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Cheering and healing charms too to everyone needed them! Pince put some of my clothes into the dryer that weren't supposed to go in the dryer Madam Pince When I read this, my first thought was "Why, weren't they wet? I was wondering how everything was going. I'm sorry about the shirt Madam Pince! Well, at least he offered to buy you another one. And it's good that he wants to help you with the house work I also think he should buy you a new time turner necklace.

Off to get a snack and then to the other threads! I'm glad to see you back on line! Thank you for jumping in! Some repairing charms sent! Oh, Madam Pince, that's awful! My hubby never approaches the washer, fortunately. Sometimes, I would like to see him trying to be helping as your husband actually did, but seeing the consequences I guess better not.

Some healing charms for you, Mandy! Oh, Loopy, your appearing reminded me: I've heard the people there are looking for the lawyer that would show that this regulation is not legal. Or does the regulation only apply to our four legged friends? I can't tell you the number of skirts that Mr.

Denise decided to "help" with and wash for me. I was not listening carefully when they talked about it on TV, people were mostly complaining about the dogs because you can always pretend that the cat is not living with you, that it is accidentally spending its time in your back yard but I'm not sure it applies just to four legged pets. Maybe you are allowed to have at most 4 legs in a flat, so it would mean any number of fish but at most two birds? We men would never do that. Madam P, please tell that story to my mom. She is dying for me to help out with the laundry. It is great to hear from you Barbie!

Glad you have made it through so safely. Catherine and I have had "laundry issues" in the past. When it was done, it wouldn't have fit a house elf. Now, if he does wash something that is "ours" read, the girls' or mine he asks, "Can I dry this, or do you hang it up? Barbie, I'm so happy that you and your pets are well. Thank you for checking in and putting our members' minds at ease. As for me, I am wrapping up things at work, as this is my last week of "flying solo. I promised them on Friday that I will bring in food and show them my "Millionaire" tape so that they can get a good laugh at my expense.

I know it sounds corny, but I hope I don't cry when I leave. I think this experience has shown me that I want to return to teaching, and I do think of these kids as "mine" and it will be hard to leave them. Pince put some of my clothes into the dryer that weren't supposed to go in the dryer My daughter was doing some homework weeks ago.

She looked up and asked me how to spell ain't. She asked me how to spell a word. I had no clue what she meant, so I made her put it in a sentence. Obviously she was under the impression that brung is the past tense of bring! Or am I completely misinterpreting something? Tim, I can't tell if you're joking or not one never can tell , so I might as well explain: As in, one goes to the laundromat to wash clothes, and once they are washed, they must be dried, and thus are put in the dryer.

No, seriously, I love you guys! If it weren't for the males in the world, who would go forth and slay the extra-large spiders? Not to mention emptying the mouse traps, and grilling the t-bone steaks, and duct-taping electrical things, and I can handle laundry if someone else will handle the spiders and dead mice. Finn, please do feel free to pass my story on to your Mom! But I'll bet she'd be fine with you just doing your own laundry, as long as you leave hers alone!

We ladies generally won't protest anyone doing their own. Catherine, I hope you're not too sad when your "term" ends. At least you've learned an important thing about yourself, and you may end up taking a new direction career-wise! It reminds me of when I used to ask my Mom "Where's the juice at? Lina, is that you in your avatar, or your daughter? Great picture, either way! I know that the dryer is that big, white thing in the corner, next to the w-a-sh-er Whether or not Tim was joking Having said that; ALL my clothes get hung out on the clothes line to dry I don't own a dryer , and in wet and cold weather, the heater is used and I get dry clothes and a warm room at the same time.

Not only that I only own two blazers that are dry clean only We've had a blast of summer here and it's only the first month of spring here. I had to wake up my airconditioner on the weekend and use it. It was good to see my Dad and Brother. I haven't had much of a chance to talk to my Brother's new fiancee so it was great to get to know her a bit better. We had a really lovely lunch, went and fed the cattle their supplementary feed, went rabbit shooting, got sunburnt and then played a table tennis tournament before tea.

I ended up staying the night and driving back yesterday morning. I also picked up the puppy dogs from their holiday at the vets, they were very pleased to have a good run around the yard Have a great week everyone! Good to see you back Phoenix Song and I am so pleased to hear you are all safe and well.

