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This was a very gripping book, and I didn't see coming the even weirder situa This is one of those people-in-weird-situation books. This was a very gripping book, and I didn't see coming the even weirder situation that develops at the end of the story. It was well written and had sympathetic characters all around. Jan 15, Sue Anne Akers rated it it was ok. I was disappointed in this book. The character development was thin and inconsistent. The story was unbelievable, with medical problems invented by the author that do not exist.

Certainly more research could have been done on the medical side to make the story more possible. The character of Maxine was a blip in the story, yet she was pivotal in the final chapter. Unfortunately, since the reader only gets a skeleton of an idea about her, the reader is left confused about Maxine's final action.

She’s A Model Student & Daughter, But She Hid A Secret From Father //

I I was disappointed in this book. It seemed inconsistent with the limited information the author gave us about Maxine and no explanation was given as to why she would go against her character. Aug 01, Debbie rated it liked it.

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Gina Melrose is trying to pull her life back together after the sudden death of her husband Ben at the age of She becomes a "live-aboard" on his boat in a marina in coastal SC near the home they once shared. She is just starting to come to grips with the changes in her life when things take another dramatic turn with the arrival of a woman named Reese and her daughter Angel. Gina is surprised to find out how they intersect with her life and even more surprised to find out how much she is dra Gina Melrose is trying to pull her life back together after the sudden death of her husband Ben at the age of Gina is surprised to find out how they intersect with her life and even more surprised to find out how much she is drawn to them.

First book I've read by this author, but really enjoyed her writing style. Her novel was a quick, easy read. Nov 14, Niki rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This book was such a disappointment after I'd picked it up at the used bookstore based on good reviews. I don't think I made it past page 25 or so because of the horrible language. I am not a prude and I get that it's necessary to use certain words to portray characters in certain ways education level, their anger, fear, etc.

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I'll not pick up This book was such a disappointment after I'd picked it up at the used bookstore based on good reviews. I'll not pick up anything by this author again. Accidental Happiness is about a woman,Gina, who just lost her husband in a sudden freak accident. Gina is having a hard time coping when her life is suddenly interrupted by her husban's x-wife and her young child. The amazing aprt is that this unwelcome "visit" from them is just what Gina needs to start the healing process.

Feb 14, JoAnn rated it liked it. This book was good. It has a lovable cast of characters who each have issues in their past that helps to define how they deal with life today. As I was reading, I was predicting the ending, and it was different than what I thought. I found myself thinking that none of these characters acted as a real person would, so as much as they were lovable, their actions were sort of hard to believe. If only the world was that good! Mar 22, Bonnie rated it it was ok Shelves: I thought the premise of this book sounded interesting: Happiness often comes not in the way one might expect or look for, but perhaps totally unexpected, as if by "accident.

The characters would not have been less "developed" to have left out the expletives or specifics. May 22, Janice rated it really liked it. Interesting plot twist near the end.

See a Problem?

And the romance was a little idealistic, with a too-perfect boy friend for one of the main characters. But the MS thread hit close to home for me. I like the way this author is able to weave together so many subplots.

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And her resolutions are feel-good and warm, with hope that left me wanting more. Feb 13, Vilo rated it really liked it. This is a beautiful book where grief and joy and loss and new possibilities all mingle, a book you want to last just a little longer even though all the plot elements have at least a hinted-at resolution. I love the idea that we can make discoveries in our present that seem to change the past--at least let us shake off our resentments and fears.

Jul 16, Christi rated it really liked it Shelves: But in this case it works. Gina is in first person and Reese is in 3rd person so it doesn't feel as jumbled or confusing as it sometimes can. More like a 2. Reminded me of a Lifetime movie, with the exception of some of the twists. Can't say that I really liked Gina or Reese. I don't think I would have made any of the same decisions Gina made if I were in this situation, starting with whole opening scene.

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The writing was not bad, but there were a few scenes that probably could have been left out completely. Aug 09, Heather rated it really liked it. That sometimes, when we let life happen, fantastic things happen that we could never have imagined Maybe I got more out of it than some would ;o.

Paperback Editions

Nov 17, Pmcdnld2 rated it liked it. This would make a sappy hallmark movie but I still liked it. Gina is a young widow wallowing in her grief when her husband's flaky ex-wife shows up with an 8 year old daughter who could be her husband's child; and she finds out that her husband had been meeting the ex and the child right before his death. It's a good story. Jul 22, Sally F rated it it was ok Shelves: This story was told from two points of view. A widow of a man who had died in a tragic accident and his ex-wife.

I really didn't take a liking to either woman - each was so self-involved. And the story took numerous unbelievable turns - it just rang false. The ending was just too neat, too.

Accidental Happiness

Aug 17, Angie rated it liked it. Interesting change of pace from many of today's books. It had romance, but it also had many other life experiences, which could have different consequences if any one little detail had been handled differently. Jun 08, Robyn rated it liked it. This is a pretty good story, I started reading it and only got a chapter in it didn't have me hooked at the time. About a month later I picked it back up and finished it. Not one of my top reads but still pretty good.

I enjoyed this book. It is about a two women who were both married to the same man at different times, but this man dies. They hate eachother at first, but then the story takes an interesting twist and I honestly couldn't put it down towards the end. Jan 27, Karen rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A man's widow and his ex-wife forge a family of sorts following some dallying with younger men and endless heart-to-heart discussions. There's a cute kid and two awesomely cool older women, too, making it all a bit more bearable.

The story is told from the perspective of both women as the book progresses. Gina tries to figure out why Reese has appeared, and what her agenda is. Nov 17, Dawn Michelle rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Got about pages in and had to stop. The language was horrible for me. I can actually deal with the "F" word, but when they start throwing around "J. I would not recommend this book to anyone! Jan 25, Julie rated it liked it. I like the characters and the plot development and how you have to figure out some aspects of the story.

After a rough start, Gina realizes that, strange as it may seem, she's drawn to both Reese and Angel. Their sudden appearance shatters the stillness - and Gina is remade. She is fascinated by Reese, who seems both invincible and vulnerable - and whose past may hold the key to Gina's future. Gina begins to realize that for the first time since Ben's death, she's getting her senses back. As both pain and joy reenter her world, Gina discovers that she is able to accept feeling in order to live fully once more. But the biggest surprise for Gina is her relationship with Angel. After the painful loss of her sister during childhood, Gina had decided that she would never have children of her own.

Struggling through conflicted emotions, Gina's finds her life unexpectedly transformed by the precocious little girl who may be Ben's daughter.

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This tender, poignant novel movingly explores the bonds of family and the resilience of hope. In the accomplished tradition of the novels of Elizabeth Berg and Anita Shreve, Jean Reynolds Page's Accidental Happiness is a lyrical, enthralling drama unafraid to examine complex relationships with a clear eye and an honest heart. A Novel Author s: