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Information about a variety of topics related to housing in New Zealand, at both a national and regional level. The incidence of serious infectious diseases IDs , notably respiratory, skin and enteric infections, is increasing in New Zealand NZ. The well established links between poor housing and poor health indicate that housing improvement may be an important mechanism through which public investment can lead to health improvement.

Damp and mould in homes have been established as risk factors for respiratory health. There is a need for a relatively straightforward assessment of the home that quantifies this risk.

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Poor housing fuels rise in asthma and ill health

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Poor housing fuels rise in asthma and ill health | Society | The Guardian

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What Cholesterol Levels Mean. Diseases of the Eye. Health Aff Millwood Minimal difference in the prevalence of asthma in the urban and rural environment. Clin Med Insights Pediatr 6: In The State of the Nation's Housing. Environmental exposures and asthma morbidity in children living in urban neighborhoods. The spectrum of aeroallergen sensitization in children diagnosed with asthma during first 2 years of life. Allergy Asthma Proc The role of housing type and housing quality in urban children with asthma.

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  • Homes of low-income minority families with asthmatic children have increased condition issues.
  • Poor Quality Housing Tied to Higher Asthma Rates Among Kids - MedicineNet?
  • Flint 2: Working Girls.
  • Poor Quality Housing Tied to Higher Asthma Rates Among Kids.
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J Am J Public Health The meaning and measurement of race in the US census: Glimpses into the future. Ethnicity, environment and health: Putting ethnic inequalities in health in their place.

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  6. Homes of low-income minority families with asthmatic children have increased condition issues;
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