See, with Tim, you never can tell. FYI, duct tape is…… I was waiting for the smiley to set off the joke but it just never came. I guess I figured it was some sort of American-ism and the Brits call it something or who else. Lizzy, I envy your season switch! Glad you're having a good time with the family. Another good thing from the South. I am really looking forward to Thursday. My childrens' high school is sponsoring a donkey basketball game. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like for those who have never attended one.

You play basketball while riding a donkey! It is sooo hilarious! The little boy across the road always competes and I can't wait to watch him again this year. Anyway I'm really excited because they are raising money for St. That really means alot to me because my Dad had lymphoma for 11 years from exposure to agent orange. He ultimately passed away in from luekemia caused by chemotherapy for lymphoma. Of course he never went to St. Jude being an adult, but I'm sure he benefitted from the research that they do.

Either way it is for a great cause and loads of fun! That's a fairly common error. I actually don't think one of my teachers contacted them, I just think they found my name somewhere and sent me stuff so I can pay and insane amount of money to go to a program that is a waste of my time. They also said that I would get credits for any college that I want to go to. It actually sounds kind of cool though I think I might try to convince my family that the next vacation we go on should be to Australia. Bring it in tomorrow… that's really weird.

No, please, I know what duct tape is You clearly have to check out Chemyst's link. That is nowhere near close. And learned how to blow the salt water out instead of breathing it in. Don't know if they show it here or not, but as I haven't got a TV. We found him about an hour later That must have been the freakiest moment that I have ever had. I'll bring the letter tomorrow Finn. I just realized that it was sent to some people in the New York City area, but I think you still had to be selected because they can't have random people in a different country for 18 days!! I am actually really starting to want to go but I would feel more comfortable if I knew at least one person going with me.

If it is, I think you're right -- it's not really an "award," per se, although your name may have been given to them by a teacher. I think it is basically a student travel organization. I used to work for a student travel company we only did travel within the States, though and I recall hearing about them -- from what I can recall they are reputable, but I'm sure your parents will want to check them out more thoroughly.

I checked out their website very briefly, and it looks like what I remember. Basically, you got it right -- they want you to take a trip and pay a whole lot of money for it. But on the plus side, it does appear to be well-run and if you can get college credits, well that's just icing.

If I can give you some recommendations -- check on the following: Be very sure to take out any travel insurance that is offered. All that you can. Also, check out the regular insurance very carefully -- what happens if you get appendicitis while on tour or fall and twist your ankle or something. Also what happens if the company should go bankrupt.

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When I was in the biz, there were small start-up companies that did that all the time, and the participants were usually just out of luck. Lastly, be sure there is a good chaperone-to-student ratio 1: Mills, your snorkeling trip sounds fantastic! Did you go off a boat or off a beach? What kind of fun fish did you see?

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Little Pince would be so envious -- to be a "diver man" is his heart's desire, next to being a Space Ranger It was right next to a power plant, and they pump cold sea water in to cool whatever-it-is-they-need-to-cool-to-make-electricity, and then they pump the now warm sea water back into the ocean. So all the fish like to go by the pipe and the warm water. Unfortunantly, I was panicking so bad to start with that the guys I was with decided not to go all the way out to the pipe where the really cool fish were.

Even so, I did see some interesting fish. Bright florescent colors and black stripes. So scientific today, aren't I? I was fascinated by the way the fish would be swept around by the current. I know that shouldn't have surprised me, but somehow I seem to think of tropical fish as they are in tanks: I am definently going to go again. I heartily approve of Little Pince's ambitions.

Sirius - Sep 26, I must thank you though, for telling about the salt soak for color fastness. I was about to wash it because it has gotten so dusty sitting in the back of my closet all these years. It is cotton and very color fast, so I soaked it in salt and I think it did help stem the out flow of purple. I was tempted to go outside and enjoy the warm, springy smells, but my computer won! Here's a silly question - Tim, is that you or your son in your avatar? Mrs Sirius - hang on to that jumpsuit; it will probably be back in fashion in ten years time and your daughters will be fighting over it!

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Remind me to avoid any wiring at your place. One should make electrical repairs with, oh I don't know, electrical tape. While I have repeatedly asserted to my wife that I quite capably kept my clothes clean for years before she even met me, I also understand that her classifications differ from mine mine: Since I have to keep asking her "Can I throw this in the dryer?

