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The first time he sees Jenny after she's become a woman, his heart is all but captured. Accustomed to having women interested in him for his wealth and position, he is completely taken by surprise by Jenny's honesty and air of innocence.

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Knowing how cruel society can be, can he possibly ask this beautiful and special woman to brave his world with him? Get ready to read and not be able to stop! Keep a box of Kleenex handy because you'll need them. This book is uplifting, inspiring, and heart wrenching. Webb has written a spectacular love story, and undoubtedly one of best I have ever read.

Even better than its predecessor, if I could have given this book six stars, I would have! I can't wait to read both of them again! Very, very highly recommended. The love scenes are not graphic, but extremely sensual. They are written with no explicit words or descriptions. As previously noted, the only thing that detracted from the story was the misspelling of a few words, which when ignored, did not affect the compelling nature of the novel.

I wanted to come in here and write a truly awesome review. However, several people beat me to it. Jeanmarie hit it on the head when she said "WOW. Elliot also gave about the same response that I would have given, so now I just have to add more. If you have not read the first book which I did quite a while ago and had forgotten this book will show you a definite heroine in Jenny.

Having forgotten the first book, I did not remember what made Jenny "different" or "special. She is a talented, gifted artist who meets Daniel when he has his two children pose for a portrait. He is mesmerized by this young woman who seems so childlike and innocent. Together they battle opposition in the press where they tear Jenny apart by her limitations, by family whose concern is for either one of them hurting the other and themselves, wondering if a relationship between them is possible. Jenny has softened the hardened heart that Daniel developed when his first wife left.

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Together they show that the most important thing is "seeing" with the heart. Would definitely recommend the book. A great follow up to her first book "Touched by Angels. One person found this helpful. Jenny's own story is the topic of this sequel to Touched by Angels. Physically, she is as beautiful as her mother Sarah was in the original story.

A Prince for Jenny

Her determination to be who she is, and to use the talents God has given her, adds a soothing spiritual element to her character. She experiences emotional ups and downs very similar to those experienced by her mother, though she was too young to realize and compare these situations to her own in adult life. The romance and love scenes are more plentiful than in the first book, and are a bit more revealing than in Jenny's mother's story. If I were to question one character's development in this sequel, it would be that of her mother Sarah, who plays nearly an invisible role.

I enjoyed both books, and am amazed at the productivity of this author.

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One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I've worked with adults who have developmental disabilities and it's not often that I find a romance with the main character having disabilities, so for me this was a major thing. I loved the way Ms Webb wrote Jenny and it was like watching a movie with a terrific flow to the book and going inside Jennys mind on a few occasions to show that just because she's not like everyone else,doesn't mean she doesn't want the same things. Iis absolutely love the characters and the interactions they have.

Sorry, I'm writing this on no sleep but bottom line, this is a book I would definitely recommend everyone read Would recommend highly BUT Fast Read - it portrayed the risks and possibilities for romance for an adult with special needs who is also very gifted and successful in her own right! The first book portrays how complicated relationships are because of priorities, past experiences, and protecting yourself and family at all costs.

The ending was a little too "fairy tale", but I really appreciated the inclusion of a child with special needs. This sequel allows a look into the adult realities of a child who has grown up with "special needs". See the full disclosure. View on the Mobile Site. She sketched him as noble, strong, and powerful, but Daniel Sullivan knew he wasn't at all the man Jenny Love-Townsend believed in--and yet he longed to be!

Against all odds, they fell in love. But would he dare to declare his love for the special woman who had stolen his heart? In loving Jenny, would he destroy her — and lose his children in the bargain? Jenny was a true innocent; Daniel was a rebel who vowed to slay her dragons. But in loving a special woman would he destroy her?

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