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In addition to the need for a big-picture strategy, if you lack the matching belief system to support the actions you take, you will never get the results you could and should get in your music career. To learn more about how you can make this happen in your life, get this free 6 day mini course on how to build a music career. You know that music companies are very selective in who they work with and who they invest money and resources into. All successful professional musicians are this way also…and you should be too.

14 Sites That Help You Practice Music More Effectively

Such bands rarely stay together for more than a few months. Worst of all, the risk to record companies now becomes exponentially greater when they have to deal with not just one, but with several individuals who fail to deliver any real value to the music industry. Chances of such a project ever becoming successful is exactly zero.

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They need to possess or be in the process of developing all the same pieces of the puzzle that successful musicians share. I have seen firsthand just how valuable such a network is to musicians as the members of my Music Careers Mentoring Program created money-making partnerships, joined successful bands and toured the world and achieved many other amazing things all as a result of the relationships they built with each other that were based on the foundation of the success principles laid out in this article.

Now that you understand the main differences between how successful and unsuccessful musicians think, it should be much clearer to you why so few ever truly make it. When it comes to building a music career, your mindset can be your strongest ally or your worst enemy and you must learn how to make it work for you.

3 Ways To Increase Artist Income – Part 1: Build Your Fanbase

If you haven't yet studied the free 6 day mini course on how to make it in the music industry , you should do it right now to learn how to apply the ideas from this article into your musical life. Build a successful career in music with music industry mentoring. You May Also Like:. Do you have any tips about practicing music you would like to add? Get ready to practice. Make sure every song and exercise relates to your daily goal.

How To Build A Career As A Professional Musician

Practice things that are difficult, and realize that initially they will sound terrible. He's been playing keys and acoustic guitar for three decades, and has six kids. Follow him on Twitter at audiotuts. Feed Like Follow Follow Weekly email summary. Looking for something to help kick start your next project? Envato Market has a range of items for sale to help get you started.

Make Your Own Music Kits. You should begin working on the details of your event at least two months in advance. Find out what other organizations charge for similar events in your area. Survey your colleagues and find out how much they'd want to pay. Find businesses, organizations, or charities to help with funding and supplying your events.

Support from sponsors can include everything from simply donating to your cause to providing food or refreshments at the event. This is a win-win; the sponsor will gain publicity and you'll gain their endorsement and whatever support they provide. Create a tentative budget.

Keep in mind that you'll have to spend money to raise money. This is mainly important for knowing how much you'll be able to spend on performers or on their stage setups if they are willing to perform free of charge. Conservatively estimate your ticket sales and sponsor donations and go from there. Find artists or bands to perform. This is the most important part of any concert, but also the most difficult to organize.

You don't need to and likely won't be able to book anyone famous. Local musicians are always looking to market themselves and will be able to pull in more attendees to your concert.

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Does a sponsor or a member of your cause have connections with a band? Do you have friends in the music industry or do you know someone who runs a music venue? Use your contacts to their fullest extent. If you can't find bands through your contacts, it's time to research and cold call. Research can be done through the local papers and the Internet. Make calls to the managers of the performing acts you want.

See if you can reach a deal. Many artists will perform at a lower rate or for free for charity. Consider booking several different types of acts for your concerts to attract a variety of supporters. Variety may also help you appeal to different sponsors. Make sure your venues are easily accessible and have enough room for your expected number of concert-goers. Price will obviously be an issue here. Consider using a local park or seeking out venues that offer lower rates for charitable events.

Be sure to also rent lighting equipment and everything else the bands need if they are not willing to provide it. Create an online presence for your events. Make separate Facebook events and make sure you and your fellow organizers invite all of your local friends. Be sure that sponsors and partner organizations advertise your events on their accounts and various forms of social media.

Craft a strong pitch for your cause. This is what you will use to convince sponsors, advertisers, and guests that your concert is worth supporting. Anything you can get donated or a reduced rate just means more money raised for your charity. Send out press releases. These should go to the local newspapers, websites, radio stations and television stations including the local cable access channel for the community calendar. Make flyers for your events and post them in popular places in town like the supermarket, phone booths, kiosks, local bars and coffee shop.

Also consider places relevant to the music scene such as record shops, other concert venues, and music schools. Consider contacting a local art school to ask a graphic designer to design your flyer.