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Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica Paperback, The Witness by Simon Kernick Paperback, Oroonoko by Aphra Behn Paperback, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks Paperback, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Paperback, The Island by Victoria Hislop Paperback, About this product Description Description. It's your best friend from school.

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Someone you haven't seen for a few years. It should be a friendly call catching up on old times. This call is different. Your friend is panting with fear, his breaths coming in tortured, ragged gasps. Simon Kernick is one of Britain's most exciting thriller writers.

He arrived on the crime writing scene with his highly acclaimed debut novel The Business of Dying, the story of a corrupt cop moonlighting as a hitman. Simon's big breakthrough came with his novel Relentless which was the biggest selling thriller of Simon talks both on and off the record to members of the Counter Terrorism Command and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, so he gets to hear first hand what actually happens in the dark and murky underbelly of UK crime.

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After reading the siege, I decided I had finally found a writer in the league of Forsyth, Ludlum and Patterson as opposed to much of the junk by " wannabe" writers. This novel is just as good and I for one am a total convert. Ron Harsley Sarasota Florida. Don't want to put it down! Relentless is a good book. However, it appears that Kernick's editor has advised him to put a bit more of the puzzled protagonist pursued by relentless forces into his fine oeuvre of London Crime which began with The Business of Dying.

He's also told him to whittle his titles down to one word. That was bad advice twice given. The first four books are all five star quality. The protagonist in this one is not nearly as smart, amoral, or discerning as in the first four books, and this turns what could be a great tale into a bit of a slog, which has never happened before with Kernick.

It does turn out that Relentless does wrap up some seriously open plot elements from both the third and fourth book, and resolves them in a satisfying way. Those are fine characters for a farce, but they have no room in a series with the likes of hard men Dennis Milne, John Gallan, etc. Simon, please fire your editor and get back to the writing of the first four books! Its a quick and easy read with a gripping story. The London locations also provide added realism to the plot and I couldn't put it down. I read it in a week while travelling for an hour to work each way on the tube so it was thoroughly enjoyable read and I didn't look up once.

Relentless (Tina Boyd #2) by Simon Kernick

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I hardly forced myself to keep reading and Jun 04, Neil Powell rated it did not like it. Every single "plot twist" is so laughably ridiculous, every character is so uninspired and unoriginal. The only saving grace is simple language makes it a quick and easy read.

But if you want anything to make you think or appreciate writing skills, get something else A minus mark would be the most appropriate rating. Aug 01, KurdishBookworm rated it really liked it. Ok it was much much better than I expected though I wasn't expecting anything!

It made me suspect everyone around me,and those parts actually made laugh but there was also parts that I almost cried. There really isn't much to recommend this book for. The plot is devoid of any interesting ideas, the characters are bland and the action is pathetic. The story revolves around a simple, ordinary guy named John Meron. Hes married, with two young children and a boring job. Suddenly he receives a call from his childhoods best friend and hears him being attacked. Before he dies, his friend tells the murderer Toms address. Just like that Meron is deep inside a conspiracy that threatens his whole fami There really isn't much to recommend this book for.

Just like that Meron is deep inside a conspiracy that threatens his whole family and his life. He has the police after him for a murder he did not commit and gangsters torturing him for something he has no idea where it is or even what it is. The idea that Meron is a regular boring guy in a dreadful and dangerous situation is a good one. Unfortunately the book just throws all credibility out of the window after a few pages. Soon enough the action starts pouring in with Meron fighting hand to hand with hardened criminals, in shootouts and in wild escapes from impossible situations.

Unfortunately John Meron is also not a very likable character.

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He has no personality except being He is a also not very bright and doesn't seem to make a single good decision all through the story. The other part of the book is about a parallel investigation by the police about two murders in which Meron finds himself involved. The detective is Mike Bolt and he is a much more interesting character with some back story and at least some personality.

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  6. Unfortunately the investigation, like the whole plot, never goes anywhere. Simon Kernick literally has to spend three or four pages in the end of the book explaining the plot in a phone conversation between Bolt and his partner.

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    There are lots and lots of pages full of action but its all rather bland. Meron is put again and again in situations where his death is imminent but where he is saved at the last second. After four or five of these situations its was actually funny how predictable the action would be. You never get a sense of danger because when only after a few pages Meron is already fighting for his life you know the lead character simply wont die so soon.

    This happens numerous times and ends in the predictable way every time. The ending falls completely flat with little or no resolution. Things just get really ridiculous with shock twists that come out of nowhere about characters who appeared for three pages a hundred and fifty pages ago. To be honest I just didn't care by then. The book is easy enough to read. It moves at a brisk page, between Bolt and Meron with lots of action every few pages.

    However the story never takes off, Meron is a weak character and the plot just seems like an excuse for lots of torture and gun fights and escapes in the last second. As a reader I was going through the motions, hoping for some sort of resolution that never came. It was a waste of time.

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    A waste of a good idea. A gripping plot with a wonderfully complex character, DS Dennis Milne. Nov 08, Sean Peters rated it it was amazing. Hi, My second book in a row buy this author after his latest book Payback. This on reading my research on this author was the book that was his first international bestseller, the top selling book in the UK in , and added him to the list of top selling crime mystery writers.

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    This is a fantastic book, fast paced, action packed, shocks all the way through, twists and turns, with each chapter like an episode of 24!! Like another of my favourite British authors S J Bolton brings another ingredient Hi, My second book in a row buy this author after his latest book Payback. Like another of my favourite British authors S J Bolton brings another ingredient to their books with using the same character in more than one book, maybe a small role in one book, then the main role in another book. Done so well by SJ Bolton. I highly recommend this more just a notch above Payback, but I am now trying to find all his books.

    I really could not put this book down!! Nov 07, Rachel rated it it was ok. This book is fast paced with short chapters that keep you turning the pages. Unfortunately it isn't very well written and the plot gets increasingly unlikely as it goes along. Things that bugged the hell out of me: The main character is at home with his children when he receives a phone call from an old friend, from this call it becomes apparent that his friend has been killed by some bad men and said bad men are now coming after him.

    So what does he do? Drive to the nearest police station and ask This book is fast paced with short chapters that keep you turning the pages. Drive to the nearest police station and ask for help? No, he drops the children off with his mother-in-law and goes to find his wife. It turns out that his wife is having affairs with two different people. Besides anything else how does she find the time? One character takes an overdose of 'sleeping pills' - problem is the drug mentioned is not a sleeping tablet at all, it's a anti-convulsant used for epilepsy, certainly not for insomnia! As I mentioned previously the writing isn't very good and there were a few bits that made me roll my eyes: After being kidnapped by the bad men: I know this because I've seen some of them.

    You've probably guessed that I won't be bothering with any more books by this author.