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Parents will often do anything to help their teen, even if it means unintentionally enabling a drug problem.

Raychelle Cassada Lohman n , M. Back Find a Therapist. Fertilization Not Random After All? Are Psychopaths Unfairly Stigmatized? Inequality as a Lethal Disorder. Your Graduation Day Heartfelt words of wisdom to help you throughout the peaks and valleys of life.

How Teen Sleep Deprivation Leads to Risk-Taking Behaviors Helping teens establish strong sleep habits early can help them make healthier choices — and a well-rested teen is a happier one. Virtual Choices with Real Consequences The average teen spends about nine hours a day online creating an opportunity to make a poor decision that may have irreversible consequences.

The Vaping Trend E-cigarettes and vaporizers are changing the way teens smoke. Teens and the Darknet Teens can easily access the darknet and if they do they risk entering into a world of porn, drugs, fake ids, guns, and many other hidden dangers. Childhood Sexual Trauma and Addiction Many childhood sexual trauma survivors suffer from mental-health issues and use drugs as a means of coping. Teen Slang For decades teens have been notorious for having a unique vocabulary.

How Teens Perceive Marijuana With several states legalizing marijuana, teens are receiving mixed messages about using the drug. The Balance Between Online Privacy and Monitoring Many teens know how to cover their tracks making it virtually impossible for parents to monitor their online activity. Abusive Teen Dating Relationships Ten essential questions for youth to ask themselves to determine if they are in a healthy relationship. Grieving and Healing From the Loss of a Friend Grieving is a process, or rather a difficult climb which requires strength, perseverance and endurance.

Coping with the Death of a Friend When a good friend dies, no words can fill the void in your life. Simply put, Perry maps out how someone develops ideas, values and opinions over the course of life. While, the cure — growing up — may be not be simple, coping with angst is simpler.

5 Ways to Deal With Teen Angst

The first step in coping with teen angst is accepting that you and your peers all have angst. By doing this, you save yourself the misery of feeling even more angst than you already do. Do not let the stereotyped teenager determine your adolescence. This may seem obvious, but this is VERY important.

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Teenagers make stupidly risky decisions at times and it comes down to neuroscience. So, while we may be undergoing some alterations in our brains, slowing down and thinking about the pros and cons can help us make the right choices. Fourth, be a rebel WITH a cause. Being a rebel without a cause gets boring and can be self-destructive.

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Find a cause that ignites your heart with fire and run with it. Remember that teenagers just like you and me, have changed the world for the better. People like Jack Andraka, who invented an inexpensive way to detect pancreatic cancer, or Malala Yousafzai, who demanded education in Pakistan and started a global conversation about girls and education.

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These teens may seem like superhumans, but you have the same amount of hours in a day as the queen, herself, Beyonce does. One Stanford University expert reports that all humans are You and I have just the same amount of capability as everyone else. Feel sad and happy and lonely and afraid and passionate. Well, continue being an angsty teen.

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Keep on playing loud obscure music, dying your hair unnatural colors, tweeting and most of all — keep on, keeping on. Kimberly Zhang is a senior at Viewmont High School. Email her at remmik01 gmail. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language.

Teenage Angst

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Ogden defeated Bonneville in a boys varsity football game Friday, Sept. You may not talk about anything that seems important, but the signal you send makes a difference. It's easier to be a teen if you get enough rest.

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  • It's also easier to be the parent of a teen who gets enough sleep. Most adolescents need at least 8 hours a night, but many fall far short. Remember those jam-packed schedules? Help your teen learn to make sleep a priority.


    That means going to bed and waking up at the same times almost every day, including on the weekend. Other tips may also help:. Exercise can help burn through anger, frustration, and anxiety. It also promotes better sleep. So hand your teen his earbuds and send him outside to walk, run, or shoot hoops. Even better, lace up your shoes and join him outside.

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    You may be older and wiser, but resist the urge to lecture your teen. Instead, practice "active listening.