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In The Knot Book Colin Adams describes and illustrates the work being done to answer these questions. Starting with the simplest knot the trivial knot or unknot , Adams guides readers through increasingly more intricate twists and turns of knot theory, exploring problems and theorems mathematicians now can solve, as well as those that remain open.


He also looks at how knot theory is providing important insights in biology, chemistry, physics, and other fields. Included are hundreds of illustrations of knots including a table at the end of the book displaying nearly different knots as well as worked examples, exercises open problems - even a few knot jokes and pastimes.

The Knot Book: An Elementary Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Knots

With The Knot Book and a mathematical background that includes no more than a familiarity with polynomials, you will be able to understand and work with some of the discipline's most modern and provocative ideas. The Knot Book Colin C. Marriage brings such joy, but the joy comes only through the dedication and the work. One thing we always agree on, though, is that we would have benefitted from some good pre-marriage counseling.

We were Christians when we got married and deeply involved in a church, but somehow were never offered any significant pre-marriage counseling. In fact, the only pre-marriage counsel I remember receiving was from a friend who was married a few weeks before us.

The Knot Book of Wedding Lists

The sum total of his counsel was this: Even better, we could have used a book like this and a mature married couple to go through it with us. The opening chapter calls the reader to ensure that he or she is truly following Jesus. Not only that, but the reader must also be convinced that his or her future spouse is truly following Jesus. From there Green dedicates a chapter to each of the following: In other words, he offers wise, biblical counsel on the joys of marriage and also on the most common challenges.

The book is practical.

The Knot Book of Wedding Lists by Carley Roney, Editors of The Knot | Books

Tying the Knot is meant to be practical and succeeds well. Every chapter concludes with homework discussion questions that are actually engaging and helpful. There are also advanced homework assignments for those who want to do a little more. The book is appropriate.

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The chapter on sexual intimacy is discreet and appropriate. It is meant to provide the framework for sexual intimacy, but not to go too deep into the details. It may be wise to supplement with Intended for Pleasure or another book that can help couples who are struggling with issues related to sexual intimacy and pleasure.

Green gives lots of biblical counsel in the areas of sex and money management, but rarely gives specific counsel that goes beyond the general truths Scripture offers. The book is timely.

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I have long noticed that pre-marriage counseling books do not always age well.