What about this one? It's hard to feel happy at times like this, but we're all glad you and your family are all right. Hubby under sufferance will go and get a glass and peice of card, but I have to deal most of the other times - and all flying nasties are left to me Squid Mike - "duct tape not Duck Tape, which is a brand name is like the Force Madame Pince - Sorry about the laundry event. Personally, I'm very comfortable around all laundry related devices, even the electric iron.

However, my wife has the nasty habit of cutting out the labels on her garments because they itch. I now place any questionable item on the back of a chair the clothes drying rack is usually full and let her sort them out! Mills, that sounds so fun! How funny -- I'd never thought about fish getting swept around by a current either! It makes perfect sense, but I'm like you, it never occurred to me before.

I've been snorkeling a couple times, but there was never any real current to speak of, and the fish looked like they do in a tank. Breathing while your face is in the water is a weird feeling to get used to, isn't it? It's like some primeval force takes over and is telling you "Are you crazy? Don't take a breath! As soon as I opened the packet, about a zillion fish swarmed all around me, and that was a real panicky moment, let me tell you!

Totally harmless fish, of course, but the sensation was just And the parrot fish look kind of scary with that beaky mouth -- they won't bite I guess, but they sure look like they would when they're up close! See, I told you that's why we need you guys around!

I think you and Mr. Pince are in the same boat -- he says he never had any laundry problems before I came along, either. All his colored clothes go in wash and dryer, all his whites go in wash he adds bleach and dryer, and his suits go to the cleaner. No "line dry" or "hand wash in Woolite" or any of that stuff. I've decided it might also be part of the "Bill Cosby syndrome," too. Remember that stand-up routine he did years ago? Where he kept asking his wife questions like "Where do we keep the pans? Do we have any pans? He said "Yes, we are dumb Sirius, glad to help with the soaking thing!

Miss Malaprop, welcome back! Now I have this picture of your whole family cringing on the sofa dog, too! Pince does the exact same thing as your wife with the cutting the tags out of the back! It drives me nuts! But then again, as I said, he basically treats all clothes exactly the same, so the tag is sort of superfluous anyway Doubles as a clothes rack. But if you do, it's still O. I can imagine you are going to miss the kids. They know how to be real charming pests, don't they? I'm sure the kids will cry too. And I hope you find the similar job soon! ALL my clothes get hung out on the clothes line to dry I don't own a dryer and in wet and cold weather, the heater is used and I get dry clothes and a warm room at the same time.

Every piece of clothing has to pass the washer test. If it does, that's good. If it doesn't, well, too bad. That's why I never buy something that needs complicated treatment. Thank you very much. There is enough of fabric that looks good and preferably doesn't need ironing.

I hate spiders but I don't remember my husband killing any of them for me. I tried to think of the house work that he does for me, so I had to change my avatar. He is very good in hanging photographs and posters on our walls preferably made by himself. I feel like I'm living in a gallery because he likes to change them a lot. When I saw the posters that you can see in my avatar, my comment was "Fortunately, it will not last for long. BTW, Finn guessed quite correctly about my previous avatar.

It was a sort of revenge: When I put my image, she said: We have an extra bed in the all girls' room.

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Kaykay, if you want your third grader to have fun while learning multiplication table, there is a nice freeware - here is the description and here is the download. It is 11 MB but you can download it while chatting with my daughter. I was amazed at how quickly kids learned this. Times Tales Most kids can learn it in about an hour and know it.

Anything to make learning fun is good with an 8 year old. I am dowloading it now. Your daughter is so sweet. I know you are proud of her. She has told me so much about your country. She seems to take such pride in her heritage. She is also so smart. One would never know that English is not her native language.

Thank you, too Denise. You posted while I was typing my post so I missed you. I will look into that one, too. Is it just for sticking across my mouth so I won't ask any more questions? I've never seen a dryer with a keyhole. That would solve the problem of the men putting the wrong things in and shrinking them. You should sell those! But, I think you should let Tim out. You wouldn't want him to suffocate. For those interested, the international bowling hall of fame is in St. I picked the wrong "beer town. I would have been a nervous wreck! I can't believe how busy I am.

I had a few free minutes this evening so I figured I'd stop in and say hello to everyone. I also need a bit of help from anyone who can My best friend is leaving for Iraq on Saturday. He wants to go sometime this week to get a tattoo before he goes and he wants me to design it. I figured it should be something that means something to the two of us.

