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This would set the film in or This, as well the factors mentioned in other answers, means the title card must be an error. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

Which year does Spider-Man: Homecoming take place in? Or am I wrong in assuming the canonical timelines of the other movies? Tushar Raj 1, 1 14 Please don't delete a good answer based on a bit of constructive criticism!

Didn't that happen at the end of Age of Ultron? Homecoming correct in saying it takes place 8 years after the Battle of New York? The comments here were getting a bit long and unwieldy, so I've moved them to chat , where you can continue the conversation for as long as you like. This has now been addressed in a Polygon article: If we are to assume that the first Iron man came out in it's release year, , which is pretty much universally agreed upon, According to this link Which was published all over the place including Entertainment weekly as promo material for Avengers, it looks like Avengers happens only 6 months after Iron Man, which would put it in Button 1 5.

You answer is good, but it could benefit from some paragraph breaks and a source for Russos' statement. I'm inclined to accept your answer.

A strange kind of homecoming for Cork's Declan Kidney

I'd be considerably more inclined should you add some sources and include the image you linked in your answer. Waite Jul 8 '17 at Ah — however, Iron Man 2 does start at the same time as Iron Man 1 ends. Iron Man seems to have done some stuff in-between too e. However, that makes it unlikely that the events we see Avengers occurred six months after Iron Man, as Iron Man 2 which pre-dates the Avengers occurred more than six months after Iron Man 1.

Waite Jul 9 '17 at The graphic posted in this answer doesn't show Avengers happening six months after Iron Man. Jul 11 '17 at 1: What The Movie Says The movie itself gives a few clues to when it takes place, all pointing to September of According to reports from people on the set: Beyond that, if we assume that everything we've seen is true, then here are the specifics of the MCU timeline that we can pin down: We know that that Civil War takes place 8 years after the final scene in Iron Man , because Vision tells the Avengers, when they're first learning about The Sokovia Accords, that its been 8 years since Tony revealed himself as Iron Man.

We know that Avengers takes place at least a year after The Incredible Hulk , because the epilogue to Fury's Big Week , in which Fury is notified that Steve Rogers has been found, is stated to occur "one year later" than the rest of the comic.

When will Spider-Man: Homecoming arrive on Netflix?

We know that Spider-Man: Homecoming takes place very soon after Civil War two months, if we believe that title card because we see Peter return home immediately, then go right back to school. Homecoming takes place 8 years after Avengers , because both the title card and Toomes's dialogue claim it's been 8 years that Toomes has been building weapons from alien tech. Homecoming takes place at least 8 years after Iron Man 2 , because that's how long Happy claims he's been holding Tony's engagement ring.

Tony and Pepper only officially became a couple at the end of Iron Man 2.

When will Spider-Man: Homecoming arrive on Netflix?

We know that Iron Man 2 takes place in April of , because it's Tony's birthday, and during the lead up to Iron Man 2 , Marvel put out promotional material related to the "Stark Expo ". New Timeline One option is, we can ignore all of the official material that didn't actually appear on screen, even if it was officially produced by Marvel.

An Oopsie Alternatively, we can accept that Fury's Big Week is canon, and instead assume that either Civil War or Homecoming made a mistake in the timeline. Alexander O'Mara 1 7. That's what I suspected. But let's see what others think. In the opening of The Avengers , Natasha mentions Banner having gone "more than a year" without an incident. Stormie 1, 1 10 So you're saying Avengers is set in and Spiderman in along with Civil War? Yes, Spider-Man homecoming is set pretty much directly after Civil War.

Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) – Funny Parking Lot Scene HD

I apologise, it wasn't a quote.. It was from the movie synopsis: Stormie The part I think in question is, what established that Homecoming was taking place in ? Nothing in the movie does, and everything we know about previous movies should put it in when Civil War happened, according to Vision. If you can find good evidence that Homecoming definitely happened in that would answer this question -- and also mean we need to do a big overhaul to the previous MCU timeline.

The Problem

Homecoming is explicitly placed directly after Civil War -- two months after, according to the title card on-screen. It's just impossible for both of those movies to be happening in the same year and both of them be "8 years after" two different previous movies.

Jack B Nimble And, Vision clearly made an error as well. Avengers December of Age of Ultron, Ant-Man. Begins according to his watch then stretches out assuming into Strange is Stranging about through Black Panther most likely timeframe. Infinity War and all films in between leading to Avengers 4 most likely take place in with Spider-Man Homecoming 2 taking place "just minutes after" Avengers 4 to continue his Junior year Strange's usage of the Time Stone messed everything up! What are your sources for those? ABcDexter 1 7 Whether it is a first club pre-season campaign in 11 years or that some of those players he took charge of that summer are now coaches themselves, the reminders of a lifetime in rugby are plentiful as Declan Kidney returns to Cork this evening.

The two-time Heineken Cup-winning Munster boss will arrive in his hometown for a pre-season friendly against his old club at Musgrave Park with a London Irish team looking to gauge its progress after relegation from the Premiership. Technical consultant Kidney took over the reins at the tail end of last season as the Exiles were in freefall towards the Championship.

It will be a mix of youth and experience on display in Cork tonight.

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That will be a big point, just to make sure we focus on whatever time a fella has on the pitch he makes the most of that with the team in mind and not his own performance. You just want fellas to get some game time under their belts as well. Johne Murphy is coaching Naas, for instance. Mike Sherry hopes injury frustrations firmly in rear view mirror. Johann van Graan sees positives for Munster. Mixed news on the injury front for Munster ahead of Cardiff trip.

Rangers deserved a point at Villarreal. O'Connor cliches Ireland's place in world final.