible ledge on the outer wall of the second carriage. A secret door leads to a small room with various items. Hallowed Grounds - a damaging ledge near the level's end conceals a small chamber with some items and a device that appears to be the source of the chanting heard throughout the level. The Great Temple - a narrow fake "cloud" ledge leads to a small room that contains all weapons, items and power-ups from the shareware episode.

The Haunting - indicated only by an ambient sound clue, an invisible teleport trigger takes the player to a room with various items.