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World of Dragons by May Nakamura, illus. Chase's car, they travel to the Garden of Hesperides. From the place where Atlas once held up the sky , they see Artemis now doing his job. Thalia battles Luke, and he falls from a cliff, apparently dead.

With the help of Mr. Chase, who arrives in a biplane he has fitted with machine guns with Celestial bronze bullets, they escape and travel to a nearby airfield in Artemis' silver chariot. The rest of the group then heads for Olympus. During the winter solstice meeting, the gods are finally convinced by Artemis to take action against the Titans.

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  • Thalia is also asked by Artemis to become an immortal Huntress, and her acceptance is the only thing that prevents the onset of the Great Prophecy. Percy is told by his father that Luke is somehow not dead, and he and Annabeth return to Camp Half-Blood worried about the future. Before he can relax, however, Percy is forced to explain Bianca's death to Nico. Nico blames Percy, and when a group of spartoi arrive to attack the son of Poseidon , Nico banishes them to the realm of Hades , and Percy realizes that he must be a son of Hades.

    Nico runs away, and the only people Percy tells the truth are Annabeth and Grover. They promise to hide this fact from everyone else, especially the Titan's army. The Titan's Curse received relatively positive reviews, which often lauded the humor and action in the story.

    Children's Literature , which commended the book's fast pace and humor, wrote, "Readers will relate to good natured Percy, the protagonist. This can stand alone, though newcomers to the series will race back to the first two volumes and eagerly await a fourth installment. All in all, a winner of Olympic proportions and a surefire read-aloud. Readers who are familiar with ancient mythology will enjoy Riordan's tongue-in-cheek approach; those who aren't just might be tempted to go to the original sources to learn more.

    The Titan's Curse received several literature-related awards, including: An eight-hour-and-forty-eight-minute audiobook [14] read by the actor Jesse Bernstein [15] and published by Listening Library [16] was released on April 24, AudioFile Magazine lauded Bernstein's interpretation, writing, "Sounding alternately young, or old, or really scary, Jesse Bernstein In The Battle of the Labyrinth , Annabeth and Percy find an entrance into the Labyrinth during a game of capture the flag.

    Percy soon learns that Luke had used the entrance and will lead his army through the Labyrinth straight in to the heart of camp. Using the Labyrinth, Percy tries to find Daedalus so Luke cannot get Ariadne's string, thereby foiling Luke's invasion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Titan's Curse The front cover of the first U.

    List of Camp Half-Blood characters. The Battle of the Labyrinth. Novels portal Children's literature portal Mythology portal Speculative fiction portal. Library of Congress lccn. Archived from the original on May 8, Retrieved November 12, Retrieved January 16, San Antonio Business Journal. Retrieved January 18, Hyperion Books for Children. Retrieved April 12, Archived from the original on February 20, Retrieved January 23, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 3 Unabridged ".