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For those who try to change and fail, this book shows you how to play by your brain's rules and know your limitations to achieve lasting change. Product details File Size: March 29, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Joe Hill writes a quick concise book with excellent references to very pointed scripture dealing with the topic.

How my soul cries out for you

You are left feeling satisfied that your struggles are indeed not uncommon. He adds an interesting graph in chapter 12 that further verifies the fact. I enjoyed the book. It will be read many times during the inevitable struggles to come. This was very inspirational. I recommend all believers and non-believers believers to read this. See all 3 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. My Soul Cries Out: Reflections on Faith During Difficult Times.

Set up a giveaway. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Trey Hunter showed up at our door six months ago, after not having seen Kevin in years.

Kevin introduced him as his high school friend. I guess high school sweetheart was more like it. But something should have alerted me long before that. I racked my brain searching for clues I might have ignored. Kevin and I met not too long after I finished college and started visiting the church he attended.

Corbin Allred - Oh My Soul Hungered

They had the best choir in the city and sang the latest contemporary music. I joined after visiting a few Sundays. I had sung in the choir as long as I could remember. Never sang a solo, but I was one of those solid altos any director could count on to keep everyone else on key. Kevin was the minister of music.

I was the section leader, so me and Kevin hung out after rehearsals to discuss songs or parts or whatever. One night, we went out to dinner at IHOP afterwards and talked until two in the morning. From then on, we were inseparable. We went out after every rehearsal and every church service. Sometimes with a big group from the choir, sometimes just us. The end table held a picture of us and our choir clique at our favorite table at IHOP.

Judging from the fatness of my cheeks, my all-black outfit, and the salad instead of pancakes on the table in front of me, I must have been on an upswing of my lifelong weight yo-yo. I scraped the bottom of the ice cream carton. Where did a whole pint go that quick? Good thing they had a two-for-one sale last week. This was no time to be worried about my weight.

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I turned to stare at our wedding picture hanging over the fireplace mantle. Kevin was dashing in his tux.

Soul Crying Out

I looked at his mocha chocolate skin, tall muscular body, thick, curly hair, and heartbreaking smile. I had crash dieted to get into my size 12 wedding dress and looked good, if I do say so myself. My classy Halle Berry haircut complimented my heart-shaped face.

The dress was perfect for my hourglass shape. That was one thing I had going for me. I knew some of my fellow choir sistahs were jealous and I felt good to be the one that caught the mysterious, elusive Kevin Day. He was charismatic as the minister of music — able to lead the whole church into the highest realms of praise and worship.

Author and Missionary

But he seemed nervous when all the women fawned over him and vied for his attention. But then again, what would I know? Kevin was my first and only real love. Something in me snapped. I picked up a book and crashed it into the picture. I began picking up pictures of me and Kevin from all over the den.

The one from our honeymoon in Negril, I threw against the wall. One by one, I destroyed the evidence of what I thought was our wonderful, God-ordained life together. As I smashed each picture, I felt my heart shattering with the glass. My throat was raw from screaming. I had to destroy everything that told the lie I now knew my marriage was. My mind was spinning.

Instinctively, I picked up the phone to call my best friend, Trina. Right after the speed dial finished, I hung up. What would I tell her?


I just caught my husband with another man? Did that really just happen? I looked around at the mess. Trina lived only about fifteen minutes away. I grabbed a broom and swept the glass into a pile. I cut my finger on a long, thin shard. Blood trickled down my arm. I ran water over my finger until its red tinge ran clear, then wrapped it in toilet paper.

That would have to do for now. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My eyes were puffy, nose red and my short bob was flying everywhere. I looked like a crazy woman. I splashed my face with cold water, blew my nose and tried to smooth my hair down. The doorbell rang again. My feeble attempt at fixing my face was lost on Trina. When I opened the door, she gasped. She stared at the broken glass, picture frames and picture fragments. Did you and Kevin get in a fight? She must have noticed the blood soaking through the tissue on my finger. What did he do to you? Did Kevin hurt you?

I could hear her rummaging through the cabinets and running water. She came back with a wet dishtowel and a glass of water. She unwrapped my finger and wrapped it in the wet cloth and gave me the water to drink. She went to the bathroom and came back with a roll of toilet paper and handed me a wad to wipe my face. She rubbed my back and waited for me to stop crying.

I finally looked up at her. I rolled off some more tissue and blew my nose. I looked at the floor. Every few seconds, she would turn back to me with her mouth wide open, her eyes asking if I said what she thought I said. Each time she did, I nodded. I started crying again.

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Her saying it — or not being able to say it — seemed to make it more real. Trina pulled herself out of her stupor and came over to hug me. Just…help me not to lose it. Leave it to Trina to make me laugh at a time like this. Chapter One The worst day of my life was the day I caught my husband cheating on me. I should have been so lucky. Instead of his studio down the hall.

Where he usually wrote music.