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The First Recorded Miracle of St.

Elijah the Prophet

Euphemia in the Hippodrome The Miracle of St. Euphemia at the Fourth Ecumenic The Existence of Jesus Q. Prokopios and Constantine, Protectors of Orth The Veneration of St. Prokopios in the Time of the Saint Prokopios the Great Martyr St. The Canonization of Saint Nektarios and Patriarch Life at the Sora River St. Athanasios the Athonite - Hard Working, Sociab The Celebration of the Feast of St. The Autograph Neomartyrologium Collection of Monk Kallistos of Diokleia on Elder Sophro Subscribe To Posts Atom. St Epiphanius of Cyprus gives the following account about the birth of the Prophet Elijah: They swaddled him with fire and fed him with flames.

From the years of his youth he dedicated himself to the One God, settled in the wilderness and spent his whole life in strict fasting, meditation and prayer. Called to prophetic service, which put him in conflict with the Israelite king Ahab, the prophet became a fiery zealot of true faith and piety. During this time the Israelite nation had fallen away from the faith of their Fathers, they abandoned the One God and worshipped pagan idols, the worship of which was introduced by the impious king Jereboam.

Jezebel, the wife of king Ahab, was devoted to idol worship. She persuaded her husband to build a temple to the pagan god Baal, which led many Israelites away from the worship of the true God. Beholding the ruin of his nation, the Prophet Elijah began to denounce King Ahab for impiety, and exhorted him to repent and turn to the God of Israel. The king would not listen to him. The Prophet Elijah then declared to him, that as punishment there would be neither rain nor dew upon the ground, and the drought would cease only by his prayer.

Indeed, the word of Elijah was a torch Eccles. During this time of tribulation, the Lord sent him to a cave beyond the Jordan. There he was miraculously fed by ravens. When the stream Horath dried up, the Lord sent the Prophet Elijah to Sarephta to a poor widow, a Sidonian Gentile who suffered together with her children, awaiting death by starvation.

At the request of the prophet, she prepared him a bread with the last measure of flour and the remainder of the oil. Through the prayer of the Prophet Elijah, flour and oil were not depleted in the home of the widow for the duration of the famine. By the power of his prayer the prophet also performed another miracle: After the end of three years of drought the Merciful Lord sent the prophet to appear before King Ahab, and promised to send rain upon the earth.

When the nation had gathered, the Prophet Elijah proposed that two sacrificial altars be built: The Prophet Elijah told them to call on their gods to consume the sacrificial animals with fire, and he would call on his. Whichever was first to send fire on the sacrifice would be acknowledged as the true God. Clothed in sackcloth, not rich clothes. Elijah clothed in leather girdle, Moses dressed plain.

Elijah calls fire from Heaven twice, II Kings 1. Turn water into blood, bring plagues on earth. Elijah a prophet, Moses was also a prophet Acts 3: God protects them in death, takes their bodies away so their enemies cannot touch them. Elijah taken to first heaven, God buried Moses in secret place. The evidence from Malachi 4: The Transfiguration in the New Testament associates Moses and Elijah in a special role when the Messiah returns in glory. They understood the vision of the Transfiguration to represent the coming of Messiah in His kingdom.

Jesus answered and told them that Elijah must first come, and restore all things. John the Baptist was dead at this time, but was a type of Elijah, Matthew The Elijah to come cannot have been totally fulfilled in John the Baptist, who preceded the first coming of Christ, not the second coming, before the dreadful day of the LORD spoken of in Malachi. There is very strong, but not certain, evidence that Moses and Elijah will be the Two Witnesses. As we know, Moses and Elijah are dead. One could object to the possibility of Moses and Elijah being the Two Witnesses by quoting Hebrews 9: But considering the unusual circumstances surrounding the departure of Moses and Elijah, it may be that the Eternal is not finished using these special servants of His.

Another puzzling scripture is that of Jude 9 , where we are told that Michael the Archangel contended with the devil about the body of Moses. I do not know. Consider the resurrection of the son of the widow of Zarephath, the resurrection of Lazarus, and the resurrection of many dead saints at the death of the Messiah, Matthew I can find no scripture prohibiting Moses and Elijah from being the Two Witnesses.

John the Baptist

There are, as we have shown, strong indications that Moses and Elijah will be resurrected to perform this end time work for the Almighty. However, we cannot go beyond what God says and declare this to be a certainty.

The Elijah to Come

As believers, we should have an awesome respect for the word of God, and not add nor take away from the Bible. To our regret, others have claimed to fulfill prophetic roles when the facts prove them liars.

A prime example is the claim that Herbert W. This was re-iterated in a November , member letter. So just as John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus Christ at His first coming, another is to come before the great and terrible Day of the Lord, as a forerunner of Jesus Christ at His second coming. He, like John, will come in the spirit and power of Elijah to fulfill the commission of Malachi 4: And neither will the world today recognize the one whom God sends in the spirit and power of Elijah shortly before the terrible Day of the Lord, when the Jesus Christ of your New Testament will intervene in world affairs to set up the government — Kingdom — of God on earth.

