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Contrary to what you might expect, drinking copious amount of water before, during if it's a long workout and after exercise is actually more critical in cold temperatures. In cold weather, your body loses moisture not just from sweating, but from breathing, when you use moisture to heat the cold air. Cold winds also foster dehydration -- something you might want to factor in when choosing an exercise route. When you inhale cold air, your nasal passages heat and moisten it. It may be uncomfortable to breathe cold air, but it's not dangerous at most temperatures you're likely to encounter in the Washington area.

Unless, that is, you have asthma.

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The combination of cold, dry air and the stress of exercise can trigger an asthma attack. InteliHealth, a Web site affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School's consumer health information service, recommends that asthmatics take a puff or two from a bronchodilator medication such as Ventolin or Proventil about 20 minutes before an outdoor workout.

Wearing a scarf or face mask can also help by warming and moistening the air as it enters your mouth.

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  7. We're talking about a drag on your style but not on your performance. A study last spring by the U. Olympic Committee's Sport Science and Technology Division found that about 23 percent of a group of athletes from the Winter Olympics team experienced some form of exercise-induced asthma, but the episodes had no significant effect on their performances; in fact, several of those affected were medal winners. Asthmatic or not, if you feel extreme chest tightness or discomfort during exercise, stop.

    Whether it's sweat on the inside or sleet on the outside, moisture makes you lose body heat faster.

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    The air and fabric closest to your skin determines how warm you feel, so the goal when it's cold is to move moisture away from your skin as quickly as possible. High-tech fabrics such as polypropylene, Polartec and CoolMax wick dampness from the body, then let it evaporate away. All the big brand names sport variations on the theme: Other moisture-wicking names you might spot on labels are Dryline or Drylete. Any one will do when worn next to the skin. Polypropylene shirts make great base layers. Polartec tights or pants are snug and may be all you need on your legs for a Washington area winter.

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    Polartec can also be an outer layer -- vests over long-sleeved shirts add extra warmth without bulk. Don't assume department store "fleece" is moisture- or wind-resistant unless the label says so. If you don't have a closet full of CoolMax and you're looking at a pile of T-shirts, choose one that's a cotton-polyester mix rather than percent cotton. While cotton is comfy, it won't insulate when wet, and you'll be cold and clammy by mid-workout.

    A breathable jacket keeps out wind and rain while moving sweat away from you.

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    A sweat shirt will get, well, sweaty. Top the whole getup with a. Despite what your mother told you, as heavyweight a source as Blue Cross Blue Shield notes that you don't lose any more heat through your head than any other exposed body part. What matters more are your ears. Many topper-averse winter exercisers may be able to get away safely with an ear-covering headband or earmuffs.

    But if your hair is history, stick with the hat. Protect the skin on your face, too, with moisturizing sunblock, which also acts as insulation, and lip balm with sunblock. Sure, it's obvious, but it tripped me up just the same. Walk, don't run, over ice patches; if possible, stick to the snow, which affords more traction. If roads are extremely slick, get back on the old stationary bike or take a day off and catch up on sleep.

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    Turn on desktop notifications? Share on Google Plus. Feel the [Freezer] Burn! The story must be told. If freezer space is limited, trays may be stacked, but do so gently to avoid crushing. Once they have completely frozen, transfer the blueberries into Ziploc bags on any other airtight freezer containers. Label containers with the contents and date frozen and place in freezer.

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    Blueberries will keep frozen for up to a year with minimal loss of flavor or texture deterioration. Get our best gardening advice and outdoor ideas delivered straight to your inbox. Home Outdoors Gardens Garden to Table. How to Freeze Blueberries. Keep this popular superfood around all year with easy freezing instructions. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email.

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    How to Make Blueberry Pie The recipe may be simple, but this sweet pie is huge on flavor. How to Freeze Strawberries Start a frozen strawberry treasure-trove with these easy instructions. Pickled Blueberries It may seem odd at first, but pickled blueberries are the perfect combination of sweet and zesty. Blueberries for the Southwest Here's a tip on how to grow your own blueberries.

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    Tips on Growing Great Blueberries If growing blueberries has you singing the blues, find out about new delicious varieties bred to bloom despite southern and coastal climate challenges. Fruit of Your Labor: Growing Blueberries Five easy steps for a productive harvest.

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    Blueberry Merlot Sorbet Grab your favorite bottle of fruity merlot to make this homemade blueberry sorbet, perfect for a hot day. Homemade Blueberry Preserves This all-natural recipe skips on the additives but not the flavor. Can You Freeze Fresh Pineapple? Next time you spot a great deal on pineapple, stock up. With minimal fuss, you can freeze this tasty, nutritious fruit. Good Bones 7am 6c. Lakefront Bargain Hunt 8am 7c. Lakefront Bargain Hunt 8: Lakefront Bargain Hunt 9am 8c. Lakefront Bargain Hunt 9: Lakefront Bargain Hunt 10am 9c.

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