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Marten van Valckenborch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. However, a closer look at the facts reveals that things are not always as they are portrayed. At the heart of the issue is knowing how the history of the Bible relates to the history of the ancient world. As always, chronology the dates of events is the backbone of history and a key to understanding these matters.

The tablet commemorating the building of a nearly foot tower is certainly a remarkable find. Dating from the time of Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II reigned — BC , it contains an image of the king and the huge, seven-tiered ziggurat that he had constructed.

Spectacular New “Tower of Babel” Discovery? – Not so Fast!

It also contains an account of the building of the tower. Ziggurats were square-shaped towers with tiers of decreasing size as they went upward. The story of the tablet is set to be told in a segment of a TV series on the Smithsonian Channel called Secrets. The claims expressed in the preview, flow from the views of Dr. Andrew George, a professor of Babylonian at the University of London who was the one to decipher the inscription.

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However, a review of the historical context of this find, along with careful assessment of Dr. The preview trailer announces the following about the tablet: It was an actual building from antiquity. The Bible portrays the Tower of Babel incident happening after the great flood and before the time of Abraham.

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There are different views regarding what dates should be assigned to the biblical timeline, but about the latest time proposed for the birth of Abraham is somewhere around BC. Traditions and many biblical scholars point to the time of Nimrod as the setting for the Tower of Babel.

So, the Bible puts the Tower of Babel well back into the Third Millennium BC, more than years before Nebuchadnezzar II, who was responsible for the ending of the southern kingdom of Judah and sending much of its population into captivity in Babylon. Therefore, if the history in the Bible is factual, Nebuchadnezzar could have nothing to do with constructing the biblical Tower of Babel. The raised relief carving of the 7-tiered tower on the tablet Screenshot from the Smithsonian Channel.

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