Malachi 4 is clear that God will send Elijah , not someone in the spirit and power of Elijah.

Elijah the Tishbite

Armstrong, in his final book, Mystery of the Ages paperback, , identified himself as the end-time Elijah:. Armstrong was the Elijah to Come:. Rather than appeal to subjective emotion and feeling, like Mr. Flurry does, we should stay with the Bible and the objective facts of history. Does the over-all life and ministry of Herbert Armstrong bear any resemblance to that of Elijah and John the Baptist? Let us compare them without prejudice. Both lived plainly, John drank no wine.

Lived richly, sometimes drank too much. Apostle, Elijah, Zerubabel, etc. Proud man, feared by his associates. John established no Church, told people to look for the soon-coming Messiah. Established centralized church organization, with tight central control. Told followers to follow Christ, not him. John lost his head for telling unconverted Herod that his marriage to a divorcee was unlawful. Died of old age, gave gifts to wicked rulers, never produced the fierce opposition from public leaders like the preaching of Elijah and John.

Jesus said John was an Elijah, John said he. HWA claimed that he himself was Elijah. Elijah and John the Baptist were consistent throughout their ministry; they never had doctrinal error and never changed doctrine. Jesus said John the Baptist was not a reed shaken by doctrinal wind. HWA changed doctrine many times. Elijah and John lived moral lives, were of impeccable character.

HWA was accused of sexual sins. There are many facts which make it improbable that Herbert W. Armstrong was the end-time Elijah the Prophet. The best that we can say about Armstrong idolaters such as the PCG is that they are deceived and do not follow the Bible. When someone is aware of the facts, and still persists in his or her erroneous way, then you really have to feel sorry for them.

This confusion and clouded thinking is the result of idol worship.

The Creator said that no liars and idolaters will be in the Kingdom of God. If there is any reader of this article who has not seen proof that Herbert W. Flurry himself, along with The Philadelphia Trumpet. I am referring to the Vol. On pages 6 and 7 of this issue are quotations from WCG publications ranging from to HWA was a false prophet! Do you believe Deuteronomy I am fearful to disobey these words of God. That is why, even though I see much evidence that Moses and Elijah will be the Two Witnesses, I cannot dogmatically say this is so, because God has not told me this, and the Bible does not say this for a fact.

We ought to learn from a history of gross false prophetic speculation, that we should not do this. Flurry in another issue of his magazine, said that the s California drought was punishment from God for the California state lawsuit against Worldwide Church of God financial corruption in the late s. Will we ever learn?

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We should remember and respect Herbert W. Armstrong, for the doctrinal truths he taught us. But we should not ignore, or gloss over, his prophetic failures, his support of divorce and remarriage in his later years, opulent and wasteful lifestyle, not practicing what he preached, gross doctrinal perversion of the early s, weak gospel message of give and get, gifts of Steuben crystal to wicked officials, etc.

Elijah the Tishbite - Lesson 2/Business by the Brook (and the Book)

For some people, it may be unsettling to realize that their man-idol has flaws. We need to put our faith in the Bible, the Word of God, alone. Then, we will never be disappointed or disillusioned when men, even dynamic leaders, fail miserably. I am responsible to the Almighty for holding fast to the Truth I have been taught, even though it was through frail and weak human instruments. No, the work of Elijah does not need your money. The end-time Elijah does not need a support group to finance his work, with publications, and a paid radio and television ministry.

If you do nothing with the tithes now, you may well find yourself in the position of the wicked and slothful unprofitable servant of Matthew God may not have called us to be an Elijah or one of the Two Witnesses. Recognizing the Elijah to Come. The first commandment, idolatry, is flagrantly violated by those who worship a man. The Eternal, He is God, not a man. By what they look like, and what they say. Elijah condemned sin, in this case seeking a false god for healing, which is idolatry. His physical appearance was striking: King Ahaziah did not have any doubts: Moses and Elijah did not have name tags on them.

Either God revealed it to them, or their character, message and appearance made it clear. The first word of the Gospel, the first word of every prophet of God, is one word: John the Baptist and Jesus Christ preached repentance, Matthew 3: If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, acts like a duck, chances are, it is a duck! He shows that the Two Witnesses preach a final warning to the world for 1, literal days.

At the end of their testimony, the beast ascends out of the bottomless pit and kills them. This re-establishment of the Roman Empire, does not take place until the time of the first woe. After the death and resurrection of the Two Witnesses, the second woe is past, Revelation Who are the two witnesses? They do the works of Moses and Elijah. So it is likely the two witnesses will be two men who will come in the power and spirit of Elijah and Moses, or Enoch. The world has never had such a powerful witness as it will receive from the Two Witnesses. The Almighty is a fair God.

He will warn all people to repent, before it is too late. Praise the Eternal for His plan to send the Two Witnesses!


To order our Armstrong biography, Herbert W. Armstrong , write for an order form from:. Check our website, www. Nothing said of his parents, probably from the tribe of Manasseh. Preached in the wilderness. Lived in the wilderness.