For the past few months, as his departure date got closer, I've naturally been getting more and more worried. Everytime I start to get upset, he always says the same thing to me, "Jenn, nothing's going to happen to me, but if it should, just know not even death could seperate us. I was thinking I would design the tattoo to say something like "not even death can separate us" or perhaps even just "not even death" The problem is that I really really want it to be in Latin.

I thought about just typing the phrase into an on-line translator, but those things are never very accurate. Here's where the "help comes in". I know there are a fair few of you who know at least a little Latin. Any help I could get in traslating these phrases would be awesome. The exact phrases I want to translate are: Not even death can seperate us 2. Not even death I am aware that exact translations may not be plausible, but as long as they kept the general meaning, that would be fine.

Thanks in andvance for any help anyone can give me! Happy birthdays all around, happy Very glad that Barbie is okay Did I miss anything or anyone? Great to read that it is going so much better! Anyway, duck tape excuse me the spelling, I never got the meaning from either the duct or the duck part so I will keep the one I think most funny is commonly used to repair leaks in boats after the heavyweights put theirs on the rocks again braincapacity of a coconut that lot or to keep together a bike that would otherwise fall apart, or to make nametags what will never ever fall off.

It doesn't work on repairing cracked windows though, which is too bad because otherwise it would be pretty omnipotent. And it doesn't work to well on ducks either or so I have been told. And on the snorkelling part: I'm about to start my second dive course next week. I had a "refresh" moment in the swimmingpool yesterday and next week it will be outdoors again In october, great idea!

I will be doing some deep diving, wreck diving, night diving and something with a compass. No fish though, because I don't think we will see for more than a few meters. So I guess I will put Hawaii on my list of places to be and see! So, I'm off to read a bit here and there, have a good night! Have a wonderful birthday!!!! I will give you a call, maybe we can get together.

Tomorrow Maytag will have them on the market and I will be nothing but a wretch beaten out of a fortune. Not even death —Jenn Jenn, I will ask my Latin teacher tomorrow if he can translate them as best as possible. I'll let you know! Best wishes to your friend. Happy Bday Viola Intonada! I don't know which language you have downloaded. On the English version the voice that praises the child for correct answers has an English accent. My daughter loved that because she can pretend she is Hermoine while she is playing! Hope we can find an answer for you. Happy Birthday, Viola Intonada!

Many happy returns of the day! Very impressive to have gotten so far! Who'd a thunk it? Speaking of game shows, tonight is the premiere in the U. Pince participated in filming one of the episodes earlier this summer -- he's not a contestant, he was one of the background guys in one of the "challenges" it involved a battle re-enactment from the Civil War. He may or may not be "on-camera. But it might be, because it's a 2-hour episode. Anyway, if you're watching "Amazing Race" and they're doing something Civil-War-ish, look for him!

He'll be a Union officer, has a brown mustache and goatee-ish beard, and according to him was doing a lot of yelling. He thinks there was at least one very close-up shot of him rounding up the troops, but who knows if it made it in the editing process. Louis, what's the difference? How many lifelines had you used?

And was Regis really cool to meet up in person? Mare, have fun diving and try to stay warm. I think I mentioned earlier in this thread that I took diving lessons this year. It was fun, but I could never get my ears to stop hurting. Clearing my mask was also an issue. I'll probably never do it again, but I enjoyed the experience. Madam Pince, I have Amazing Race on. No sign of your husband yet.

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So, my french homework didn't take half as long as I imagined it would, so I now have yet another chance to hop on and say hello. Finn and Madme Pince, thank you so much for your help. I really appriciate it! Unfortunatly, I have yet another request of everyone. I know, I'm about to reach my limit of polling this resource Can you guys help me think of some symbols for strength and for freedom? Catherine, that's awesome that you were on Millionaire! Happy birthday to everyone I may have missed recently. Okay, I'm off to check some threads before bed One brand of duct tape is actually called Duck Tape, and they make their tape in all sorts of fun colors, not just your garden variety grey.

Every year they have a contest for scholarship money. You can go here to browse the various entries. I'm amazed at these things. I hope everyone is having a great day! Pince's chance at his 15 minutes of fame. I will have to keep an eye out for him, I was planning to slo mo my Tivo to see if he was in the preview. Of course, it helps that I met Mr. I absolutely have to go back to work tomorrow so I'm hoping that I'm feeling better. Can you believe I actually got bored with the internet this afternoon?

I think it was because I was too tired to actually type things. But I am feeling better right now so I'm praying it stays that way. Found out some bad news about a friend's baby today; his name is James, he is two and was diagnosed with Leukima. If you all who pray would send up some prayers for him I know his family would appreciate it. But, I am taking Denise's Thank You! Okay, off to watch Gilmore Girls and then the new show about Gina Davis as president.

Hope you all are doing well So Catherine, It's cool you were on Millionaire. Did you do anything exciting and fun with your winnings? I use duct or quacker tape as we sometimes call it for lots of things. It's not just for ducks you know. I think I already got your cold. I can't sleep tonight because there is no breathing through my nose. Since you must have passed it to me through the computer it is bound to be a virus. It is tough news for anyone but when it is a child, it makes it that much harder. Sirius - Sep 27, 9: Tim, duck tape is that must have for everyday life, and especially slacker moms everywhere.

It is perfect for everything. Sure you can repair your duct pipes with it but you can also repair a babies diaper that is not closing properly, the hem on your shirt is out? Happy birthday and congratulations all around to those deserving. The first strength symbol that comes to my mind is probably one of the oldest ones, it is hair remember Samson whose strength was supposed to come from his hair?

The lion is also a great strength symbol, so a lion, with a beautiful mane, would be a great strength symbol. Birds, them, can often represent freedom. If we look at the virtues, traditionally "hope" can be represented by an anchor, a dove or a small boat and "courage" by a knight's armour, a lion's skin, a sword and a shield or a flag. That's all that come to my not so awake mind for now but I have an "Encyclopaedia of symbolism" and I can search more in it if you want.

If you also think of other things that you like but you're not sure what they symbolise, I can check in it too. I wish I could have some time to write more but unfortunately I haven't, but I loved your TV, duct tape never heard of that name before! Any others you or anyone else for that matter may think of would be of great help as well. William James Laidlay - Evening On The Nile, oil on canvas, signed and dated, under glass in gilt frame 17 x 24in. Lazlo Rittar - Venetian view, oil on board, gilt frame 15 x 21in. B Roscioli 20th century italian school still life vase of flowers signed and dated oil on canvas Galley label and inscribed verso 20 x 16in.

Bruno Roscioli 20th century Italian School, city scene signed and dated oil on canvas Galley label and inscribed verso 24 x 20in. Drummond 19th century Scottish School pastel portrait of a fisherman signed and dated 84 19 x 15in. C Weller 19th century English School interior scene children playing with pets signed oil on canvas 19 x 27in. E C Simpson;19th century English school watercolour landscape with cattle signed 11 x 22in.

Diebold 19th French School Romeo and Juliet signed oil on canvas dated 23 x 28in. Tyndale, 19th Century watercolour, cattle in landscape with village beyond, signed 9 x 13in. Kate Greenaway four prints, children playing, 4. Three watercolour collages of birds comprising two of water birds, the other of woodpeckers, each Thomas Finchett, 19th century landscape scene featuring tranquil waters, signed, oil on canvas, William Mellor, Welsh landscape with cattle signed oil on canvas Haynes fine art label verso 12 x 22in. Four continental pencil and watercolour studies of distinguished gentleman, framed, largest 5.

William Noble Hardwick, , scene with figures and horses outside a tavern, watercolour, Peter Cardiff Fine Art label verso, 5 x 7in. Richard Principal Leitch, fl. Far from de old folks at home Every day, in every respect, I am getting better and better A-tish-oo! Thats what I think of you! As master sees me! Continental still life of fruit signed A. Paul Falconer Poole , portrait of a young woman with flowers oil on metal 19 x 14in.

Rowland Langmaid, a pair of drypoint etchings of warships, signed in pencil 5 x 13in. Set of three comical black and white prints by Geaves Sunday rounds Defaulters Grog 4 x 28in. After George Moorland - figures outside a cottage, oil on canvas, in gilt frame, signed 13 x 19in. Part of a collection of modern art entered for sale by the executors of a deceased estate. Painting was won at the very first Canvas UK charity art auction, in At which 30 artists donated a painting.

Purchased at a sale of the artists works in Picture won at the third Canvas UK event. Sold with copy image of Ben Allen in his studio with the work in Painting purchased a sale of Ben Allen's work in Ernesto Treccani 20th century print of a trumpeter indistinctly signed artists proof 20 x 16in. Harlequin and a mask 20th century watercolour unsigned watercolour possibly a costume design 3 x 2in.

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Stamped Franz Hanfstaengl Munch bottom left corner. Published by the Portland Gallery in London One with colour added in pencil to small areas. Tate Gallery London collection ref: Part of a Francis Bacon work gifted by John Kesterton of the Heffer Gallery in Cambridge to the local artist Lewis Todd to allow him to use the reverse for his own paintings. This was done on the understanding that the canvases were to be cut up before use for his own work.

Bacon always painted on the reverse of his canvases, the gift was made so that the impoverished young artist could made good use of them. Bequeathed direct by Todd to the present vendor. Preliminary results confirm that all pigments and binding medium used are typical of Francis Bacon works of the s and s. The canvas shows the a typical yellow and white edge of a chair from a Bacon Pope portrait, on a striped purple, black, and blue ground. Bequeathed direct to the present vendor.

The canvas shows typical vertical black stripes as a background. Bacon frequently used a striped background for his portraits during this period. On stretchers, the reverse showing a still-life oil painting by Lewis Todd The canvas shows a set of curtain rings on a black ground with three lines of a cube. The use of black as a background and apparent cube structures around figures was frequently employed by Bacon.

On stretchers, the reverse showing a boy reading a book by Lewis Todd The canvas shows what appears to be the fleshy hand and arm of a Bacon Pope. Also visible is the white and green arm of the chair. On a black and blue ground. Painting has been removed from stretchers. The reverse showing a painting of a house and tree by Lewis Todd This was done on the understanding that the canvases were to be cut up before use.

Deep blue and black vertical lines. The reverse showing a still life of apples signed by Lewis Todd Two pairs of Versace sunglasses. Pair of Prada black suede loafers with white metal stamped buckle Size One tortoiseshell effect and black lace fan and a boxed French cream silk fan with applied sequins. Mid 20th C Japanese kimono of black silk the reverse stitched in couched gilt thread, a dragon above landscape. Including a black sequined tall length dress, another with plastic oval platelets and a white dress with paste trim and a sequined halter top.

Decorated with stylised foliage on a cream ground. Poole earthenware baluster vase painted all over with bright floral decoration by G. Clarice Cliff vase of flared square form with moulded floral handles, my garden pattern, Clarice Cliff, Crocus pattern biscuit barrel with cane handle and orange finial, Clarice Cliff, Fantasque bowl, painted with a bowl of styalised flowers with orange banding, A Goldscheider Art Deco pottery mask, modelled with a woman in a blue dress holding a vase, marked number , incised K.

Stamped with Goldscheider Pottery mark, and incised with number and a K. A pair of metal Art Nouveau candlestick holders on three legs with loop handles. Decorated in relief with flowers and women playing musical instruments. Attributed to Walter Bosse, a wall mask moulded as a female head, early 20th century. Goldscheider Art Deco pottery wall plaque decorated with a woman in a blue dress with birds on a black ground. Stamped with Goldscheider Pottery mark, and incised with number A cut glass Art Deco decanter and six shot glasses with black enamel geometric overlay design.

A collection of coloured glassware to include a blue glass and gilt metal urn, h8. Ats and Crafts style brass slipper box embossed with the dog bonzo 9 x 14 x 10in. Liberty style oak cased mantel clock with copper dial and twin train movement striking on a bell 14 x 9 x 6in. Art Nouveau stained walnut display cabinet with leaded glazed doors 64 x 33 x 14in. Art Nouveau mahogany and marquetry inlaid display cabinet on styalised supports on plinth bases 73 x 48 x 12in. Arts and Crafts oak washstand with copper mounts a single drawer and a single cupboard door 48 x 48 x 20in. Arts and Crafts hall cabinet with copper mounts two cupboard doors and open section 78 x 42 x 15in.

Pair of Art Deco lacquered serpentine bedside tables, with jewelled decoration on triangular bases 29in. Poltrona Frau, armchair and matching foot stool, c. John Speed hand coloured map of the Isle of Wight with script to reverse, glass back, oak frame reverse giving details of an alphabetical table of all the towns, rivers, and memorable places mentioned in Wight Island 15 x 20in. Brock, gilt embossed bindings, published by J. Black and white woodcut illustrations by Eric Fitch Dalglish.

Limited Edition number 60 of copies. You must satisfy yourself on condition before buying. All dimensions and quantities are approximate. Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 33 x 40in. Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 33 x 41in. Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 23 x 30in. Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 44 x 71in. Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 37 x 62in. Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 34 x 61in. Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 22 x 28in.

Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 33 x 60in. Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 24 x 30in.

Purchased from Catto Galleries, London 39 x 49in. Schulz , American Cartoonist, An original signed drawing of Snoopy, Snoopy was a fictional character of the. The Four Feathers prop rifle used in the film by the Mahdi, cm long 0. Doctor Who - A full scale replica Dalek as seen in the Series Remembrance Of The Daleks , this exact replica made from fibre-glass, metal and wood with interior electronics, on wheels in painted cream and gold 60in. James Bond, Die Another Day , Section of the Ice Palace seen in the film, constructed of clear plastic with hexagonal design 47in. Timeline , Prop sheathed rubber sword used in the science fiction film 40in.

See photograph of property. Dick Duerrstein, Bugs Bunny as a matador with bull signed oil on canvas 40 x 30in. One Million Years B. By descent from Ted Lingley who was the uncle of the late husband of the vendor. Along with 3 other stereo records. Lauren Bacall, By Myself. Hard back book with dust jacket and cover.

Nine photos with signatures by Hollywood actresses including Diana Dors 2, framed and mounted, each Various framed photos signed by pop stars. Two modern Rolling Stones LPs in shrinkwrap: Let It Bleed and Jump Back: Best of the Rolling Stones. China has never seen a sale of Western antiques and fine art of this magnitude in which Western auctioneers have been involved. The sale is a ground-breaking initiative by the recently-formed Association of Accredited Auctioneers Triple-A.

The association comprises 21 of the leading independent auctioneers from around the UK who have pooled their resources to promote this quintessentially English industry in China. The sale will be conducted by the Chinese auctioneer Huachen Auctions Co. Ltd and will be promoted by EpaiLive Auction Co. Ltd, the only on-line live bidding portal of its kind in China. The sale will be conducted in RMB, the local currency.

As has previously been reported, Triple-A have already enrolled in an escrow and foreign exchange licensing system — organised by, but operated independently of, EpaiLive — that ensures payments made by successful bidders and can be transmitted into Sterling without delay. Current plans include the re-creation of a Louis XIV style room as a backdrop for the auction. Forums and lectures will be featured at both venues, given by Triple-A members at the request of Huachen Auctions.

Huachen specialists and EpaiLive executives. In response to the strength of support from Triple-A member clients, and given the practical problems in moving so many objects first to Beijing and then Xiamen, it was decided to concentrate on quality and not quantity. It comprises a portrait of Colonel V. Tsvetikov by the acclaimed Socialist realism painter Alexander Laktionov and two works by Polish-born Vasily Kotarbinsky who spent most of his creative life in Kiev. The visual arts content of the sale also includes contemporary works, very much of the present day.

French graffiti artist Blek le Rat b. His mounts are always of the very highest quality with exceptional casting and chiselling. The present example has a shaped white and grey veined marble top. Completing the garniture is a pair of. The partnership of Cornu and Viot created luxurious objects and furniture incorporating marble and decorated with enamel and bronze, as well as vases and fountains in marble.

They reaped success at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, at which they won a gold medal. Both are recorded at the premises of G. The garniture dates from circa Picard, the five lights of each issuing from urns of flowers and fruit held aloft by twin robed maidens. Although best known as a fondeur, Victor Paillard d. By he was employing about workmen and was able to offer his clients hundreds of models in bronze and.

As a founder he also worked for numerous well known sculptors, such as Pradler, Barya and Carrier-Belleuse. Chinese collectors are renowned for their love of ancient classical coins, banknotes and stamps. The reverse shows the head of Arethusa facing to right, wearing an olive-wreath, perhaps in reference to a recent victory in battle, encircled by four dolphins.

Black ink on a black stamp was not reliable, but red proved satisfactory, as the present sheet shows. Penny Red stamps replaced Penny Blacks just nine months after their inception. Triple-A is a not for profit organisation which aims to provide an easy channel for Chinese buyers to access the UK auction market and to provide solutions to the historic challenges to Chinese buyers at auction of language barrier, foreign currency payments, and shipping.

