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He wants to take away the heavy burden that is keeping us down.

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Do you see God that way? When you hear the invitation to deepen your relationship with God, do you see that you are important to Him above everything else you can do for Him? Believe Him and come to Him so that He cares for you. In the same manner, take care of yourself by treasuring His love.

Step into deeper walk with God and begin the journey of self discovery and healing in the process. Your wellbeing brings glory to God!

Mathew 2 In this drama played out in Chapter 2 of Mathew, we have three characters I would like us to focus on and appreciate the characteristics of a deeper life in God. For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him. And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he inquired of them where the Christ was to be born.

The powerful are disturbed and had hard time submitting to the true king of the universe, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Wisdom is knowing and seeking the author of life — Jesus Christ. It is difficult, because cheap talk has no place in this journey. What matters is what we do. The ultimate job description for the one who wants to join deeper walk with God is this: May this new year usher a way for us to also live a life congruent to the likeness of Christ.

Let us focus on working on ourselves up to this goal than being busy in the work of the ministry. Cease working and strive to achieve this "being". You are the blessing to your brother and sister. That is true because the Christ in you is ready to minster to the people around you. We see and touch Christ as we let Christ become visible through us to each other. You are the most beautiful in Christ. Only when you are in His Spirit that you get to appreciate the beauty in your brothers and sisters.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the Holy Spirit in you will give you insight to grasp and appreciate the beauty in others. The Holy Spirit is here to mend broken relationships, and help us enjoy each other in Christ Jesus. Remember that Christ is the one that makes the difference in all of our lives. The radiance is Him and only Him.

The Secret of Loving God! - Charles Spurgeon Sermons

Deeper walk with God reveals this treasure in us. Deeper walk with God is possible as we stay focused on Christ. The life of deeper walk has to do more about relating to the Person of Jesus Christ than anything we can think of doing. Therefore, learn to center yourself in having fellowship with Him - the One you love the most. Reject cultural pressure to define yourself based on your appearance, accomplishments, or possessions - which will always leave you feeling that you're not good enough.

Instead, seek to learn the truth about who you are, what passions you have, and what purposes you should be living for. Embrace your true identity through Jesus as God's beloved child. Know that, from God's perspective, you have incredible value.

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Your value has been secured by Jesus and isn't dependent on your abilities or whether or not other people accept you. Come out of hiding. God knows everything about you - including all your sins and weaknesses - and loves you anyway. Decide to stop trying to control your life and withholding your trust from God. Commit every part of your life to Him so you can experience positive transformation and freedom.

Focus on who you are rather than what you do. The many roles you fill in life as a spouse, parent, friend, employee, volunteer, etc. Instead of basing your identity on roles that can change, base it on God's love for you, which will never change. Place your confidence in who you are someone created by God and whose you are someone who belongs to God.

Immerse yourself in Scripture. Every day, make time to read, study, and meditate on some passages from the Bible. Absorb Scripture deep into your soul, where its truths will transform you.

Four Motivations:

When you make decisions, look to biblical principles rather than just your own feelings for guidance. Learn from your history.

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Reflect on important moments and events in your life so far, and take notes on some important ways God was at work through them. Think and pray about what God wants you to learn from how He has used your life's circumstances to draw you closer to Him. Thank Him for all He has done for you, and trust Him to continue to help you now and in the future. Trust in God's protection. Every fear you hold onto blocks you from experiencing a close relationship with God, because it undermines the trust on which a close relationship is based.

Each of us will give an account. The first piece of this is a sense of fear or respect. Many ask the question, what will I say to Him on that day. But the real question is not that.

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The real question is:. Connected with this concept of giving an account is also the positive side, that of rewards given for service rendered. These come in terms of Crowns five of them and honors. Character is who we are when no one is looking. It is a deep sense of what I am supposed to do and what I am not. How I wish I could help people see this. All of life as we become believers changes but we get into a different way of thinking.

We move into pleasing God for His blessing. Pleasing God or Trusting God. What does it say is really the beginning point. Read it several times, Take some notes… what does it say. Is there an outline in John ? Try to take the Bible and see the paragraphs by the bold verse numbers and then name each paragraph on a piece of paper. Are there central characters… hint: Jesus is one, John is even more prominent and why? Some Disciples are introduced… Father makes an appearance, and so does Holy Spirit.

Nicodemus is another who is he? What does it mean? Then check a commentary or two. Is there a praise I can give or a sin I can confess or an exhortation to heed, or a command to obey for me.