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Love, mama monkey xanaland. Spacious, psych-tinged indie rock from Philly; painting in blurry watercolors but not without percussive headiness. Bright Side of Dim by The Mothership. Lute FP Excellent modern hard rock with stoner metal flavors. The surprise for me here is when the vocals dip into 90s grunge territory.

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The songwriting and stellar vocals were the strengths of the genre, as they are here. This is the only word I can squeeze from myself after listening to the first half of this record.

Well, All Right, Starchild, The Mothership Is Back

Fans of famous Seattle scene - don't miss this album! Purchasable with gift card.

Bright Side of Dim

Special Release Japanese B-Side We value supporting each other as parents, believe children should be treated like humans, and humans should be treated well. There is another non-FEC community next door who also shares in parenting. We believe everyone deserves to eat. Our food system is fully collectivized with the understanding that anyone can come eat here.

We are in the planning stages of starting a free food shed on our property. We love welcoming guests.

Thunderstep Music - Stop The Invasion [Fighting The Mothership Reprise] (Epic Dramatic Orchestral)

But as the goal of the Great Journey gets very close, and the Covenant is starting to break apart at the edges, the Prophet of Truth also uses it as his flagship. Earth Defense Force Mothership Zeta in Fallout 3. One of the finest videogame examples is Homeworld , in which the only real entity that can be called a character is the Mothership. The Mothership can also build carriers that function like mini-motherships in their own right, in case the Mothership gets destroyed or gets critically damaged. This is continued with the Kuun-Lan command ship in Homeworld: Cataclysm albeit smaller in size but more combat-capable and the Pride of Hiigara mothership in Homeworld 2.

P-Funk Mothership

All in excess of 15km, and all ridiculously costly to build. Super-carriers were originally called motherships in the game before they switched to the current name. This is probably because they were originally advertised as having clone vat bays and larger maintenance hangers which would have allowed them to fit this trope , but had that feature dropped before they were added. It could also be because there is a type of Jovian craft in the lore known as the mothership.

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They are reportedly the in universe inspiration for titans, though they are much deadlier than them. Sovereign, from Mass Effect which is actually sentient, and one of the frighteningly powerful Reapers. As well as Sovereign, each race in Mass Effect has dreadnoughts that are extremely few in number compared to other ships in the various fleets.

They're similar in size to a human carrier, but otherwise are much bigger than the ships around them.

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They also carry kinetic weapons capable of impacting in the multiple-dozen-kiloton range, which is what makes them so special. The stand out example is the asari super-dreadnought Destiny Ascension , a unique ship that is also the single largest and most powerful warship in the galaxy Reapers excluded. However, the name is a bit misleading since it doesn't harbor any other spacecraft. The Carrier does that instead. The Hyperion and Leviathan serve as mobile bases for the player in Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, effectively filling this role.

But not only it can carry most of the protoss army inside of it, it can also carry the protoss fleet , including several Carriers and Motherships.

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Star Fox has a hero's example, the Great Fox. The Katina stage in Star Fox 64 has an enemy version as well, explicitly called a mothership and acting very much like one. Then again, that ship was just an expy of the Independence Day city-killer ships: The Skaarj Mothership from Unreal Tournament Tiberium Wars , which are armed with catalyst cannons similar to the city-killer ships from Independence Day.

Freespace has the SD Lucifer. Killing it wasn't an instant-win for the good guys; the war lasted several more months as they had to clean up the remaining Shivan fleet, but background information says that the Shivans became disorganized and confused after the Lucifer's destruction.

The SJ Sathanas in the sequel is set up to look like a mothership as well, but it is just one of nearly one hundred the Shivans possess, in that one fleet alone. One wonders if the developers thought in Spanish Laputa means The whore , a flying city built by the Reticulans which has been converted into a mobile headquarters by the Commonwealth of Earth. The giant enemy space ship in the final wave of the Phoenix arcade game.

This may also qualify as the first instance of a "boss level" in a video game. Sins of a Solar Empire have this class of ships, though they have different roles and capabilities which depend on the faction that built it. One serves as a bonus level in Spelunky HD. Its entrance always appears in the last level of the Ice Caves , signified by the line "It feels like the fourth of July The arcade game Xaind Sleena features as a space boss midway through the game a ship of this type, so big that cannot fit in the screen and scrolls through it.

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The term mothership has origins in whaling. The mothership was a large, usually three-masted and full-rigged ship with whale meat processing facilities. It supported the actual whaling craft, who went out to sea to seek and hunt the whales. In modern whaling, the Nisshin Maru functions similarly to this, though technically it is a factory ship.

Smaller faster vessels are needed to catch the whales, but these lack the ability to process the meat and retain their mobility. These ships instead bring it to the mothership, which does have the facilities to properly process and store the massive amount of whale meat and organs. Several types of naval craft effectively serve this purpose in wartime, most famously the Aircraft carrier.