The Triple-A membership represents the highest level of standards and service in the profession, jealously guarding its accreditation standards with a rigid code of practice to which all members must adhere. For further information, please contact the auctioneer on or antiques ewbankauctions. He introduced Entertainment auctions there in A full scale exact replica of the extraterrestrial mutants, as seen in the BBC TV Doctor Who series Remembrance Of The Daleks, the cream and gold cyborg is made from glass fibre, metal and wood with interior electronics and runs on wheels.

He has proved himself to be highly knowledgeable in his area of interest and we are keen to grow sales of entertainment memorabilia which have become increasingly popular, particularly with a new generation of collectors. Please use postcode GU23 7JY, this will take you to the burnt common roundabout then follow directions as above. It is a very prominent site in an out of town location giving easy access and acres of parking.

Woking main line station is 4 miles with trains to Waterloo 25 minutes. Throughout our time in Guildford, we have had the privilege of advising thousands clients on the valuation and sale of Antiques and Fine Art and have conducted well in excess of a hundred Antiques and Fine Arts auctions and over three hundred General Sales. When we started in we held six auctions a year and we are now expecting to hold up to 24 in the next twelve months If they are to succeed, businesses like ours must give clients and buyers an efficient and friendly service and, over the years, we have always tried to maintain the highest standards, adhering to the principles of probity and ethics of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers, of which we are Members.

Most of our new clients come to us on recommendation, from professional advisers or existing clients. As the costs of selling by Auction in Central London have rocketed we have benefited from the general trend in recent years for more important items to be sold outside the capital. Catalogues are produced and circulated to prospective purchasers by post and E-mail and full details, including digital illustrations of almost all lots in our quarterly Antique and Fine Art auctions, are included on the internet.

Buyers are attracted from all over the world. We have an agreement with artfact. This gives a far greater global marketing ability. We are trail-blazing in this field as there are only a handful of other Antique and Fine Art salerooms in the UK who also list on eBay. We see this as being the way forward for the future and it will maximise our ability to achieve the best possible prices for our clients. In our first internet linked auction in there were nearly visits to our online catalogue generating over specific enquiries and the figures have risen markedly since then. Ewbank Auctioneers has grown from humble beginnings holding six sales a year, to the position that we hold today, with our own salerooms and some twenty sales a year.

Building refurbishment works have just been completed, which include, a new mezzanine floor doubling our existing floor space, a new entrance, offices, a new heating system and external face-lift. Chris Ewbank has taken a very active part in the leadership of the profession within the UK.

He is also an elected Member of its International Governing Council the highest decision making body in the Institution. Commission is charged to sellers calculated per lot, as follows: Items for sale must be consigned to the sale room by any stated deadline and at your expense. We may be able to assist you with this process but any liability incurred to a carrier for haulage charges is solely your responsibility. Unsold and withdrawn items. If an item is unsold it may with your consent be re-offered at a future sale.

Where in our opinion an item is unsaleable you must collect such items from the saleroom promptly on being so informed. Otherwise, storage charges may be incurred. We reserve the right to charge for storage in these circumstances at a reasonable daily rate. Loss and damage warranty a All goods on our premises are warranted against fire, theft or accidental damage while on our premises and sellers are charged at the rate of 1. Withdrawn and bought in items. The cost of any illustrations is borne by you.

If we consider that the Lot should be illustrated your permission will be asked first. The copyright in respect of such illustrations shall be the property of us, the auctioneers, as is the text of the catalogue. You agree that all goods will be sold on our Conditions of Sale.

In particular you undertake that you have the right to sell the goods either as owner or agent for the owner. You undertake to compensate us and any buyer or third party for all losses liabilities and expenses incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of this undertaking. Minimum bids and our discretion.

Goods will normally be offered subject to a reserve agreed between us before the sale in accordance with clause 7. We may sell Lots below the reserve provided we account to you for the same sale proceeds as you would have received had the reserve been the hammer price. Reserves must be reasonable and we may decline to offer goods which in our opinion would be subject to an unreasonably high reserve in which case goods carry the storage and Loss and Damage Warranty charges stipulated in these Terms of Consignment.

These are subject to detailed statutory safety controls. Where such items are accepted for sale you accept responsibility for the cost of testing by external contractors. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

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