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As a working wife and mother of six daughters, Genette is deeply connected to the complexities of modern womanhood. Genette is the author of two books that equip people for optimal living: In , she founded The Queen City Sisterhood , a popular community group in Charlotte, North Carolina that connects women to encourage authentic success and overall wellbeing.

Genette earned a B. A native of Arkansas, Genette lives happily in the Charlotte, North Carolina area with her husband, Dexter, and their six daughters. She enjoys power walking, singing and making her home a beautiful place to live. For years I neglected my own well being to meet the grueling demands of being the perfect wife, mom, employee and employer. When I came up for a breath, my toil had helped to create a successful husband, six happy daughters, a beautiful home, impactful work…and a host of serious physical and emotional issues for me.

This feeds the nonstop swirl and the relentless intensity of daily living.

14. Write it all down

Solve one small problem every day that is within your control—something easy, like taking a walk, putting some attention on a neglected relationship, reading a few pages of a book, going to an exercise or yoga class, putting the cap back on the toothpaste, taking out the trash, cleaning a room or your car, washing the dishes, paying bills, watching a training video, doing the laundry, or bettering yourself in some way—to remind you what is within your ability to influence.

Lack of sleep is a huge stressor. Set a target to be in bed by We know the value of getting our blood flowing and the nourishing chemical and hormonal response we experience from a good workout.

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  • 17. Roll your way to health..

In order to thrive physically and emotionally, and overcome our stress, the bodymind needs to cultivate strength, flexibility, and balance. Daily exercise of at least 22 minutes the minimum threshold for capillary development makes that possible by building our resilience, and it releases physical tension. Every TV content provider offers free programming for physical workouts, Pilates, yoga, and dancing. Create a nourishing environment: Ideally, one of the steps you are taking toward destressifying your life is decluttering.

Clutter in the home can create stress for everyone who lives there. A messy home equals a stressy home! If you can make the commitment to manage your stress by creating all your physical spaces with balance and nourishment , your outer world will begin to mirror your inner destressified self.

Being in any space that you consider calm, orderly, and reflective of your values will support you in your projects, relationships, and choices. Living in the moment is very relaxing—until you have to show up and be your best!

20 Ways to Eliminate Stress From Your Life : zen habits

Taking the time to plan and prepare are two present-moment activities that ensure the future will arrive as close to your expectations as possible. If you have a big presentation next week, take the time to look at all the possibilities, and practice—even if you just read it over a few times. Attention invested in advance will help the moment unfold with greater ease and with a higher likelihood that your needs will be met.

If you think life is rushing at you too quickly, remind yourself that the world comes at you at the speed and frequency you choose. Develop clarity regarding what is within your control and what is not. The outside world will only bring us temporary happiness—true, long-lasting happiness rests within.

As the famous step prayer reminds us: Just like plants, most birds and mammals, and the majority of diurnal creatures on the planet, our bodies are wired to rise with the sun, be productive during the plus hours of sunlight everyday, and wind down when it sets. When we can align ourselves with the rhythms of nature—the daily, lunar, tidal, and seasonal— we are not struggling against universal forces of nature. We are flowing with them.

20 Ways to Eliminate Stress From Your Life

All the hormones and chemicals in your body are specifically designed to support you during sunlight and nourish you in sleep during darkness. They are continually seeking to overcome their stress and struggling against the damaging schedule that is hindering their path to self-actualization. If you find yourself in the throes of chronic stress, where you are living in a state of emotional fight or-flight, then most likely your breathing is probably pretty shallow or erratic and your sympathetic nervous system is calling the shots.

Making a conscious decision every hour throughout the day to take a few deep, relaxing breaths in through your nose—and long, sighing exhales out through your mouth—to activate your parasympathetic nervous system will offset the initial surge of the sympathetic nervous system and the subsequent constricting physical effects. This is a powerful tool in mastering how to overcome and manage your stress.


Additionally, just 16 seconds of deep breathing fills your body with nourishing, calming oxygen and activates your relaxation response by quickly introducing a pattern interrupt into the first few conditioned waves of emotion or tension. Proactively practice 16 seconds throughout the day at 10 a.

18 Simple But Powerful Ways to Overcome Stress and Get Back Into the Flow

These words attributed to Winston Churchill during World War II can be a subtle reminder to keep leaning, keep moving in the direction of your dreams. We know that the most successful people get clear on their plan and give it 40 days to unfold. But small irritations and blockages never stood in their way for long. And if you choose to keep going, even when it looks pretty dark out there, you will rally those around you to support your efforts. Go back and change things: