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Andrew Bonar Law

Find out more about cookies. Andrew Bonar Law was the Canadian-born son of a Scottish clergyman. He later worked for the family bank while attending university night classes, which gave him an interest in politics and debating.

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At 27 he was making his fortune as an iron merchant but did not live extravagantly, having simple tastes. With an inheritance that gave him financial independence, Bonar Law entered politics. He had a reputation for honesty and fearlessness, and was well regarded as an effective speaker. These qualities promoted him to Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade in He lost his seat in the Liberal landslide General Election, but he returned to represent Dulwich following a by-election later in the same year.

Past Prime Ministers

Though hit hard by the death of his wife, he continued his political career and won the Conservative party leadership in as a compromise candidate. Entering the courtyard at the Bonar Law Historic Site. Andrew Bonar Law he disliked the name Andrew and never used it was born in Rexton; the son of the Rev.

Mr Bonar Law Meets Unemployed (1923)

James Law — , who was pastor of St. James Law had five children, four boys and a girl. Only one of the family, Robert, remained in Rexton until his death.

His first three years of public schooling were spent in Rexton. After the death of his mother, an aunt took Bonar to Scotland to live with her; he completed high school in Glasgow, the only education he ever received, except through experience. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, ed. This text is licensed under: Selected Bibliography Adams, R.

Law, Andrew Bonar

Bonar Law , Stanford The unknown prime minister. The life and times of Andrew Bonar Law, , London Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford Bonar Law , London License This text is licensed under:

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