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But the spiders need a web, right? So I used the sharpie to draw a web in the corner and then put a spider sticker on the web:.

Haunted Portraits

I wasn't done yet, of course! We have to add blood! I carefully applied fake blood with a brush:.

Lastly, I used one of the other sheets of coloured paper to back a backdrop, and made it look torn up with the decoration scissors, being rough with it to make it tear and such, and we're done:. October has come at last, and with it, the joy of Halloween is now upon us. John Park, maker extraordinaire, recently posted a live make video where he used the contents of the Raspberry Pi-themed AdaBox to create a blinking portrait.

While you can purchase the AdaBoxes as one-off buys, subscribers get extra goodies.

Haunted Portraits - Scary Transforming Works of Art

There's even vampire options. You can choose all the colors and add scars as well! The hairstyle section is very romantic, with flowing historical styles, reminiscent of regency and rococo eras. There are beautiful gowns, spanning the fashions of many times, from Elizabethan grandeur to puritan order. Choose from soft soft backgrounds, even add some classic chiaroscuro the teacher promised I would get to use that word one day!

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  3. Clarinet Concerto, K. 622 - Full score (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts Werke, Serie XII Book 20)!

Just when you think you're finished, bonus! Take a dark twist and add tears, smears, blood and fire! How do you remove the back hair? Forgotten it's probably actually referring to the woman in the portrait.