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Holding him at gunpoint, she motions him out of the restaurant, taking his briefcase and motioning for the backup teams to follow. Able manages to escape for a short while, detonating a flash bomb in his briefcase, and he sends a panic burst to Carrington Institute with his pharmaDyne ID card. Able is captured and tortured. Still questioning whether she should trust Carrington her father, Jack, advised her that Carrington was not a man to trust , she continues to stay with him until she can figure out what to do with herself. One day she overhears Steinberg arguing with Carrington about Able's situation, and trying to persuade Carrington to let him go on a rescue mission.

Dark then bursts open the door, and puts forward the idea for her to extract him by posing as a temporary worker at pharmaDyne. Steinberg a former U. Army Ranger is unwilling to send a "kid" to do covert missions, but agrees to let her find Able.

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Dark finds the spy, and begins to extract him. On her way to the roof, however, a grenade is detonated and both Able and Dark are badly injured. Due to Dark's unique capability for her body to heal itself extremely fast, she survives, but Able is unable to survive before the elevator they are in even reaches the roof.

However, Dark is able to find out when the "year of the rose," a phrase referenced in the partial file Able sent to the Institute, is. On the rooftop, Dark meets Hayes for the first time, who was adopted by Murray. Dark kills Hayes' bodyguards, but is unable to kill the man himself, narrowly escaping the battle via an Institute jumpship. Frightened by the result of the mission, Dark runs away from the Institute. Wanting to put as much distance as possible between herself and the place which reminds her of her past so much, she plans to renew her life as a bounty hunter. Carrington cites Dark's involvement with the disappearance of Zhang Li, but does not reveal her real name, instead calling her Phoebe Charlotte.

In the same conversation, Carrington requests of DeVries a list of dataDyne employees with "rose" in their name, eventually picking out the name Thaddeus K. Rose, the only person on the list that didn't have a job attributed to themself. Eventually, dataDyne shock troopers track Dark to China and catch up with her just as she takes her bounty hostage. In a quick succession of events, Leung is shot by the troopers and Dark tries to escape, but is bound to the ground by several troopers.

Before they can take her away, however, Steinberg shows up and attempts to kill the troopers. However, the best he could manage was a few of them, and he can barely lay down enough covering fire to keep himself alive.

Initial Vector

Ultimately, Dark kills off the other troopers while they are distracted by Steinberg, and she accompanies him back to the Institute, where she meets with Carrington on the beach. They discuss matters, and Dark asks why she is so adept at what she is able to do. She ran away because she thought in Institute had turned her into a murderer. Dark discovers that she not only has the skills of both Carrington's troops and spies, but she is also better in both areas of the war. Ultimately, Dark ends up joining the war with Carrington, and is tasked with finding and capturing Rose.

Meanwhile, Hayes is also tasked with finding Rose, but in this case to kill him. His search leads him to Gustav Weiss, who opened Rose's current bank account. Hayes persuades Weiss to dig up information on Rose, but hits a snag. Weiss finds a transcript of a message accompanied by an evaluation that was sent to Carrington, indicating an Initial Vector project. Weiss attempts to shut off the terminal to prevent Hayes from reading it.

He is silenced, however, and Hayes reads the script. The evaluation concludes that Rose is currently in the employ of Core-Mantis OmniGlobal, but it also concludes that Carrington knows that Hayes is searching for Rose. Though Sexton doesn't know it, Hayes will use the attack as cover for his own attack on Hovoro, where he plans on killing Rose.

Dark is sent to confirm that Murray did indeed meet with Sexton, which she does. It is here that Hayes discovers that he is being tracked. However, before Hayes and Carcareas can get to Dark, she knocks out the bodyguards and hides. Carcareas leaves Hayes alone, and Dark reveals herself and immobilizes him. Easton informs dataDyne security chief Anita Velez, who informs DeVries, who in turn enlists the services of Hawk Team, a mercenary force, to extract Rose before any harm can come to him. At the same time, Carrington sends Steinberg and Dark to extract Rose for their own purposes.

Dark kills the Hawks before they can extract Rose, claiming their prize. She is extracted with Steinberg, Rose held captive. Carrington takes Rose to a secret hideout, claiming it to be "one of the only places in the world where nobody can hear what you're saying. Ultimately, Rose created the superflu, and will be forced to admit it in a public announcement. Murray, who was Rose's boss at the time, will have an opportunity to defend himself following the statement.

Jul 20, Tara Gelsomino rated it really liked it. I forgot how much I loved Rucka's female characters. I would gladly read a whole series just about Jo, and Cassandra and Velez were awesome as well. Need to get the sequel on audio too. Oct 13, Brian rated it liked it. It's a novel based on a sci-fi FPS video game. Assuming you aren't expecting Shakespeare or Harlequin Romance material, this isn't half bad.

The characters are surprisingly well done, and even the cardboard bad guys aren't. The plot line skeleton would fit a video game just fine, but it's fleshed out here with enough detail to make it believable and somewhat logical.

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In fact the only real downfall of the book is it's written like it's the next sequel in the game. It doesn't end so much as pause af It's a novel based on a sci-fi FPS video game. It doesn't end so much as pause after the last achievement, like a long running tv series. If I saw this authour's name on work of his own, I definitely consider picking it up. Aug 12, Sense rated it really liked it Shelves: This Book is a very nice Sci-fi.

It features the time when everyone tries his hand in the play for power.

Comics by Greg:

Scientists rule the world and not always for the greater good. Agents with enhanced abilities get lots of action on the game board. I have find out that this book was made after the computer game only after I started reading it. And by then it didn't really matter. I was too curious to let it go. Nov 01, Aisha rated it it was amazing. This fast paced, action packed novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Since it is told from multiple perspectives, it allows the reader to opposing viewpoints converge into the overarching storyline.

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The characters are well developed and the plot is intriguing. I can't wait to read Perfect Dark: Books like this are the reason why I enjoy reading; the sci-fi genre offers so much originality and creativity. Apr 04, Matthew Siemers rated it liked it. I loved the original Perfect Dark video game for the N So ahead of its time! Groundbreaking and imitated by many games since including popular ones like Halo. The second game was not very good, but the books based off it are pretty good. The story is good and the book is short enough so it doesn't drag out. Oct 01, Anggun rated it liked it Shelves: Just can't stop reading once you start.

Aug 10, Joey Cruz rated it really liked it. Having no real affection for the Perfect Dark video game, I was satisfied with this book just because of Rucka. Futuristic corporate espionage is a fun sandbox for him to play in.

Apr 06, Sherri rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a good story, fast-paced, and a quick read. Feb 11, Jacob rated it liked it Recommends it for: Starts off rather slowly, but the book picks up around page Not a great story, but for Perfect Dark fans this is entertaining enough. Based on the video game Perfect Dark. Greg Rucka manages to create a three dimensional character worth caring about. Sep 27, Emese rated it liked it Shelves: Read by Orlagh Cassidy. David Macpherson rated it liked it Jan 28, Shane Brown rated it liked it Feb 14, Erik Haase rated it really liked it Feb 07, Mike Sowinski rated it liked it May 19, James rated it liked it Oct 29, Benjamin rated it really liked it Feb 06,

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