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In the opening chapter, the editors tried to define what is celebrity. Celebrities are someone who is known for his well-knownness. Those essays focused on the social meanings and ideologies coded with the 16 superstars either explicitly or implicitly.

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The discussions include the construction of their celebrity identity, their lives, star-hood, and their relationship with media as well as products they represent for. The reason that makes the book necessary is that sport celebrities have not received as much academic attention as their counterparts in other fields.

The chapter on Jordan sees Jordan less as an athlete than a postmodern American corporate icon. Thus, the commodity sign of Jordan must be viewed as fluid, complex, and contradictory. Jordan means different things to different people in different cultural context.

Reflections on Communication and Sport

Nike constructed his identity in accordance with the dominant values associated with American consumer culture, including American Dream, individualism and hard work, perseverance. His problems of gambling and the murder of his father did not tarnish his image long.

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In the post-Reaganisam, Jordan was portaryed as a dedicated family man in contrast with the stereotypical image of black masculinity. He successfully escaped the usual pejorative cultural signifier of his race. Golden but not brown: Oscar De La Hoya and the complications of culture, manhood, and boxing. The international Journal of the history of sport, 22, — Images of postmodern society: Social theory and contemporary cinema.

Sociology of Sport Journal, 22, A farewell to remember: Interrogating the Nancy Lopez farewell tour.

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Does cultural studies have futures? Cultural studies, contexts and conjunctures.

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Cultural Studies, 20, 1 — Cultural studies in the future tense. The local and the global: Mugging, the state, and the law and order.

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The politics of the body and the body politic: Sociology of Sport Journal, 10, — Discursive construction s of im migrant citizenship in Neoliberal America. Factfulness Hans Rosling Inbunden. Skickas inom vardagar. In a culture obsessed with celebrity, sportmen and women are some of the highest profile figures.

We are fascinated by sport stars' lifestyles, love lives, and earning power. Sport Stars investigates the nature of contemporary sporting celebrity, examining stars' often turbulent relationships with the media, and with the sporting establishment. Through a series of case studies of sporting stars, including Diego Maradona, Michael Jordan, Venus Williams and David Beckham, contributors examine the cultural, political, economic and technological forces which combine to produce sporting celebrity, and consider the ways in which these most public of individuals inform and influence private experience.