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Spa Retreats - Western Australia. Day Tours We have some fantastic day tours on offer including.

Word of Mouth Food Tours. Hands on Cooking Classes.

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Customised Tours Not requiring an escorted tour - Then why not get a group of 6 or more together and we can customise a trip to suit you! Great for families, lesbians, work mates, friends etc I'm going to work from home this afternoon and finish packing for a pretty spontaneous trip to Iceland!! I signed the allgoodbrand reeffriendly sunscreen pledge and you should too!

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No more chemical based sunscreens that are killing the reef and probably our bodies too A post shared by moona whyte kitesurfer moonawhyte on Aug 2, at 8: As a professional kitesurfer based in Oahu, she's out on the water almost every day of the week. She doesn't just care about staying active and sharpening her surf skills, though.

She's also an advocate for organic and eco-friendly products. The challenge and struggle involved in going to the tops of high mountains make me feel so alive. It's these extraordinary experiences that teach me patience and respect and offer new perspective - it's addicting. What do the mountains hold for you? She's always exploring new trails —whether the trek requires steel crampons or a full climbing harness.

11 Adventurous Women Who Will Inspire You to Live Your Adventure, Too

I thought I knew about resilience and sacrifice. Every day I'm humbled to the bone by the extreme highs and lows that come with this journey. I quit my job.

I moved my life. I gave up an income.

Adventurous Women

I don't have an answer yet and I've never been good at faith, so I guess I just have to be in love with the learning - with the path itself. But you know what? Some days it's soul crushing. Some days, I want to get on my horse and get the fuck out of dodge.

7 Adventurous Women Who Will Inspire You to Go Outside

Wouldn't that be romantic and cool if people could actually just ride off into sunsets? Just ride on out of life? I think about it quite a bit these days, but lately, there's this thing that keeps happening when I find myself wanting to run.

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As soon as I start to lose it a little, within minutes I'll get a message from a friend with a little nugget of kindness or a reminder of how far I've come. To remember that these risks might just be worthwhile in the end and running away from fear and risk and doubt will never lead you to the truth or the light.

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Only further away from it. A post shared by Jainee Dial jaineedial on Oct 19, at 8: Her collection of photos and stories encourages every woman to live boldly: Just a few of my favourite things. Not only have I been fortunate in health, with the ability to run everyday if I so chose too With endless trails and scenic backdrops. It truly is a blessing.