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Log In Sign Up. Third International Anthology on Paradoxism paradoxist distichs. Amalia-Rodica limpiu , Oradea. This is based on an excessive use of antinomies. The goal is the enlargement of the artistic sphere through non-artistic ele- ments. But especially the against-the-hair, counter-time. HISTORY The paradoxism started as an anti-totalitarian protest against a closed society, Romania of 's, where the whole culture was manipulated by a small group. Only their ideas and their publications counted.

We couldn't publish almost anything. Do you want a vertically classification, Visual poem, son or poem, olfactory poem, taste poem, tacti! I based on contradictions.

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Because we lived in that society a double life: In mass-media it was said that "our life is wonderful" but in reality "our life was miserable". And than we took the creation in derision, in inverse sense, in a s '1lcretic way. Thus the paradoxism was born.

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An analysis of paradoxes in literature. Barbu studied the paradox ism in my literary work. The passage from paradoxes to paradoxism was documentarily described by T. Popescu in his classical book concerning the movement: I didn'l have any forerunner to influence me, but I was inspired from the "upside-down situation" that existed in the country. I started from politic, social, and immediately got to literature, art, philosophy, even science.

Through experiments one brings new literary, artistic, philosophical or scien- tific terms, new procedures, methods or even algorithms of creation. In one of my manifestos I proposed the sense embezzlings, changes from figurative to proper sense, upside-down interpretation of linguistic expressions. Within 20 years of existence, 25 books and over comentaries have been published about the paradoxism, plus three national and international confer- ences and a paradoxist tour to literary associations and universities in Brasil in Everything has a meaning and a non-meaning in a harmony each other.

The essence ofthe paradox ism: The delimitation from other avant-gardes: The Directions of the Paradoxism: Smarandache, "Infinite Tale", c New types of drama: The Paradoxist Distich is a two-line poem which contains an antithesis. The second line contradicts the first one, but both lines form together an unitary meaning defining the title. Here there are seven examples of "paradoxist distichs": The Tautological Distich is an apparently redundant two-line poem, but the 'redundant' lines together give a deeper meaning to the whole poem defining or making connection with the title.

Here are the nine examples: Here there are two examples: Deep inside was a pityfull yearning for warmth, affection, recognition and romance. A simple contradiction often used. He avoided a difficult situation by leaving quickly. A suggestion to take shelter out of the cold. The antithesis between the first and second lines is clear. The speaker is over awed by the large audience and can't find his tongue.

The harder he tries, the more difficult it becomes. If he relaxes and says whatever comes into his mind he might realise that the people have come to listen to his speech and are unlikely to criticize him. Moderation in all things is balance. If something is overbalanced, it is unstable and is likely to fall. If un- der balanced or unbalanced it's structure generally unsafe.

An unbalanced flywheel for instance will run erratically, be dangerous and cause unnecessary wear. In electronics there are some exceptions.

The unbalanced configmation has an earth return. The balenced system is insulated from the frame or earth. Therefore total moderation lacks moderation in moderation!

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A box may appear to be empty. It is in fact full oflife, atoms which contain planetary electrons and protons circulating arotDld a nucleus.

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  • Everything is in a state of motion. In the midst of silence let us pose and listen to the "Still Small Voice". All sorts ofwhisperings flash into our minds. As feeling is deeper than all thought, events from the past, inspirations, places. Myriad pic- tures and sounds presents themselves so vividly that we listen in awe to the silence.

    The person driving the car was accosted by armed thugs and who forced the vehicle at gunpoint to stop. It was downright brutality. With personal cutting remarks he blountly berated his former friend. Although the poem is contradictory it is also compli- mentary. Here is a dynamic person who speaks in syl- lables of fire with his fluid flow of oratory, his hypnotic gaze, flashing eyes, his ability to impart in others with words cold as steel.

    A sincere diplomatic insincerity. Sometimes of a horrible beauty.

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    Can also be terrifying sweet. Cicio Cai a folha morta pelo tempo Vida para 0 chao. A poesia ea palavra, e sua antitese. To get the infinite eternity injust a moment About roses: What a beautiful red rose! Thorny she is Tell me fast why: When body rest Mind request Order: Someone with all the reasons is Somebody with no reason Political: The measure of your difference is the same measure of your equality Women in love: Other manuscripts, that he tried to mail to a translator in France, were confiscated by the secret police and never returned.

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    He wrote hundreds of pages of diary about his life in the Romanian dictatorship unpublished , as a cooperative teacher in Morocco "Professor in Africa", , in the Turkish refugee camp "Escaped I, II, , , and in the American exile - diary which is still going on. But he's internationally known as the literary school leader for the "paradoxism" movement which has many advocates in the world, that he set up in , based on an excessive use of antitheses, antinomies, contradictions, paradoxes in creation paradoxes - both at the small level and the entire level of the work - making an interesting connection between mathematics, philosophy, and literature [ http: He introduced the 'paradoxist distich', 'tautologic distich', and 'dualistic distich', inspired from the mathematical logic [ http: Literary experiments he realized in his dramas: Country of the Animals, where there is no dialogue!

    Only their ideas and publications counted. We couldn't publish almost anything. Therefore, a mute protest we did! Later, I based it on contradictions. Because we lived in that society a double life: In mass-media it was promulgated that 'our life is wonderful', but in reality 'our life was miserable'. And then we took the creation in derision, in inverse sense, in a syncretic way. Thus the paradoxism was born. The folk jokes, at great fashion in Ceausescu's 'Epoch', as an intellectual breathing, were superb springs.

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    The "No" and "Anti" from my paradoxist manifestos had a creative character, not at all nihilistic. In he was invited speaker in Brazil Universidad do Blumenau, etc. He did many poetical experiments within his avant-garde and published paradoxist manifestos: While "Paradoxist Distiches" introduces new species of poetry with fixed form.

    Eventually he edited three International Anthologies on Paradoxism with texts from about writers from around the world in many languages. The last drama, that pioneers no dialogue on the stage, was awarded at the International Theatrical Festival of Casablanca His first novel is called "NonNovel" and satirizes the dictatorship in a gloomy way, by various styles and artifice within one same style.

    His experimental albums "Outer-Art" Vol.

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    The Worst Possible Art in the World! Art was for Dr. Skemer; - covers and illustrations of books, published by "Dorul" Publ. Twelve books were published that analyze his literary creation, among them: Hundreds of articles, books, and reviews have been written about his activity around the world. The books can be downloaded from this Digital Library of Science: As a Globe Trekker he visited more than 46 countries that he wrote about in his memories see his Photo Gallery at: Seleacu, University of Craiova, Romania. Profile viewed times.

    Salama, Florentin Smarandache ,. Papers of Mathematics or Applied mathematics ,.

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    It is also known as a type of non-euclidean. Conference Papers Working Papers. A New Form of Matter: By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by these terms. Salama, Florentin Smarandache , Since the world is full of indeterminacy, the Neutrosophics found their place into contemporary research. On Improvement In Estimating Population Parameter S Using Auxiliary Information Edited by Rajesh Singh, Florentin Smarandache The purpose of writing this book is to suggest some improved estimators using auxiliary information in sampling schemes like simple random sampling and systematic sampling.